September 20, 2007

Muslim Nations Gain a Foothold in Western Markets. Nasdaq and Borse Dubai Make OMX (of Sweden) Takeover Deal. Qatar Acquires 20% of London Stock Exchange.

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This just in from the Wall Street Journal.

Nasdaq, Borse Dubai Reach Takeover Deal for OMX ( registration required to read the article in full)

Qatar Buys 20% Stake in LSE

Nasdaq Stock Market Inc. and Borse Dubai on Thursday agreed to a three-way deal for OMX AB, that involves Borse Dubai taking a 19.9% stake in Nasdaq and buying a 28% stake from Nasdaq in London Stock Exchange Group PLC.

Shortly after the announcement, the Qatar Investment Authority, a rival bidder for LSE, said it had bought a 20% stake in the U.K. stock-market operator. The fund also said that it was evaluating options for OMX, amid traders’ talk that it was actively buying up the Nordic market-operator’s shares. The moves threaten an all-out bidding war between two rival Middle Eastern state-backed companies as they battle for access to Europe’s financial infrastructure.

The deal would make Dubai, part of the United Arab Emirates, the first Mideast government to hold a significant stake in a U.S.-based stock-market operator. Borse Dubai would get two of the 16 board seats for the combined Nasdaq/OMX, and its voting power as a shareholder would be limited to 5%. Finalization of a deal isn’t guaranteed given the risk of pushback in Washington over giving a Middle Eastern country some influence over the second-largest U.S. stock market.

So we have 2 Muslim nations, Dubai of the United Arab Emirates and Qatar gaining a foothold in Western market ownership.

Islam’s gradual takeover of the West continues!

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17 Responses to “Muslim Nations Gain a Foothold in Western Markets. Nasdaq and Borse Dubai Make OMX (of Sweden) Takeover Deal. Qatar Acquires 20% of London Stock Exchange.”

  1. Yvette Says:

    I’ve been telling people since I was a teenager (I’m in my 30s now)that we need to watch the muslims and the middle east. Most people thought I didn’t know what I was talking about. In the 90s when our ports were being sold to china and middle eastern countries, I said we need to watch out, they are not our ‘friends’. Now what can be said? What will they do? They are our friends, right? They serve the same god we do, right? The more I think about it the more my heart breaks for the apathy that people have. Trust me I have a lot more I can say, but why? There is no one who will listen and no one who will believe until it is forgotten.

  2. AirborneVet Says:

    At least they are participating in capitalism! These two particular nations are much more westernized than most. Heck, the UAE is a great vacation spot! The only problem I have with Qatar is their support of Al Jazeera. It’s not government sponsored, but they allow Al Jazeera to broadcast. Of course, this is supporting freedom of speech, so where do you draw the line?

    If our government were truly concerned that their participation in our business world were a threat to national security, I’m sure they’d do something bout it. Wouldn’t they? Hmmmm…

  3. AirborneVet Says:

    PS To Yvette: In reality, no other country is truly our ‘friend’. They all want something.

  4. IndependentConservative Says:

    AirborneVet – They participate but don’t reciprocate. Once they’ve got the reigns, you’ll see that. Which is why they enforce Islam in their nations and others must be subject to them.

    And you could always check out what they are already doing in a post like UAE Boycotts Israel and Fines US Exporters That Do Not Comply!

    For politicians security goes about as far as their pocket. And many of them already have Muslim money in their pockets.

  5. art123 Says:

    America is dependent on foreign trade anyway.

  6. AirborneVet Says:

    IC- Yes, I know. I should have emphasized the sarcasm in my voice when I typed my comment.

  7. IndependentConservative Says:

    Next time use a smiley or something 🙂 .

  8. AirborneVet Says:


  9. KyleAndrews Says:

    I’m glad you brought this up. Some have speculated that this deal was put through to quell the discomfort of oil producing Arab nations because of the falling dollar. Kind of like saying, “OK, Don’t dump the dollar and what would you like in return”. Saudi Arabia recently wanted to de-peg their interest rate from ours. Also, Iran has dumped the dollar all together which is the “other” reason we are going to go into Iran just like we did to Iraq. The reason I say this is because we had made an agreement with OPEC back in the 1970s that Oil transactions would be done in American currency. Now that we have been printing money like a Banana Republic the chickens are coming home to roost and the Arab Nations are not liking it. As we inflate our currency oil prices are sky rocketing. But here is the catch. It’s not because of supply issues but rather inflationary. These Arab countries are getting a bum deal and want OUT of the dollar. Expect more back room deals with these nations in the future as our dollar plummets off the cliff because of excessive liquidity. Even Alan Greenspan said in a recent interview that inflation and the inevitable switch to the Euro as the worlds reserve currency is on its way. So in closing IC expect more back room deals with our “so-called” Arab allies and expect a nice bombing campaign in Iran VERY soon. Like I said the whole Nuke issue with Iran is only one side of the coin the other is their attempt to destroy us financially.


