December 30, 2007

I Would Call the New England Patriots Cheaters, but They All Are!

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Knowing the Patriots have had a perfect season, me NOT being a Patriots fan and knowing how they were busted early in the season for stealing signals. This would normally lead me to claim the Patriots are just cheaters, who don’t deserve credit for a perfect season. Keep in mind, I am NOT an Patriots fan. I watched yesterday’s game hoping they would lose, while knowing they would probably win and they did win. I work hard to find ways to denounce them when such opportunities are available 😆 .

(I do appreciate the effort the NY Giants put forth to try and win though.)

However, I must give credit where it is honestly due. The New England Patriots have won every regular season game. I can’t harp about them ever stealing signals, because it appears THAT KIND OF CHEATING IS COMMON WITH ALL NFL TEAMS.

Spy for a spy: Jets started video battle

The Jets-Patriots spy games became a national story in September, when the Patriots were busted for illegally videotaping Jets coaches from the sideline at the Meadowlands. Unbeknownst to the public, the two teams engaged in video warfare throughout the 2006 season.

At a game in Foxborough, a Jets employee was caught videotaping from the end-zone stands, according to a league source. The camera wasn’t confiscated and the incident wasn’t reported to the league, but Patriots officials were miffed. Just recently, a team official mentioned the incident in a conversation about this Sunday’s Jets-Patriots game.

Before the Foxborough incident, the Jets sniffed out a Patriots spy at the September, 2006 game at the Meadowlands, according to a person with knowledge of the situation. At the time, the Jets didn’t report it because they were unable to confiscate the camera or the tape.

Ultimately, the Patriots were caught on opening day by Jets security, taping the Jets’ defensive coaches giving signals. The camera and the tape were confiscated by league security, and the NFL delivered harsh punishment. Belichick was fined $500,000, and the Patriots were docked a 2008 first-round pick and $250,000.

“It’s no big deal,” former Cowboys and Dolphins coach Jimmy Johnson told the Daily News yesterday. “Everybody made too much out of it when it happened. This stuff has been going on for 20 years. I did it, too.”

With my last salvo to blast the Patriots with lost, I can only say to them, congratulations. I hope these teams stop cheating so much.

On a related note, the NFL was smart, to not hoard broadcasting of the game to their own network (the NFL Network).

3 Responses to “I Would Call the New England Patriots Cheaters, but They All Are!”

  1. rev_ak Says:

    I guess I should preface this by saying I am a Colts fan, BUT the video thing was the least of my worries. Rodney Harrison was suspended 4 games for using HGH, and then you see guys like Vrabel and Seau running around out there like spring chickens. Seau had an injury last year that should’ve been career ending. And now he’s “rejuvenated.” The bigger story here, as is with Barry Bonds, is that America rewards cheating. It makes people feel better about their own cheating…”everbody does it a little”..I have heard on many sports talk radio. It is yet another testimony to the moral state of our country when people cheer things like running up the score, (how many of Brady’s passes are inside the 10 yard line, or when he had a large lead?)going for it on fourth down, not resting your starters so you can obviously go for personal records, and so on. This team may be perfect, but it has no honor. And I hope the team that DOES, can go in there and show them how to be a champion with integrity. Go Colts!

  2. IndependentConservative Says:

    Well Rev_ak, I can’t argue with a word you said.

  3. oct31st1517 Says:

    True that all teams have cheated. But I must say this…. “J-E-T-S JETS, JETS, JETS!!!

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