January 2, 2008

And We Have (More) Proof Pat Robertson and Medina S. Pullings are False Prophets. Do you Know of Others Who Gave False 2007 Prophesies?

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Every year, there are false teaching pulpit pimps who claim Gawd gave them a vision of future events. It seems nobody remembers their lies well after the statements are made in most cases. Well God is not mocked and false prophets are best exposed, so saints can avoid them.

Pat Robertson said a big time terrorist attack was coming in the 2nd half of 2007. It did not happen.

Medina S. Pullings claimed all sorts of things would occur in 2007. Many (or all) never occurred. Just see that link and all the things she rattled off.

So those are 2 big time false prophets. I can only imagine how many pulpit pimps had a Watch Night service, where they claimed all kinds of things would occur in 2008, when they have no clue and made it all up. Do you know of any other claims made by a false teacher regarding 2007 that never occurred? Have you heard of anything made up by a pulpit pimp already regarding 2008? It’s time to expose this annual parade of nonsense, that is called foretelling prophesy. You have the scriptures and those trying to claim they know things are trying to add to what should have no new additions, Revelation 22:18-19.

James 4:14 (New American Standard Bible)

14 Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.

Note and expose false prophets!

31 Responses to “And We Have (More) Proof Pat Robertson and Medina S. Pullings are False Prophets. Do you Know of Others Who Gave False 2007 Prophesies?”

  1. AndyB Says:

    I can’t remember if I saw this one in the comments here, or Melvin’s site, or where, and it’s not from one of the “celebrities” or anything, but I still think it speaks volumes and sums up a lot of my experiences with the modern “prophets” and such:

    Of course, the Elijah List is already in full swing with the numerology tripe (“08” = “New Beginnings” blah, blah, blah), but what else is new? =P

  2. AndyB Says:

    Ooh, actually it seems there’s already a up and they’ve even got a book for sale! 🙂

  3. IndependentConservative Says:

    AndyB – I saw the same thing in a supermarket checkout line the other day (tabloids) 😆 .

  4. stan Says:

    I just listened to Medina’s “prophecy” on YouTube. What empty words inflated by a false spirit. What a load of meaningless talk for all those itching ears out there who cannot endure sound doctrine anymore. God be merciful to them all.

  5. stan Says:

    Here is pure gobbledegook from the Elijah list’s word for 2007 (posted in November 2006):

    “This is a year when old wineskins will clash with new wineskins.” This sounds like Chuck Pierce or Dutch Sheets speaking. Talk about another meaningless “declaration” complete with a confusing mixed metaphor! Have they no shame at all?

  6. IndependentConservative Says:

    …the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders…


    The “New Apostolic Reformation” is absolutely nuts!

  7. stan Says:

    I know. Aren’t they preposterous? What inflated egos it takes to appropriate to yourselves the names of three of the primary offices of the church listed in the New Testament: apostles, prophets, elders. Too bad there are not more high sounding terms for them to use. I wish they would call themselves the “Grand High Exalted Mystic Rulers” and get it over with.

    Our church had used Dutch Sheet’s material. Back in the day when I was still there and I hadn’t been woke up by the Lord yet to the dangers of the current false teachers, I liked him. But, when I learned later about his Dominionist fantasies along with C. Peter Wagner, Chuck Pierce, Cindy Jacobs and their crowd, I spoke out. But, that led to my silencing.

    These people go around to churches prophesying over them and over Nations and States and Cities, calling down spirits, especially over the governments. They also “release” the Spirit and Righteousness over the populace, etc.

    They ramify all over the place, making their profound declarations from the Heavenlies into the Earth Realm. They make pretend wars on Principalities and Powers and Rulers, canceling their dastardly assignments so that their human captives can break out in unheard-of revivals.

    Listening to them sometimes (if you can stomach it), makes you think that preaching the gospel is a naive and grossly ineffective method to win the lost. Poor Paul. Just think of the massive revival that could have taken place in Athens if he had simply made Declarations to the Heavenlies and bound the spirit of Idolatry and spoiled his goods, the idolaters of Athens.

