September 9, 2007

Why Jesse Lee Peterson is a False Teacher.

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This is a post where I’m having to separate a person’s political viewpoint from their statements regarding spiritual matters. A rarity for me, but with Jesse Lee Peterson, it seems he stands for good morals, good social values and he and I agree on probably most political matters. However, the man’s a false teacher. Because his teaching on matters regarding Christianity is not Christianity at all. So he must be noted as one who stands in opposition to the faith, unless the Lord calls him out of his ignorance and he comes to his senses.

Hubison left the comment to expose Peterson and I would be remiss if I did not make this post to warn other saints about Peterson. Hubison properly warned me and I am now warning the rest of you saints who care to contend for the faith, that while Peterson might make some good political and social points, we should not count him as a leader in the church. He’s not a Christian and he’s a false teacher.

To fully understand why I’m saying these things, listen to the following:

Listen to both parts in full, even the discussion after Peterson has to leave.

Hubison says that our brother in Christ, Pastor John Coleman did that interview with Jesse Lee Peterson 11 years ago.

Those audio files are from John Coleman’s website and listed with the names noted above. I placed copies here, to save Pastor John a little on bandwidth costs, but I highly recommend that you check out his site and his online radio programs.

9 Responses to “Why Jesse Lee Peterson is a False Teacher.”

  1. KyleAndrews Says:


    I hear a man (Peterson) who is a Republican not a saved, sanctified, holy ghost filled Christian. I too agree with many of his stances politically. We need to look at people in your “General Links” section like Levin, Ingraham, and Savage to realize that many people are correct politically but are not saved. That is why like you I am an Independent Conservativen not a Republican. That being said I respect Jesse’s views regarding conservative politics but he is clearly misinformed regarding Christianity. I will give Peterson some credit although it is quite a stretch. He is correct regarding formal schooling not needed if it were applied to third world countries where many Pastors are underground for fear of persecution who probably do not have a formal seminary degree. But that is a stretch.


  2. IndependentConservative Says:

    Peterson’s view on formal school training is totally incorrect. Because his view is not like yours or mine Kyle.

    You and I feel that someone can study and learn outside of a formal environment and still rightly divide scripture. If that were not true, most of us would never have th ability to do it. Peterson rejects being trained by anyone because he feels that he learns it all from “Gawd”. (I say “Gawd”, because he’s not hearing from God.) Peterson rejects scripture as being essential to one learning about the Lord Jesus Christ and what he commands. Peterson takes whatever pops into his head and then seeks scripture to justify the thought. Rather than learning scripture and it’s full history, so that he can reflect the will of the Lord from a foundation rooted in scripture.

    Jesse Lee uses very clever words given he’s been in the media game for a long time, but he’s not like us, not even close.

  3. DL Foster Says:

    Peterson is a person I have steered clear of endorsing even politically. I agreed with his characterization of pimps like Sharpton and Jackson, but I felt something wasnt right about him. Political agreement isnt enough for me to stand up and clap for somebody. If they are mixing that with false Christian doctrine, I would have to reserve support for them.

    Peterson seems to be like many conservative Republicans who are anti-this and that on the “issues”, but their Christianity is lacking.

    I think thats why you see so many of them being caught with their britches down. Of course the world (left) doesnt know the difference and blame it all on religion and the religious right.

  4. IndependentConservative Says:

    It’s not talked about, but even Peterson fails to honestly qualify for church leadership as established in 1 Timothy 3, because he’s failed the “rules his own house well” (for if a man does not know how to rule his own house, how will he take care of the church of God?) common sense criteria. Given for whatever reason, his wife has left him.

    I didn’t know he was as “off” as he is until this, but it’s better we know the truth.

  5. Prisca Says:

    I’ve only listened to the first part of this discourse (and, what a discourse it is); yet, I will reserve any agreement that Jesse is a false teacher, or even that he is a teacher, period, until I’ve had a chance to listen to the remaining “discourse”.

    As with many, I agree with most of his social/political views, though I can honestly say, I’ve not considered them all. I was introduced to him only through his book, Scam, and agreed with much of its contents, from a social view.

