October 26, 2007

Jesse Jackson Says Government Housing Should Feature Treadmills, Ellipticals, Skating Rinks and MORE! (Audio)

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Jesse Jackson is in Atlanta running his Poverty Pimp for personal fame game. Below is an article I’ve cited some portions of, that show what Jesse Jackson is jumping about this time and how bogus his latest complaints are.

Jesse Jackson will sleep here to raise awareness

The Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. is scheduled to stay overnight Wednesday at a northwest Atlanta public housing community to help call attention to what critics say is the removal of African-Americans and the poor from the nation’s central cities.

Jackson, head of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, will bed down at Bowen Homes, one of a number remaining public housing communities in Atlanta scheduled for demolition over the next several years.

Bowen is just one of a number of things on Jackson’s to-do list during his stay in Atlanta this week for the Annual Peachtree Street Conference 2007, Thursday through Saturday at the Hyatt Regency downtown.

Organizers of Jackson’s visit hope to make Bowen a poster child for policies and practices by housing authorities in Atlanta and around the country that critics say are displacing the nation’s poorest residents in favor of upscale urban development.

“Ninety-six percent of families living in AHA properties have expressed their desire to leave the properties,” Barney Simms, the AHA’s chief external affairs officer, said in the agency’s defense. “I don’t understand why anyone would want to deny these women and children the opportunities that await them.”

Earlier this year, the AHA announced plans to raze most of its remaining stock of multi-family public housing by 2010 to rid the city of blighted communities too costly to renovate and maintain and to give residents now living in substandard conditions a chance to live better elsewhere.

Now notice that many are ready to get out of blighted developments and move on to something better. Let’s be honest, moving on means the possibility of being in an area with LESS CRIME, so there is a better environment for those who are working to do better for themselves, minus distractions like HIGH CRIME.

Let’s also keep in mind, that if Jesse Jackson were in fact a “reverend” (which I don’t recognize him as) he would be going to saints and churches to solicit assistance to the poor, not the government. He would be asking the MANY PULPIT PIMPS IN ATLANTA why are they driving all manner of luxury vehicles, while people around them are in need? (Let’s not even begin to get into the needs of poor saints elsewhere.) But the fact is, this is all one big game. If there is no concentration of poor people on the government dole, Jesse has a harder time finding ways to keep himself in the news.

But given Jesse Jackson is hoping for the government to do instead of seeking to have churches do, we have to understand that when you want from the government, you’re going to have to deal with the government’s methods. We are talking about government, not the church. Regarding people who receive the most benefit after putting the least in. What common sense does it make for a government to keep people it’s paying to house in places that are hard to maintain and financially detrimental to the city as a whole? NONE! The more money the city has, the better it can provide services to all. We’re not talking about homeless people being denied any assistance from government, this debate is over what is being given. I see government offering housing under a set of guidelines to encourage people to work and remain on a job. Jesse Jackson sees not good enough and that is ALWAYS what he sees. What would be good enough for Jesse Jackson? My good friend Ron_B aka Constructive Feedback, who runs The Cultural Strategist blog captured audio of Jesse Jackson speaking to Atlanta’s Liberal African American Crying Station where racism against Whites is the norm “Black Talk” radio station WAOK-AM. He sent a copy to me because of his disbelief in what Jesse Jackson said. Here are things in the audio that Jesse Jackson would like to see in public housing facilities:

The WAOK-AM host responded “right” to Jesse Jackson complaining about no “treadmills”. Of course Bush was blamed as you would expect.

Many of us are not going to speak against study facilities and job training. But notice the things like home computers, FREE day care, treadmills, elliptical training machines, swimming pools, basketball, skating rinks and computer labs. MANY PEOPLE NOT IN PUBLIC HOUSING DON’T EVEN HAVE MANY OF THESE THINGS! When it comes to using taxpayer dollars, if you’re going to request it be redistributed to the poor, you’d do much better to leave your requests at basic needs and allow the individuals to handle amenities themselves.

Personally, I think some churches could make an opportunity out of offering child care services, because then the church would have most of the day to train up children with the salvation message of the Lord Jesus Christ, teach them good manners for school and how to be good citizens. And lets be honest, many kids from public housing are not models of good discipline in the classroom. Of course the church doing it would require not being locked into a government program, so the message of Christ could be told freely. It would mean that churches would have to spend money on children instead of buildings. But I don’t even think churches would offer things like ellipticals 🙄 . I thought getting a workout would be a lesser concern given 1 Timothy 4:8, but who am I? Many kids in the suburbs spend more time in the books instead of on a basketball court and it seems to work out well for them come test time.

You can hear Jesse Jackson spewing his insanity after his rock star entrance, using the audio link below.

Jesse Jackson on WAOK-AM complaining about public housing – MP3 Audio (Size: 1.15 MB)

10 Responses to “Jesse Jackson Says Government Housing Should Feature Treadmills, Ellipticals, Skating Rinks and MORE! (Audio)”

  1. Lennie Says:

    Treadmills? My husband and I were looking at treamills recently in Sears. Due to financial priorities, we put that purchase on hold until other bills are knocked off first.

    I certainly wish someone would just "give" me a treadmill.  And women who have children, I bet they wish someone would just "give" them free babysitting.