  8. IndependentConservative Says:

    They also “release” the Spirit and Righteousness over the populace, etc.

    Now they control the movements of He who goes where He desires, John 3:8? (Most English translations including NASB do a terrible job with that verse. Not a single word in that verse is about “wind” and it’s all words about the Holy Spirit if you check the Greek.)

    Poor Paul. Just think of the massive revival that could have taken place in Athens if he had simply made Declarations to the Heavenlies and bound the spirit of Idolatry and spoiled his goods, the idolaters of Athens.



  9. stan Says:

    Glad you liked my satire.

    Yes, these false prophets control the Spirit, they apparently believe. These modern Third Wavers gesture with their hands as though they were “fanning” the Spirit onto people they pray for. I have seen this sort of activity in my own church years ago. What mystical nonsense they practice.

    I like this quotation of Irenaeus, who was speaking against a false prophet named Marcus, who called upon the gods of his Gnostic religion that and performed strange signs. He also managed to blend his doctrine with Scripture sufficiently enough to fool some in the church. He had a bit of success in seducing quite a few believers. He would command his bewitched women to prophesy at his will. The application of this quote to these modern ones is appropriate, I believe.

    For that which commands is greater and of higher authority than that which is commanded, inasmuch as the former rules, while the latter is in a state of subjection.
    (Against Heresies, Book 1 Chapter 13, part 4)

  10. stan Says:

    Here are some more vague prophecies by this group for 2007 from the same site as I posted above:

    This is a year to dethrone terrorist’s spirits that try to intimidate the nations through spiritual warfare.
    Of course, they mean that THEY will dethrone them.

    Finances will be released in a greater measure to be able to allow the Body of Christ to disciple nations.
    Released from whom? They have been prophesying in the last few years that the wealth of the wicked will be transferred to the righteous in great amounts. So far, no go. But the wealth of the believer is being transferred to the coffers of the false teachers and prophets. So, there is a “partial fulfillment.”

    Influence will be a key word for the church.
    Influence to whom and from whom and what for? Again, as usual, there is no way to know from their “words.”

    New resistant strains of sexual diseases and other diseases will develop.
    Oops, I think this happens every year. But, nothing newsworthy that I have heard of in 2007 to warrant a prophecy.

    God is going to begin to deal with the secular media. There is a spirit of revulsion against the tactics of media who turn against Christianity and Godly principles. Those who have fed into this, who say they are Christians and hide under the guise of “religion” and “political correctness,” are going to be exposed and fall out of favor.
    These prophecies have God always beginning to do stuff. He never quite just does it. Anyway, who got exposed and fell out of favor in 2007 for pretending to be a Christian all the while being only “religious” and “politically correct?” Anyone have any names? I don’t think political candidates count because that is not the thrust of this so-called word from God.

    All this is simply Unbelievable. . . Literally.

  11. IndependentConservative Says:

    But the wealth of the believer is being transferred to the coffers of the false teachers and prophets. So, there is a “partial fulfillment.”

    You’re killing me 😆 !!!

    I like how many of these pimps gave a “prophesy” of economic upswing for 2007, while our entire nation, both heathen and believer are seeing much of the opposite.

  12. 2thehilt Says:

    Speaking of Pat, he’s at it again and he gives us an “explanation” of why nothing happened in 07.

  13. stan Says:

    Thanks for posting that. I was wondering if and how Pat was going to address that miserably false prophecy for last year. Evidently prayer drove away something that was not going to happen. One phantom to drive away another.

    Now, he predicts world-wide violence, a U.S. recession and a stock market crash in 2010. Certainly, things like this could happen, given the corruption of the world and God’s often descending arm of judgment; but, the fact that Pat Robertson says this almost makes you want to invest in the stock market.

  14. IndependentConservative Says:

    I 2nd everything Stan said.

  15. Praiser4Life Says:

    @stan – “All I can think is that somehow the people of God prayed and God in his mercy spared us.”

    I told you this is what he would say. LOL!

  16. stan Says:

    That’s right, you did. Good call.