  10. KyleAndrews Says:

    Oh! one more thing. Just a suggestion. How about having a post about the Hitler of our time coming to NY on Monday?


  11. IndependentConservative Says:

    He should have never been allowed on US soil at all, never mind NY. This is not the first time he’s been, but this time he’s going beyond the UN building and making more of a show of it.

  12. art123 Says:

    Remember the movie about 911, directed by Micheal Moore. Though I haven’t seen it, I was told there was a lot of truth to it. Have you seen it and do you recommend that I see it? A former co-worker of mine has show me an article in a foreign newspaper. They claim that 911 was the result of a business deal gone bad with Iraq for the Bush family is in the oil business. Also, I agree that it is odd that this Prime Minister is coming to NY.

  13. IndependentConservative Says:

    Michael Moore is a king of deception. Every single film he makes taints the facts. Especially his film on 9/11. Even people featured in his film have come out to denounce it because Moore misrepresented some of them.

    I personally preferred Fahrenhype 9/11, which exposes many of the lies in Moore’s movie and features many of the people Michael Moore misrepresented.

    The most thorough exposure of Moore’s lies in that 9/11 film can be found Dave Kopel’s piece, Fifty-nine Deceits in Fahrenheit 9/11.

    Terrorist front groups love Michael Moore.

  14. KyleAndrews Says:

    I see you didn’t respond to my first post regarding the possible reason as to why this may be happening. Maybe you thought it was too black helicopter. LOL! However, your site allows me to be a lot more free than because of its one dimensional approach where your site is multi-faceted in terms of politics, religion, economics, and geopolitical aspects. That being said if you read my relatively long reasons behind the deal you will see my thoughts as to why this is much deeper. The reason I say this is because World Net Daily has a post on countries like Iran, Russia, and China attempting to destroy us via our currency. As I said the other reason as to why we are in Iraq, the inevitable bombing of Iran, and the back door deal with UAE is to protect the dollar and control the oil supply. BTW you KNOW I am no liberal so don’t think that. But we have to be honest with ourselves that the current state of affairs is far deeper than just scratching our heads as to why we would allow Arab countries access to our businesses. If we allow Arab oil rich countries to buy into our economy they then have a vested interest in our currency and economics. This deal could help as a hedge against the Arab countries deciding to dump the dollar. Right now as I said Russia, China, and Iran are in the process of bringing down this country. Here is a article from WND that came out today. It is quite insightful as to what is going on.

    P.S. Don’t you just find it amusing that the same three countries are mentioned in the Bible during the end times?


  15. IndependentConservative Says:

    Kyle, just because I don’t say anything, don’t read too much into a non-response 🙂 .

    If you search around here, I’ve been hitting on some if not all of the nations you noted for some time.

    As for motivations for war. Saddam was an issue and return on military investment is not the worst factor to consider when you’ve got multiple nations that are a threat. If you’ve got an axis of evil, why not go after the one first that brings security and a return on the investment? And who wants the richest nation in the world to turn into the place where masses of people are starving? These are things a national leader (politician) MUST consider.

    It’s interesting see how things relate with scripture, but we must be careful to avoid a nut case like John Hagee running off with it.

  16. KyleAndrews Says:


    I have to revisit this post. As I mentioned in my other postings regarding the “why” would America do this here is a link below showing the “real” reason as to why we would allow these countries to buy into our economy. Plainly put we are devaluing our dollar to such an extent that other nations no longer wish to have our greenbacks. With that said there are two options a country can excersize when this happens.

    #1. Dump our currency for a stronger currency.

    #2. Take those greenbacks and BUY AMERICA.

  17. KyleAndrews Says:



    The problem with the first option is that if you drop the dollar as Saddam did and what Iran is doing than you get a cruise missle in your front porch. Oh! IC, don’t think for a minute that America was just being noble in its desire to rid the world of a dictator. We were protecting our economy that is the MAIN reason why we took out Saddam. Next will be Iran guaranteed. Why? Because they ditched our currency. There next. But if you play by the rules than you can take those American greenbacks and buy the U.S. instead. It’s much safer than dumping the dollar and winding up as a smoking hole in the ground. Don’t worry IC as we lower interest rates and produce more and more money like a banana republic you will see more countries buying into our industries. BTW, I hope you have liked your grocery bills and your fuel costs over the past year. That’s a direct example of inflation from a ever weakening currency. Brace yourself for more.


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