    At the risk of sounding like a heartless cad, I will just ask the question:  WHY and HOW do able bodied, sane people get on welfare and "public housing"?  What trick have they used that gives them the right to live almost for free while the rest of us have to work and be responsible?

    They want to live in "better neighborhoods" but don’t want to finish school, get a GED and go through either college or trade school to be in a better position to get a decent job so they can afford "better neighborhoods".

    Why is Jesse Jackson trying to accommodate and make them comfortable in their present state of hand outs and milking of the system?

    The only people who should be on welfare are those who are mentally or physically handicapped and unable to work, those who are feeble or elderly, and others in that category.

    Regular folks who are just lazy or too sorry to get off their butt and get an education should not receive welfare beyond 2 – 3 years and then a permanent cut off is necessary.

    What right do they have to lay up day in hedonism while I have to go out to work?

  2. IndependentConservative Says:

    Why is Jesse Jackson trying to accommodate and make them comfortable in their present state of hand outs and milking of the system?

    Because he needs them to remain in that state so HE can play the role of their "leader".  Jesse KNOWS no area in America is going to give up all of that.  Jesse sets the insane goal, because he knows it will never be met and it gives him and those with him reasons to continue crying.

    Nobody OWES the folks in public housing anything, but even with them being given things by government, Jesse STILL makes sure he MAKES something MORE to complain about.  Some of the people getting the hand outs complain too and draw folks of his ilk to their cause.  The cities are trying to get people to do for themselves and there will ALWAYS be those who are resistant to change, because they like things as they are.

  3. art123 Says:

    In other words, he does things to be seen of men, like Jesus said about the Pharisees. Is this correct? To add, those greedy, stingy, selfish churches ain’t helping nobody. Just pay your tithes.

  4. art123 Says:

    and they wonder why those stinking Christian overheads are watching them.

  5. IndependentConservative Says:

    I think every Christian as some point learns something about Jesse Jackson that causes them to have to admit beyond all doubt that he’s not a Christian.  And he gives so much to help prove the point.  I noted in this post I did over at La Shawn’s blog something that helped me see he’s nothing better than a publican.   I’m sure if asked point blank, Jesse Jackson’s response about how one can reach God would sound just like that of George W. Bush, if not WORSE.

    When was the last time someone even asked him about the basics of the faith?  I mean it’s not like he speaks of them when you see him on TV.

  6. fourpointer Says:

    Here in Knoxville, I just paid for the city to totally revamp an entire neighborhood that has been blighted by crime, drugs, etc. Guess what? The houses look nice, even with all the damage they’ve sustained in the three years since they were built.

    Crime’s still there…poverty’s still there…but hey, some really neat window dressing!

    And in the projects where a group of us from our church do ministry 3 times a week–giving people stuff ain’t gonna lead them to the Lord. All it will do is "lead people" to walking up to you with their hand out.

  7. IndependentConservative Says:

    fourpointer – your government forgot to add the treadmills and ellipticals.  No wonder the problems are still there. 😆

    I agree just tossing people money would not help.  Saints are supposed to give to saints first (our own house, as in those in God’s house) and to others after that in outreach ministry.  As in providing for spiritual needs while helping minister to physical needs.  That has to all be done with discernment.  You don’t give if you KNOW the gift is going to be abused.  You give when you see there is hope for it meeting needs.  Personally I usually give to missions when helping the poor, because missions deliver the ministry and hold people to a standard in trying to stop them from simply wanting another hand out.

    I mentioned the daycare idea though, because with that you’re helping the children who are most impressionable.  And if it’s not government sponsored you can tell them about Christ free from government mess.  Meaning you can minister to young minds all day long.  Honestly, although there are still homeless people, government provides for the basic needs of people who are poor and if churches changed their focus to helping the poor, they could focus on something like child daycare and get some kids rooted in a good foundation.  BEFORE THE GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS GET HOLD OF THEM!!!  Maybe lowered cost daycare or hey maybe if it can be done free daycare, but some churches do daycare and are able to minister to the children.  It would be nice if more churches did.  I think in bad communities it would have a noticeable impact even by secular measures.  From what I’ve seen, good churches that run a daycare in bad areas often have the best daycare in town and the best products as a result.

    Jesse thinks giving the kids computers and treadmills will help. You know so-called reverends don’t talk about JESUS being the best option…unless they’re trying to use His name to promote their agenda.

  8. healtheland Says:

    Come on IC, this is hilarious, and for so many reasons. What ISN’T hilarious is all of these religious right types endorsing Romney and Giuliani.

  9. Ron_B Says:

    The audio link can be found on my sister blog site:

    Here is another segment of the interview:

    More to come.  It is very difficult for me to stomach getting through them all.

    I believe that some of our Christian brothern confuse Jesus’ request to help the poor with their will to have a captive audience of poor people for them to receive a warm feeling in their hearts upon helping someone.  Since God "did not make no junk" as the old saying had it…we cannot allow people to perpetuate behavior that places them out of alignment of their full, God given potential only to have us step in as "Christians" and rescue them via a church service project.  It is incumbent upon the Christian to assist the person in his transformation so that he might receive salvation and a better living for those who he is responsible for raising in this world.

  10. IndependentConservative Says:

    Well said Ron_B!

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