November 2, 2007

Learn About the Holy Spirit

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Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum of Ariel Ministries has put together a sound teaching on The Ministries of the Holy Spirit. Even saints who have been in the faith for a long time would do well to listen to this teaching of about 3 hours, broken into 15 segments, 12-13 minutes each.

You can check it out via this link that plays the teaching via MP3 audio.

If you prefer a Podcast version use this link.

This is part of Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum’s “Come and See” series of teachings and is titled “The Ministries of the Holy Spirit”.

The reason all saints need to hear this is because Fruchtenbaum offers his Messianic Jewish (Jew who knows Jesus Christ is Lord and the risen Savior) perspective and insight regarding this matter, that brings clarity to the division currently in the church regarding the Holy Spirit. Among other things the following are addressed:

Please open your Bibles and check it out in full and please reserve comment until you’ve heard the entire teaching.

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