    I can say this much; ten or eleven years ago, I would have to agree that he is lacking the ability to teach from sound Biblical doctrine; however, ten or eleven years ago, I would also have to agree that I, and many others, lacked this ability, as well. Ten or eleven years ago, how many of us were yet sitting under false teachers?

    What I hear is a man that is more than angry at having been duped by other false teachers, and is quite incapable of expressing it from the realm of his anger. That, too, used to be my lot. It’s knowing that something is not quite right concerning the teaching of the Gospel, and you don’t know how to express it, rebuke it, or come out from among it, until you prayerfully search the Scriptures with Holy Spirit guidance.

    Since we don’t know why his wife left him, I cannot hold him to 1Timothy 3. I, in no way, support divorce as a resolve for any Christian marriage; however, if his wife is an unbeliever and decided to depart of her own accord, what could Jesse Lee do to stop her?

    I don’t believe that a thing is right or wrong based on my experience; only by the Word of God can it be sound or unfounded. However, I would certainly like to know his stance in this, the year 2007. For all that I know, his appearance on Coleman’s radio show may have been instrumental in changing his life by hearing the absolute truth. If you know of anything more current, could you point me to it, IC?

    There are a few things that I take offense with regarding Coleman’s statements, as well; but, I am charged to reserve those for discussing at a time more convenient.

    Grace and peace!

  6. hubison Says:

    My question is why was he so resistant to teaching?Caller after caller gave sound biblical references and Peterson went as far as to call one of them lost.I had to bring this up because we do this to liberals without so much as a second thought but when it is someone we agree with socially we look the other way or simply assume they are saved because they appear to have our values. Oprah,Jesse,Al,and Obama are easy targets for us yet Alan Keyes and Jesse Lee Peterson get a pass.Oh yeah Alan Keyes is a devout roman catholic who belongs to the Knights of Columbus yet he is lauded as a fundamentalist.If you know what fundamentalists believe you know they shun any form of ecumenical relationships with those they refer to as Mary worshipers.

  7. IndependentConservative Says:

    Prisca – I’ll just say you should finish listening to the full audio.

    hubison – He’s resistant to more than even “teaching”, he’s resistant to even leaning on scripture as the guide for man. He just does whatever the voice in his head tells him to do. Which is why he can’t even say what makes him a Christian. (What he said was not redemption in Christ Jesus. It was a generic statement that works with “PC” crowds, but not Christians of sound discernment.)

    Yes Keyes and also Michael Steele is a Roman Catholic also. But if your ballot has the names “Obama or Keyes” or “Cardin or Steele” I doubt you’ll back Obama or Cardin. (I guess you could sit out and not vote, but I’d take Keyes and Steele.) And like when Keyes debated Obama, despite Keyes being part of the bunch that worships Mary although Christ said not to, Keyes’ statements to Obama and the issues with Obama’s policy stances were true statements.

    Catholicism is the full embodiment of every warning Christ gave the scribes and Pharisees in Matthew 23, plus junk about worshiping Mary, plus junk about prayers to people, plus “confessions” to men, plus calling men “father” and then some. It’s a very jacked up mess and not the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    With all that said, for all the jacked up cult that Catholicism is, they don’t feel Christ “worked he way up” to becoming “God” like the cult of Mormonism.

  8. hubison Says:

    My position is not to vote for an Alan Keyes or Michael Steele but Keyes is lauded by many conservatives as a fine christian leader when he is actually neither.

  9. IndependentConservative Says:

    hubison – Would you ever vote for anyone who is not a Christian?

    While I try to endorse saints who desire to uphold truth, if I only voted for Christians, I guess I would not be able to say I’ve voted in most every election I was given an opportunity to vote in.

    I’ve found times when the candidate was not Christian, but was better for a saint’s well being.

    I don’t equate voting for politicians with church leadership, although I do try to hold politicians to some sort of standard.

    If 2 candidates are not Christians, but one wants to take my house, for my own household’s well being I’m compelled to choose the other candidate. There are times I do “skip” a choice on a ballot because I don’t care for either candidate, but I certainly can’t say I only vote for Christians. Sometimes although no candidate is Christian, some desire to persecute Christians more than others.

    If only voting for Christians, I might never vote.

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