September 7, 2007

Dumb Liberals in the ADL Think Not Speaking Against Christian Genocide Will Prevent Jewish Persecution. Abraham Foxman is a Bad History Student!

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Check out this new Jihad Watch video over at Hot Air.

The nutty Liberal head man at the ADL apparently feels the destruction of Christians by Muslims is not to be spoken against strongly, if keeping quiet will appease Muslims. Foxman does not want the Muslims to get upset and hurt any Jews. This is just ridiculous and shows Foxman does not understand his history. As Spencer notes in the video, the previous attacks on Armenians and lack of remembrance helped inspire Hitler. And guess who Hitler killed a lot of? Jews along with others, but a heck of a lot of Jews. Let a man dare fire an employee for speaking firmly against the Holocaust under any circumstances and the ADL will widely denounce that man. The murder of Armenian Christians was genocide as was the Holocaust.

When madmen arise we’ve got to admit they are MAD and seek to stop them before they kill us all. Appeasement won’t save any group, but only help embolden the enemy to destroy your favorite people too.

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