  17. art123 Says:

    Do I know of any others who gave false prophecies in 2007? It seems like Jakes gives one every year. IC, what about your ex-pastor?

  18. IndependentConservative Says:

    I can’t say I go see what false prophesy Fast Eddie or his “father” Jakes will make up for whatever New Year’s event they have.

    I’m sure Eddie Long made up something that featured a “fresh” or “new” type of “season” or “blessing” or
    “anointing” or some “new shift” in the spirit or something.

    After you’ve seen a couple of Eddie Long’s New Year’s performances, they all are about the same. He even usually has fireworks at the end, to complete the show!

  19. art123 Says:

    Fireworks? Wow, I missed that one. So God is in show business now? He didn’t do this with the prophets.

  20. IndependentConservative Says:

    Whatever draws a crowd.

    You can use the “reply this comment” link to reply under a comment.

  21. art123 Says:


  22. stan Says:

    I was informed yesterday by my brother, who still attends the A/G I left some years ago, that the week of prayer and fasting that is traditional for them to start the new year with is featuring Dutch Sheets videos every night during the 6 days. Ai yi yi.

  23. aservant Says:

    Just because a prophecy does not come to pass, does not mean that prophet is a false prophet. The Book of Jonah details this.
    God specifically told Jonah to go to Nineveh to tell the King that He was going to destroy the city. However, the King repented before God, and the Bible says in Jonah chapter 3 that God RELENTED (changed His mind) about the danger He had said he would send.
    This caused Jonah to get angry with God because it appeared to the city that Jonah was a false prophet.
    Bottom line, when God releases a Word to a Prophet it is contingent on the people who receive the Word.
    Prophecies never violate God’s Word, (The Bible). And God’s Word says, as it relates to destruction, as long as you are living, you have time to repent, and turn away from your evil, wicked ways.
    Maybe God had it in His mind to allow something destructive to happen, but after the prophecy was released, someone heard it, repented, and God had a change of mind.
    I do not profess to know ALL there is to know about God. All of us, no matter how educated or deep we think we are, are still learning. With that said, I won’t handcuff God and call a prophet false just because their prophecy didn’t come to pass, especially when there is BIBLICAL evidence of God speaking a Word to His prophet and then choosing not to allow it to come to pass.

    Many Blessings!

  24. IndependentConservative Says:

    Aservant, you are wrong, given who your assertion is an effort to cover for, 2 false prophets.

    Regarding the statements by Pat Robertson, it was a word of warning to the nation. For you to even assert for a moment that America has come to repentance anywhere close to Nineveh in Jonah 3 is laughable at best. For you to even offer the comparison in light of ALL OF PAT ROBERTSON’S REPEATED BOGUS CLAIMS is a total joke.

    Throughout scripture, whenever God declared He would destroy a city, He always first sought if they might repent. Was it not true with Noah? Was it not true with Sodom and Gomorrah? The same with Jonah and Nineveh. On that we can agree. As God said Himself after THEY WERE ALL IN A STATE OF REPENTANCE.

    Jonah 4:11 (New American Standard Bible)

    11 “Should I not have compassion on Nineveh, the great city in which there are more than 120,000 persons who do not know the difference between their right and left hand, as well as many animals?”

    All they needed to do was repent. Today, all someone needs to do is earnestly repent to the Lord Jesus Christ and they will not perish. This is an example noted in Luke 12 and it is about a perishing beyond our physical lives.

    Also, the words of Medina S. Pullings were totally bogus.

    You will continue in life chasing people who tell you they are a “prophet” and continually be disappointed.

    If you want the true SURE WORD of prophesy, read your Bible and stop following liars.

  25. IndependentConservative Says:

    Aservant, I’m going to give you something else to read and help you to reconsider your position regarding Pat Robertson.

    Why Did Pat Robertson Lie to Michael Eisner About Salvation?

    and Medina S. Pullings:
    Medina S. Pullings Doing a Benny Hinn Impersonation. Supposed Slaying in the Spirit!

    You have been misled about some things, but Lord willing you might be helped by some of this.

