September 6, 2007

Evil Effort to Scrub Messianic Judaism From Wikipedia.

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Primitive Jesus Christology (blog formerly named “Heal The Land With Spiritual Warfare”) has details. Messianic Jews are Jews who have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as savior. They are persecuted for this, even in Israel.

Romans 1:16 (New King James Version)

16) For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek.

While the Messianic Jews in Israel are not ashamed and minister the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ there, many other Christians use Israel as a neat vacation destination, but avoid engaging in ministry there. Oh you say it might break some law or offend, to minister to Jews in Israel about Christ? Wasn’t that the case when the apostles did it? I’m just hoping more Christians who visit Israel will start to consider going there for more than just taking pictures.

update 9/6/2007 12:21AM:
The pages we want to defend are the following:

To keep them up more sites need to link to the pages and people need to let it be known the pages should not be deleted.

4 Responses to “Evil Effort to Scrub Messianic Judaism From Wikipedia.”

  1. KyleNYC Says:

    Hey, listen, it ain’t just the “secular” folks conspiring against our Jewish brethren. Check out this article from the New York Times:

    And then consider this:

    Act 20:28 Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock, over the which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers, to feed the church of God, which he hath purchased with his own blood.

    Act 20:29 For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock.

    Act 20:30 Also of your own selves shall men arise, SPEAKING PERVERSE THINGS, to draw away disciples after them.

    Act 20:31 Therefore watch, and remember, that by the space of three years I ceased not to warn every one night and day with tears.

    Act 20:32 And now, brethren, I commend you to God, and to the word of his grace, which is able to build you up, and to give you an inheritance among all them which are sanctified.

    Act 20:33 I have coveted no man’s silver, or gold, or apparel.

    That last line kinda makes you sad, don’t it?

  2. IndependentConservative Says:

    The letter from those “evangelical leaders” to President George W. Bush includes the following:

    We also write to correct a serious misperception among some people including some U.S. policymakers that all American evangelicals are opposed to a two-state solution and creation of a new Palestinian state that includes the vast majority of the West Bank. Nothing could be further from the truth. We, who sign this letter, represent large numbers of evangelicals throughout the U.S. who support justice for both Israelis and Palestinians. We hope this support will embolden you and your administration to proceed confidently and forthrightly in negotiations with both sides in the region.

    Just like Bush, they feel good building Muslim nations, nations, where God is denied and a cult upheld as the ruling law of the land, with no true freedom for Christians. Where dhimmitude is the order and they treat women by law as a pseudo form of property.

    These “evangelical leaders” claim they want things to be “fair” and have “justice”, while they work to create nations that are most unfair and reject the Lord God.

    In keeping true to Romans 16:17, note all the so-called “evangelical leaders” who signed the letter.

    Ronald J. Sider, President
    Evangelicals for Social Action

    Don Argue, President
    Northwest University

    Raymond J. Bakke, Chancellor
    Bakke Graduate University

    Gary M. Benedict, President
    The Christian & Missionary Alliance

    George K. Brushaber, President
    Bethel University

    Gary M. Burge, Professor
    Wheaton College & Graduate School

    Tony Campolo, President/Founder
    Evangelical Association for the Promotion of Education

    Christopher J. Doyle, CEO
    American Leprosy Mission

    Leighton Ford, President
    Leighton Ford Ministries

    Daniel Grothe, Pastoral Staff
    New Life Church (Colorado Springs)

    Vernon Grounds, Chancellor
    Denver Seminary

    Stephen Hayner, former President
    InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

    Joel Hunter, Senior Pastor
    Northland Church
    Member, Executive Committee of the NAE

    Jo Anne Lyon, Founder/CEO
    World Hope International

    Gordon MacDonald, Chair of the Board
    World Relief

    Albert G. Miller, Professor
    Oberlin College

    Richard Mouw, President
    Fuller Theological Seminary

    David Neff, Editor
    Christianity Today

    Glenn R. Palmberg, President
    Evangelical Covenant Church

    Earl Palmer, Senior Pastor
    University Presbyterian Church Seattle

    Victor D. Pentz, Pastor
    Peachtree Presbyterian Church, Atlanta

    John Perkins, President
    John M. Perkins Foundation for Reconciliation & Development

    Bob Roberts, Jr., Senior Pastor
    Northwood Church, Dallas

    Leonard Rogers, Executive Director
    Evangelicals for Middle East Understanding

    Andrew Ryskamp, Executive Director
    Christian Reformed World Relief Committee

    Chris Seiple, President
    Institute for Global Engagement

    Robert A. Seiple, Former Ambassador-at-Large,
    International Religious Freedom
    U.S. State Department

    Luci N. Shaw, Author, Lecturer
    Regent College, Vancouver

    Jim Skillen, Executive Director
    Center for Public Justice

    Glen Harold Stassen, Professor
    Fuller Theological Seminary

    Richard Stearns, President
    World Vision

    Clyde D. Taylor, Former Chair of the Board
    World Relief

    Harold Vogelaar, Director
    Center of Christian-Muslim Engagement for Peace and Justice

    Berten Waggoner, National Director
    Vineyard USA

    Notice they are not writing a letter to help spread the Gospel of the Lord Jesus. They’re helping build another nation that will reject it.

