December 22, 2007

Viewing and Downloading Videos.

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It seems with some videos I’ve posted, some people said the videos were not working. I’ve discovered that the issue is that some of you are probably using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser 🙂 . So videos I embed from Google don’t appear for you on the page, like in this post for example. I use Firefox and so I didn’t do one of my checks with IE for a while and had no clue about the issue. So for all videos I have on this blog from Google, I’ve added a direct link to the video under where the video is embedded. So if you don’t see the video, just click the link.

Also, because we know some people try and have things removed, it’s good to download copies of videos yourself to keep. There are many good ways to download videos from the various sites that host video content.

There are probably other good ways to download videos, that I don’t even know about. I’m sure you who know of other good methods will mention them in the comments for the benefit of everyone 🙂 .

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