  26. aservant Says:

    We agree on prophecy and repentence…no argument there. As far as Pat Robertson, again, what God has shared with him is really between him and God.
    As for Medina, I agree. I think she has gotten caught up in the super-hype of being a “celebrity” preacher and is flowing in popularity (Benny Hinn impersonations) instead of the anointing. It’s the typical case of up and coming preachers immulating “big name” preachers instead of reading the Word for themselves and the sheep that follow them, doing what they think they are suppose to be doing (falling out.) However, I think you reference her beautiful looks WAY too much. She is a beautiful woman, and there is nothing wrong with a BEAUTIFUL woman being used by God. Better she is used by God instead of by satan on those filthy music videos.

  27. IndependentConservative Says:

    As far as Pat Robertson, again, what God has shared with him is really between him and God.

    Once he spoke it to the world in the Lord’s name, it became everybody’s business. The man is a false prophet. He’s teaching another gospel:
    Why Did Pat Robertson Lie to Michael Eisner About Salvation?

    As for Medina being a “preacher”, how can a woman actually be following the command of God when 1 Timothy 3 proves church leaders are only to be a certain type of man? Yet she claims a leadership role over a church assembly and we see her playing her tricks on both women and men. She is out of order in many ways. No matter that she claims her husband over herself. She’s still claiming headship over other men in the assembly, or it’s better called a CLUB, because it’s nothing but ear tickling entertainment.

    However, I think you reference her beautiful looks WAY too much. She is a beautiful woman, and there is nothing wrong with a BEAUTIFUL woman being used by God. Better she is used by God instead of by satan on those filthy music videos.

    Ah, but the looks are the hook for many to pay attention to her and she is working for Satan. Right in what is to be an assembly of saints. God didn’t tell her to assume church leadership. God didn’t tell her those false propheies she spews. God didn’t tell her that false properity doctrine she teaches. God didn’t tell her to have people send money to TBN in hopes of financial reward. (God certainly didn’t tell her to hold copyright over what she claims is from the Lord, but she had the video in that post I made exposing her removed from YouTube.) At least with the filthy music video women, they are open about what they are doing.

    You’re focused on Satan having a place on MTV, while he’s working much harder to keep you thinking he’s a Christian.

    2 Corinthians 11:13-15 (New American Standard Bible)

    13 For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ.

    14 No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.

    15 Therefore it is not surprising if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness, whose end will be according to their deeds.

    You’re being duped by false teachers and don’t even realize it.

  28. aservant Says:

    Women are allowed to preach as long as she has a covering that she submits to (her head being covered.)
    If women are not allowed to be in leadership positions over men, I guess all the women Sunday school teachers and ushers should be “sat down” or only asked to teach and sit women. As far as Medina…
    God made Medina, not satan, or herself. So, if she is a beautiful woman and men are following her because of that, it’s not her fault. She didn’t make herself. There is no sin in being attractive.
    As well, Queen Esther had authority over men…please read up on that. The King gave her half of his Kingdom to operate in as she pleased while only submitting to him. Yep! That means she had authority over everyone else under her, including the men. Furthermore, she was the one God used to bless the people. This is why her uncle beseeched her not to forget who she was because she was stepping into a level of authority that was above his own and gave her the power to make changes, even over him. Also, please address Deborah (who GOD appointed.) and the women disciples of Jesus.

  29. IndependentConservative Says:

    Women are allowed to preach as long as she has a covering that she submits to (her head being covered.)

    Medina claims a role as a church leader. Not simply someone allowed to address the assembly on an occasion. Any person might be allowed to address the assembly on an occasion, but only those noted in 1 Timothy 3 are to be in positions of church leadership.

    If women are not allowed to be in leadership positions over men, I guess all the women Sunday school teachers and ushers should be “sat down” or only asked to teach and sit women.

    Ushers are not teaching or holding rule at all, they are helping people find a seat. Yes Sunday school teachers of men should be other men. 1 Timothy 2:12 makes it clear women do not hold positions of instructional authority over men, period.

    She didn’t make herself.