  3. KyleNYC Says:

    Lots of Emergent / Evangelical / formerly conservative, now liberal organizations there.

    I bet that if you were to cross reference that list with this list, you’d find a similar group of yay-hoos:


    An Evangelical Declaration on the Care of Creation
    Original Signing: 1994

    Dr. Miriam Adeney, Professor of Religion, Seattle Pacific University
    Mr. Gordon Aeschliman, President, Christian Environmental Association
    Dr. Joseph Aldrich, President, Multnomah School of the Bible
    Rev. Robert T. Allen, Verde Valley Evangelical Free Church
    Dr. Julie Anderton, Women’s Center, Eastern College
    Dr. Robert C. Andringa, President, Christian College Coalition
    Dr. Myron Augsburger, Past President, Christian College Coalition
    Mr. Dale Aukerman, Brethren Peace Fellowship
    Dr. Alvin O. Austin, President, LeTourneau University
    Dr. Sherrill Babb, President, Philadelphia College of Bible
    Mrs. Corean Bakke, Author
    Rev. Arthur L. Beals, University Presbyterian Church, Seattle
    Dr. James R. Beck, Professor, Denver Seminary
    Rev. Cliff Benzel, Exec Vice President, Evangelicals for Social Action
    Rev. Carla V. Berkedal, Executive Director, Earth Ministry
    Dr. John Bernbaum, Vice President, Christian College Coalition
    Dr. R.J. Berry, Professor of Biology, University College, London, England
    Dr. Hank Bestman, Professor of Biology, The King’s University College
    Dr. Craig A. Blaising, Professor, Southern Baptist Seminary
    Dr. Donald Blosser, Professor of Religion, Goshen College
    Dr. Rexford A. Boda, President Emeritus, Nyack College
    Dr. Jonathan Bonk, Professor, Providence College and Seminary
    Dr. Bob Boomsma, Professor of Biology,Trinity Christian College
    Dr. Steve Bouma-Prediger, Professor of Religion, Hope College
    Mr. John Bowen, InterVarsity-Canada
    Mr. Lynn Braband, Wildlife Biologist
    Dr. Wayne G. Bragg, President, Enable International
    Dr. Paul Brand, Physician, Author
    Dr. Raymond Brand, Professor of Biology, Emeritus, Wheaton College
    Dr. Manfred Brauch, President, Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary
    Mr. John H.Y. Briggs, Professor of History, University of Keele, England
    Dr. John A. Brushaber, Professor of Biology, Asbury College
    Dr. George Brushaber, President, Bethel College and Seminary
    Mr. Dan Brewster, Dir: Program Dev,, Compassion International
    Mr. Bud Bylsma, President, Northwest Leadership Foundation
    Dr. Ragan Callaway, Prof. of Biology, University of Montana
    Dr. Evvy Hay Campbell, Wheaton Graduate School
    Dr. Anthony Campolo, Professor of Sociology, Eastern College
    Dr. Isaac Canales, Professor, Fuller Theological Seminary
    Dr. Augustus Cerillo, Jr., Professor, California State University, LB
    Dr. Daniel R. Chamberlain, President, Houghton College
    Dr. Ian M. Chapman, Professor, Northern Baptist Seminary
    Dr. Paul G. Chappell, Dean, Oral Roberts University, Sch. of Theology
    Mr. Brian Christoffersen, Presb. of Los Ranchos (CA) Env. Task Force
    Mr. Donald L. Collins, Dept of Bible, Religion, Phil., Anderson University
    Dr. Eugene L. Collins, Malone College
    Rev. Roberto Colon, Hispanic Associated Bicultural Ministries
    Dr. Bruce Congdon, Professor, Seattle Pacific University
    Mr. William Cook, President, Christian Environment Project
    Dr. Robert E. Cooley, President, Gordon-Conwell Theol. Seminary
    Dr. Thomas E. Corts, President, Samford University
    Dr. Chris Cross, Trinity Western University
    Mr. Roger Cross, President, Youth for Christ
    Dr. John Cruzan, Professor of Biology, Geneva College
    Mr. Ellsworth Culver, President, Mercy Corps International
    Dr. Loren Cunningham, President, Youth With A Mission
    Dr. Janel Curry-Roper, Prof. of Geography & Env Studies, Calvin College
    Dr. Tim A. Dearborn, Dir., Global Ins. For Engagement
    Dr. Jan Decher, Bell Museum of Natural History, Univ. of Minnesota
    Dr. James A. DeJong, President, Calvin Theological Seminary
    Dr. Murray W. Dempster, Professor, Southern California College
    Mr. Roger Dewey, