November 20, 2007

Hillary Clinton Jumps on the Saddleback and Mike Huckabee Defends Kenneth Copeland!

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Wow, this political stuff is really exposing the false teachers in major ways. Jesus Christology comes with another good find. One of the items noted is the following:

**Crosstalk Today**Hillary Clinton to Appear at Saddleback

Brannon Howse is joining me today on Crosstalk to discuss Rick Warren’s latest AIDS conference. Hillary Clinton has been invited to give her views on the AIDS crisis, along with the Saddleback return of openly homosexual Mark Dybul, Global AIDS Coordinator from the Bush Administration. Note that the conference is labeled AIDS and the Church. The church, however, and its Great Commission from Christ himself is hard to find. Maybe that’s because Hillary and Mark wouldn’t come to an event that promotes Christian evangelization and spiritual discipleship of AIDS patients. Rick Warren’s embracing of the social gospel and his silence regarding the biblical Gospel now has him working hand in hand with those who are openly hostile to the spread of the Gospel. Rick Warren does not believe the passages in Scripture that warn about yoking with unbelievers and having concord with those who reject Jesus Christ. This conference is yet another example of this.

More about that is at the link above.

Also over at Jesus Christology, it is noted how Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is a Rick Warren follower AND defending Kenneth Copeland!

It appears that Rick Warren has been digging his ecumenical hooks into the Southern Baptists and Mike Huckabee is one that Rick got his hooks into DEEP. Also read Why The Media Likes Mike Huckabee So Much: He Is A Rick Warren Worker!

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One Response to “Hillary Clinton Jumps on the Saddleback and Mike Huckabee Defends Kenneth Copeland!”

  1. SteelGator Says:

    Doesn’t surprise me. When Billy boy was President, Rick Warren invited him to speak and Rick was also the first pastor to “forgive” Slick Willie for his adultery. Shouldn’t Warren have given Billy and Hillbilly some marriage counseling instead of just brushing Bill’s sin under the rug?

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