    But she does ensure she’s looking as attractive as possible, not modest at all. Do I need to cite you scripture for you to realize the issue?

    Queen Esther was a Queen, not a priest. Sorry, you’ve got your old covenant offices confused.

    Deborah, people went to her for her council, unlike men she never went out to make declarations. See how Deborah did it versus the men who God used in the role of prophet. Also, a woman assuming rule was a sign of bad and not good, Isaiah 3:12.

    Jesus had women around him, they were not teachers in any position of authority. Which is why the Apostles were all men, evangelists such as Timothy and Titus were all men, elders and deacons, 1 Timothy 2:12, all men.

    Do you feel women should head the house too? I didn’t write Ephesians 5, but if you claim to be a child of God you would want to respect that women are not granted certain roles.

  30. IndependentConservative Says:

    And to be clear, when it comes to church leadership, it’s not simply a “man”, but only a CERTAIN KIND OF MAN that is fitting for the role.

    When you find a female apostle of the Lord Jesus in your Bible, your heresy will be legitimate.

    What you are doing is twisting scripture to suit the secular women’s liberation movement. The House of God is not founded on the tenants of an American Women’s coalition.

  31. GaryV Says:

    The contentions among those who believe that the Office of Prophet continues today as I understand it, are these:

    1) New Testament Prophets are not held to the same standard of perfection as Old testament Prophets. Some Texts to support that would be helpful.

    2) While the Words of the Prophets of the Old Testament were completely binding and authoritative, the words of New testament Prophets are not. Some Verses illuminating this lowering of the Prophetic Standard in this area would also be greatly appreciated.

    3) Some have suggested that among New Testament Prophets, there is the problem of an admixture of God’s Words with the carnal musings of the Prophet himself. Some Verses illustrating the introduction of this new difficulty in the New Testament which did not exist in the Old Testament are mandated before this assertion can be accepted.

    If that is the case, what good is the prophesy?? If there is no mechanism for separating the Words of God from the words of men in the prophesy, how can the prophetic word benefit you?? If you stepped out upon the word of prophesy to act, it would be impossible to do so in faith since you don’t know which parts of the prophesy are to be obeyed (God’s Words) and which parts are a carnal and dangerous intrusion into God’s Words.

    Since there exists no method to delineate which Words in the prophesy were God’s (inerrant) and which were man’s (fallible)the prophesy is simply useless for direction or insight.

    The burden of Scriptural proof is on those postulating such things as “Prophets today get to spout inaccurate prophesy without it rendering them false prophets”, or “New Testament Prophets’ words from God are not binding or authoritative”.

    I simply assert that, absent Biblical evidence to the contrary, anyone claiming to be in the Prophetic Office in the New Testament must adhere to the standards for Prophets that God Himself formulated in Scripture.

    Therefore,MY Scriptural authority lies in the very Scriptures with which everyone here is already quite familiar.

    Deu 13:1 If there arise among you a prophet, or a dreamer of dreams, and giveth thee a sign or a wonder, Deu 13:2 And the sign or the wonder come to pass, whereof he spake unto thee, saying, Let us go after other gods, which thou hast not known, and let us serve them; Deu 13:3 Thou shalt not hearken unto the words of that prophet, or that dreamer of dreams: for the LORD your God proveth you, to know whether ye love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul. Deu 13:4 Ye shall walk after the LORD your God, and fear him, and keep his commandments, and obey his voice, and ye shall serve him, and cleave unto him. Deu 13:5 And that prophet, or that dreamer of dreams, shall be put to death; because he hath spoken to turn [you] away from the LORD your God, which brought you out of the land of Egypt, and redeemed you out of the house of bondage, to thrust thee out of the way which the LORD thy God commanded thee to walk in. So shalt thou put the evil away from the midst of thee.”

    Here we see that God mandates the death penalty for Prophets who even err in doctrine. 100% accuracy demanded. I cannot see how this comports with our brother’s assertion, “Just because a prophecy does not come to pass, does not mean that prophet is a false prophet.”

