December 11, 2007

The Truth about Speaking in Tongues, a Video Presentation

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This guy is so young I pondered not posting this, but with a young man who teaches and is accurate we must remember 1 Timothy 4:12. And it appears him being a young man, that efforts have been made to press bad doctrine on him and he’s appropriately standing firm on the truth.


Speaking In Tongues – The Truth 1


Speaking In Tongues – The Truth 2

Please watch both videos in full before making comments.

6 Responses to “The Truth about Speaking in Tongues, a Video Presentation”

  1. AndyB Says:

    Both vids have been pulled already! Wow – he must’ve really ticked-off some big name Charismatics or something!

  2. AndyB Says:

    Err.. n/m. For some reason it said both had been removed when I tried to play em just a few minutes ago. *shrug*

  3. IndependentConservative Says:

    Yea, they are both there and working.  Probably a momentary glitch.

  4. 2thehilt Says:

    This is one of the better explanations of the "tongues" doctrine that I’ve heard.  This puts a major dent in the shenanigans and babblings of many in Christendom today.  Since tongues are to be a sign for unbelievers, then what are all these pseudo-spiritual pastors and gospel artists nattering on about when they get on stage?

  5. truthintheselastdays Says:

    Behold, living proof that we young people have our ears to the ground. But seriously, this is quite a sane appraisal of the Pentecostal/Charismatic phenomenon (a lot more sane than my previous youth pastor’s attempt to defend it…). This fellow young person will go far if he keeps clinging to the Word like that

  6. briabria37 Says:

    Hello brethren!  Age has no relevance with truth goes forth!  I love how this young man who’s unlearned (not formally trained) bravely stepped out on faith, AND TAUGHT TRUTH!!

    I will not step foot into another "apostolic" "pentecostal" church because of the lies and distorted scriptures that goes forth.

    @IC i’m so glad you posted this video. I’m going to forward the link and as usual I’m sure to ruffle feathers, but it’s ok.

    thanks a lot!
     bria 😉

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