December 3, 2007

How Roman Catholicism and Word of Faith Gets it Wrong.

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Our YouTube brother jesuitinfiltrator has posted another video warning regarding Roman Catholicism. Given that is what the Lord helped them out of, they know much about that. Me having knowledge of the Word of Faith crowd, the video is one I can see relates to the Word of Faith movement too.

Check it out:


Roman Catholicism From Hell

The video notes:

Pray for all the lost sheep, including those lost in the groups mentioned.

Below, I’m including another video, that is unique to Roman Catholicism, but has significance.


Demonic Apparitions of Mary

(Given I don’t let false teaching overrun my blog, comments endorsing cults might not be posted.)

Update 3/16/2013 4:41PM ET: Video links refreshed to replace copies that had stopped working.

13 Responses to “How Roman Catholicism and Word of Faith Gets it Wrong.”

  1. KyleNYC Says:

    Well, at least they’re not asking Allah for forgiveness.

  2. IndependentConservative Says:

    Well neither Mary or Muhammad’s Allah can save anyone.

    Regarding Rick Warren, I agree with that blogger when they mention:

    Hymenaeus and Alexander would be proud.

    That letter is not a long read either, so Rick Warren has no excuse.  He can’t say it was so many pages he didn’t have time to read before signing.

  3. SDM Says:

    Catholics seem to be nice and well meaning individuals, but I am totally turned off by the Mary"Virgin" worship.They always ask you:"ARE you a Catholic? I say no, I am not.Didn’t Benedict exclaim something about catholisim is the only true religion?Jesus Christ is the only  true way to God.Popes do not talk to God, and can never take Jesus’ place ever.

  4. art123 Says:

    I have never been brought up Catholic but corrupt as their doctrine is, at least they’ve got the trinity right.

  5. socrates Says:

    I totally agree with your characterization of the Word of Faith movement and it’s similarities to certain Catholic practices.  The bottom line, as you point out, is both promote a system of works. Furthermore the recent senate inquirey into televangelists like Hinn and Copeland has been a long time coming. The various churches and those who claim the name of Christ while supporting the likes of Hinn couldn’t see the truth about these individuals if I jumped up and bit them on the nose.  Anyway, getting rid of these morons will not end the problem, since there are thousands of their apprentices flying under the radar, and just waiting for the opportunity to become the next great leader in the word of faith-prosperity doctrine world. It’s a bit like take drug dealers out: there’s always someone there to take their place. The problem doesn’t go away, because people who follow these cretins want to be deceived -they have no relationship with the truth. Anyway that’s my vent. I’ll conclude with this: You can’t follow Christ and follow Benny Hinn or anyone like him. Christ and Hinn are two different masters. Their teachings don’t agree with each other. As for me, I’ll go with Christ where my salvation is secure.

  6. IndependentConservative Says:

    art123 – Actually they have the Trinity wrong, because they’ve added Mary if you notice how they treat her.  They believe she was the product of an immaculate conception too!  They believe she remained a virgin even after Christ was born, never mind Matthew 1:24-25 proving Joseph did not keep her a virgin after Christ’s birth in flesh and they believe that Mary ascended full body into Heaven like Christ.

    When they say "mother of god", they really mean it in ways that are not fitting and certainly trample Luke 11:27-28.

    This is why they claim Mary as an intercessor.  They’ve done away with the true workings of what we know of the Trinity.

  7. art123 Says:

    IC, I know they’ve got Mary all wrong.  I guess what I am saying is that when they give rites or some sort, don’t they say it in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit or Ghost?

  8. IndependentConservative Says:

    Well the whole "rites" concept is another mess in its self.

    You just spend a few weeks view poking around jesuitinfiltrator’s YouTube page.  When he says:

    The Immaculate Conception Is A Lie

    He’s talking about the Catholic lie about Mary’s being conceived like Christ.  You have to understand, they feel that they include Mary in prayers, because they feel Jesus must "honor his mother" as they put it.  They’ve totally convoluted and polluted who God is.  This is why when they sin and "confess to their father" in a little wooden box, he tells them to say some "hail Mary" recitation.  They are replacing Christ with Mary.  They don’t see Mary as a servant of the Lord, but the "mother" of the Lord.

    I once thought they were close to us too, but let me tell ya, the more you learn the more you’ll see they are in very bad shape.  I used to not know why people called them the "cult of Mary", but they really are a cult and it really is about Mary.  I thought people being hard regarding Catholicism were a little over the top, till I learned more of what Catholicism is about.  Which is why I present the information here.  And I’ve only given pieces, there is so much to it and even much I’m still finding out about.  But now I never feel those who are calling out the Vatican are off point, they are very much on point and many Protestants don’t understand why, if they don’t know much about Roman Catholicism.