    Deu 18:20 But the prophet, which shall presume to speak a word in my name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or that shall speak in the name of other gods, even that prophet shall die. Deu 18:21 And if thou say in thine heart, How shall we know the word which the LORD hath not spoken? Deu 18:22 When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that [is] the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, [but] the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him.

    Here we see that if the word spoken by the Prophet did not come to pass,that was evidence that God had NOT spoken to this Prophet, and of course the death penalty was to be enforced. 100% accuracy demanded.

    1Sa 22:5 And the prophet Gad said unto David, Abide not in the hold; depart, and get thee into the land of Judah. Then David departed, and came into the forest of Hareth.
    Here we see that the Words of genuine Prophets were authoritative, as David immediately obeyed the command from God.

    1Ki 20:35 And a certain man of the sons of the prophets said unto his neighbour in the word of the LORD, Smite me, I pray thee. And the man refused to smite him. 1Ki 20:36 Then said he unto him, Because thou hast not obeyed the voice of the LORD, behold, as soon as thou art departed from me, a lion shall slay thee. And as soon as he was departed from him, a lion found him, and slew him.
    We see here the Words of a true Prophet are binding and authoritative100% accurate upon those who hear it (refusal to obey the Word of the Prophet led to judgment and death), and again they are (the man died precisely as the Prophet foretold for his disobedience).

    Naturally, I could cite dozens of such verses throughout the Old Testament, but I know that this isn’t necessary since I believe those here for discussion know the verses as well, and also know what they say about the accuracy and authority of the Words of true Prophets. Even Peter in the New Testament gave witness to this in his writings:

    2 Peter 1:16 For we have not followed cunningly devised fables, when we made known unto you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but were eyewitnesses of his majesty. 17For he received from God the Father honour and glory, when there came such a voice to him from the excellent glory, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.
    18And this voice which came from heaven we heard, when we were with him in the holy mount.
    19We have also a more sure word of prophecy (Notice Peter puts the truly Prophetic Word above even the audible voice of God for surety. Again, 100% accuracy); whereunto ye do well that ye take heed (Notice here that Peter warns them to take heed, or obey the Prophetic Word. He confirms the Prophetic Word as binding and authoritative over them) , as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts:
    20Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation (No prophecy of Scripture is of any PRIVATE interpretation. In other words, the Prophet did not interpret God’s Word before delivering it, so there could be no danger of the Word ever becoming part God’s Word and part man’s word as some here have suggested).
    21For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.

    I pray that this is sufficient Biblical foundation for my assertion that the Words of true Prophets are both 100% accurate and absolutely authoritative. If not, there is a plethora of other evidences that can be offered.

    The Word demands 2 or 3 witnesses to confirm each of the following assertions as set forth by the proposition that the Office of Prophet continues today.

    1) That the words of New Testament Prophets are held to a lower standard of accuracy.

    2) That the words of New Testament Prophets are held to a lower standard of authority.

    3) That New Testament Prophets can be inaccurate without warranting the death penalty God commanded pertaining to Old Testament Prophets.

    4) That New Testament Prophets can mix their words with God’s Word without incurring the death penalty.

    5) That there is something akin to the “6 Inch Rule” which Scripture provides for separating God’s Word from the Prophet’s words.

    6) That Scripture describes a change in the Office of Prophet from the Old Testament to the New whereby the transition to these lowered standards can be Biblically affirmed.

    One does not have to be a prophet to prophesy as the New testament describes prophesy (Words of exhortation,edification, and comfort). However, if someone either claims the Office of Prophet or claims to speak words from God,they are held to the ONLY standard the Bible gives for prophetic utterance………100% accuracy, 100% authority. Unless Biblical justification can be given to validate the claim that this standard has been abrogated, we should not accept it.

    As to the question of Jonah, IC is right on the money. God always gives the opportunity to repent. However, I see no evidence of America corporately putting on sackcloth and ashes after Robertson’s “prophesy” which we can point to as evidence that God accepted our repentance and therefore stopped the prophesied carnage.

    As for women in leadership, ancient Babylon is the hardly the equivalent of the New testament church, and the position of authority there was a secular/political one, not a church one.

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