October 29, 2007

Mother Determined to Testify Despite Thug Intimidation. (Video)

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See the video below:


Mother Determined to Testify Despite Thug Intimidation.
This mother was the victim of crime at the hands of thugs. The same kinds of thugs that cause much of the crime ordinary people are victims of every day. She is determined to testify against the thugs. It appears (rather obviously), that to try and intimidate her the thugs killed her son and tried to also kill her daughter. The mother presses forward, determined to testify, to try and have justice served on thugs.Where is Jesse Jackson now? Isn’t this worse than a kid being locked up who was involved in sexual immorality? This woman has done nothing wrong in the laws of God or man to have to face this thuggery. But Jesse can show up to offer words of heresy when the cameras are on. Who will march and camp out in defense of this woman? Isn’t this worse than some kid(s) being locked up for beating and stomping another boy nearly to death in school and being locked up for it? Don’t come to me about Genarlow or Jena. I won’t even entertain such discussion. See me once you’re ready to address what is really leaving dead bodies in the streets!


And if you want to know how things got this bad with the increase in thug activity, consider 1 Timothy 5:8. All you need are enough men to start acting like DOGS and running from their responsibilities.


8 Responses to “Mother Determined to Testify Despite Thug Intimidation. (Video)”

  1. Praiser4Life Says:

    Good for her! You know Jesse and Al are never around when something like this happens.

  2. SoliDeoGloriaFella Says:

    Now that the lights, cameras, and news reporters are on this case, Jesse will "suit-up" and give his 2 cents on this matter.

  3. IndependentConservative Says:

    Now that the lights, cameras, and news reporters are on this case, Jesse will "suit-up" and give his 2 cents on this matter.

    I have my doubts he will say anything. The "Stop Snitchin" intimidation tactics take place nation wide all the time. I could make an entire blog devoted to it if I wanted. The Civil Rights Industry says little about it. Liberal Congressman Elijah Cummings has said some words about it, but not many others on the Liberal end say much about it. Because it is a problem that can’t be blamed on any outside force that they can extort money from. So you’ll never hear much said. Things like being hard on crime seems to rid areas of thugs, Liberals don’t like that. Things like mandatory homeowner gun ownership has been proven to rid Kennesaw, GA of their thug problems. Liberals don’t like that. Gentrification always makes thugs go away because of increased law enforcement efforts AND increased assistance from people who move in THAT WILL SNITCH. Liberals don’t like gentrification. So the cause and even possible solutions are not Liberal friendly. Because it can’t all be blamed on corporations or political Conservatives and the solutions are everything Liberals stand against. Hey I don’t like some manditory sentancing guildlines either, but that is not going to lower the rate of thugs on the street, rather it might increase it. There is the Gospel alternative that we know is BEST, but look who cries when a prison commits to sending inmates to programs that deliver a Christian Gospel message, Liberals. So you just have to pray for the good of the efforts of Christian prison missionaries. And these days, some prisons have Muslims doing anything faith related and have locked Christian ministers out.

  4. Lennie Says:

    I’ve blogged several times about this "no snitching" nightmare that is ravishing our country.  I don’t agree, however, that it falls on the shoulders of two men—Jackson and Sharpton to solve.

    The black community must stand against this blight on our people.  The rap stars and some athletes are putting it out there that it’s "cool" to hold your tongue when you witness a crime.  Blacks have to confront those sick jerks.  As a collective people, we have to stand against that mentality. 

    Regarding this brave woman, my heart bleeds for her.  But she must move b/c her life is in danger.  She is up against the devil himself. They actually killed her little boy and tried to take out her daughter.

  5. IndependentConservative Says:

    I and some others often ask "where is Jesse Jackson" in a harsh sort of sarcasm.  Hoping it will help people who support them to figure something out 🙂 .

    Down there in that same region of GA, the Hispanics face the same issue from gang activity and such.  I’m not going to harp on illegal immigration in this comment given my views on that are already known.  But there are honest people of all races facing the wrath of this stop snitchin madness.

  6. SoliDeoGloriaFella Says:


    I have been an "christian" for a long while now, but I have just recently come to the Truth that is found in Christ and the Scriptures if you know what Im saying….
    This is a little off topic, but Ive been struggling with the topic of capital punishment.

    *Is it to be Biblically practiced in our
    *If so, what is the line between life imprisonment  and death penalty?

    Ive been reading you for a while now, and I know youll respond with a post that is long enough to make my internet connection crash.

  7. IndependentConservative Says:

    I wrote a post over a year ago offering my thoughts on that.  Check it out here and my reasoning based on scripture regarding that.  Let me know what you think after checking that out.  (In that post I noted all sin as the same, but did not note that there are sins that still are abominations and scripture does note things the Lord "hates" and there are sins He hates in various parts of the scriptures.  But still in the spiritual sense we deserve spiritual death for even the smallest sin and are only saved by God’s grace.  So I still stand by the overall point of that post.)  I feel there are some people who earned the death penalty and I’d do the deed myself if nobody else desired to.  I’d have someone speak to them about Christ first, given me being the executioner it would not be received well from me, but I’d do the deed if nobody else were willing.

  8. Copeland8 Says:

    Good post. I agree that we very rarely air our own dirty laundry.

    It is really sad that many of us don’t want to live in our own neighborhoods because crime. To me, there is wrong done on both sides and both should be dealt with according to the offense

    Maybe an approach that seeks to clean from the inside out instead of looking from the outside in will help us (with God of course)

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