    Many of us who didn’t grow up in Catholicism don’t know all the reasons there was an historical break from them and don’t know why men literally died refusing to embrace the Vatican.

    I’ll just say, take the time to see what those people who are complaining about Roman Catholicism are saying.

  9. Lennie Says:

    Although I’m certain that there are some saved, born again Catholics out there some place, I’ve never seen or met one.

  10. God'sgirl Says:

    I must say that this is the first time I have visited this website and my heart is saddened. Although I understand the passion to stand for truth and our Lord Jesus Christ, I am concerned that out of good intentions you may not see that you are also blind to the truth in some ways. I was raised a Catholic, unsaved, was born again in the Baptist church and now belong to a non-denominational church that operates in the gifts of the Spirit. When I was saved I was soooo angry with the Catholic church because it’s doctrines kept me and my family in darkness. When I was in the Baptist church I was angry because there was sin and deadness and when I came to know the person of the Holy Spirit, I felt cheated and deceived. Now in the “charismatic” church I was disheartened by the lack of integrity and how the body of Christ was being marred by selfishness and disobedience. But hear me dear ones, The Lord had to correct me. I was wrong. I was under the judgment of God because I judged others. The Lord showed me that there are those in the Catholic church saved…Mary worship and all. There are those in the denominational churches who are saved…even if they deny the gifts of the Holy Spirit. There are those of the “charismatic” movement saved…even the name it and claim it’s lacking fruit. None of us have all the answers – none of us walk in all truth. We see through a glass dimly. Yes! hold up a standard, but be careful to not judge others, for there may be much that the Lord knows that you my dear one’s do not. I do look for fruit in other’s lives, but I do not lump groups of believer’s together and make judgments, for I want it to go well with me and to please the heart of God. Love and prayer cover a multitude of sins. I hope we all can live a life where we put God and these practices first. In His love. Gg.

  11. IndependentConservative Says:

    God’sgirl, on a number of things you are wrong.

    Nobody claiming Mary as their intercessor is saved, because Mary cannot intercede for anyone. You show me scripture that says otherwise.

    Only faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and Him alone as Lord and Savior saves. He does not share His glory with Mary.

    In regards to some other things you said.

    I’ve got a little movie I want you to watch.

    And a little lesson you need to learn.

    I’ve also found a young man who can help you.

    What we have is scripture and it’s time you learn a bit more about it.

    be careful to not judge others

    On the contrary, judge who you associate with that claims the Lord’s name, 1 Corinthians 5.

    for there may be much that the Lord knows that you my dear one’s do not

    You should take that to heart yourself, because there is much you have been played on STILL ARE and you don’t know it. Perhaps you should learn a little more before you judge the work here.

    Never was it said all of any were not saved, however you need help on a number of things.

  12. God'sgirl Says:

    Thank you for your concern. I have been a student of the Word and under the tutelage of the Lord for quite some time. I appreciate your response, but find that you are in error regarding the Holy Spirit. Jesus was radical, hated, unorthodox, and called a devil because of the power and anointing He walked in after the Holy Spirit came upon Him. I can not account for all of the behavior or emotions in the video clips you’ve shown – but there is still truth there. There is also flesh and sin in the world and it can taint some of God’s people. But the Holy Spirit and His giftings are real and necessary to fulfill the work of the kingdom on the earth. I have seen blind eyes and deaf ears open. I have seen the lame walk. I have seen cancer fall off of bodies. I have heard many prophecies that brought edification, exhortation and comfort to many. Paul said to pursue love and desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy for that edifies the church. I have seen the Father’s heart of compassion for the sick, the hurting, the lost…the list goes on and on – all to God’s Glory. God is God. If He wants to spit and put mud in a man’s eyes so that he regains sight, so be it. Paul said I speak with tongues more than you all, but knowing that tongues brings self-edification he emphasizes the importance of teaching others rather than emphasizing tongues and the edifying of self in the church assembly. All of the gifts and the way that the Lord would want to administer them is under His control, if we allow Him to be Lord. He wants us to walk in all of them. Our choice. It is impossible to please God and receive these gifts without faith.

    Every Christian has a choice to become holy and bring glory to His name…Or to not fully die to self and leave a foothold for shame. All of us – whether you believe in the gifts of the Spirit or not.

    I do not wish to get into a theological debate with you. For I am sure I can continue in this vain for weeks on end, as I am sure you can also. I have watched and read your information and you have received my response. It is not my heart to gender strife, so I leave you with my prayers for truth to be revealed in every area of our lives – myself included. May we live and breathe and have our being in the Lord Jesus Christ and His love, until He returns for us.
    In Him. Gg

  13. IndependentConservative Says:

    God’sgirl said:

    I can not account for all of the behavior or emotions in the video clips you’ve shown – but there is still truth there.

    The truth is that NONE of it was of God, NONE. I was once misled like you on the matter. You are embracing what was started by a perverted Free Mason.

    But the Holy Spirit and His giftings are real and necessary to fulfill the work of the kingdom on the earth.

    We agree, however you’ve been duped regarding what gifts you are seeing. I’m sure you feel you have spoken in “tongues”. So let me ask you the same question I ask everyone that claims to speak in tongues. How many people of another language have you ministered to with it? (I know you said you wanted to go, but even if you were to respond your answer would be none.)

    People like yourself claim places that don’t jump around out of order are not in the fullness of the Holy Spirit, but you ignore gifts such as teaching and fruit such as love are in full operation at places you would say are “dead”. You feel their must be “tongues” and some other events or it’s not full, you are terribly, terribly mistaken. And what you are calling “tongues” is fake, babbling, false witness of the Holy Spirit. As I said, I was once misled myself, so don’t feel I don’t love you regarding this as myself. I tell you this because the Lord opened my eyes and the truth is right there in scripture.

    You claim to have seen healings, many of us have, the Lord has willed I be healed of ailments too, Praise Him, but when has anyone claiming the gift of healing gone to heal everyone in a hospital? How come what is often shown as a “miracle” on TV can’t be independently verified? Fact is, you can’t show a single person that has the “gift of healing” right now. Healing comes as the Lord wills. If the Lord wills that someone have the “gift” of healing one day we will know by the hospital they empty.

    You can check out something else that has been covered here before. Again, nobody is saying God does not heal anyone, but much of what you might feel was a divine healing was not and simply emotion.

    Tongues is for the unbeliever, it was the sign to unbelieving Jews in particular. You can’t speak in tongues to save your natural life and never spoke in someone else’s native language, 1 Corinthians 14:22.

    Our choice.

    Wrong! His choice. The varieties of gifts are not by our own will, but as the Lord wills, 1 Corinthians 12:6-10. Which is why although you and I would like to, you and I honestly don’t have the gift of tongues. I used to babble myself once upon a time. Thought I had the gift of tongues just like you, but guess what, you and me can’t speak in an unbeliever’s native language, you don’t have the gift of tongues and neither do others you see babbling. You and others claiming it have not and can’t use what you don’t have and that’s why you can’t minister to unbelievers of other languages with your claimed gift of tongues. You honestly don’t have it. If the Lord wills it we will know without debate.

    This is not an issue of there being gifts of the spirit, but you need to realize when you’re being duped. You need to admit when you don’t have a certain gift and you’re faking sounds rolling off your tongue, that mean nothing to anyone and are not words of a real language.

    Nobody but the apostles had all the gifts and this is why Paul said regarding himself:
    2 Corinthians 12:12 (New American Standard Bible)

    12 The signs of a true apostle were performed among you with all perseverance, by signs and wonders and miracles.

    Nobody has walked in gifts as the apostles did. You see gifts today like teaching, knowledge, wisdom, helps and administration and you don’t even recognize them in places free of babbling. And that’s what you are seeing which you claim to be “tongues”, babbling.

    Just remember, if a gift is real, you’ll be able to verify it. As when Christ healed, it could be verified, even by the Pharisees in the temple that hated him.

    Someone with a gift can utilize it at their own command, because the gift is subject to them once granted to them by God, 1 Corinthians 14:32. That is why someone with the gift of helps can help at any time, but a fake claiming the gift of tongues makes excuses when an unbeliever of another language comes into their presence and a fake claiming the gift of healing makes excuses when sent to clear out a hospital. Is it about the sick person’s faith? How much faith does a dead body need? Peter and Paul had the gift of healing and could even bring the dead back as Jesus had done before them. Jesus being Son of God, God in flesh, One with the Father and was God with the Father from the beginning.

    The apostles could heal people that did not even realize they were being healed, Acts 3:1-10.

    Jesus said to have faith, most importantly He wanted His sheep to believe He is Messiah and someone allowing a person to pray for them is more than enough faith, more than a mustard seed’s worth, Luke 17:6. So anyone with the “gift of healing” should be able to walk into a hospital and all who allow that person to pray for them will be healed, if they have the gift of healing. Fact is, we can’t honestly name anyone with that gift. Healings are just coming now as the Lord wills.

    I pray you have faith that can remain in Christ even if you don’t see a particular gift honestly in anyone.

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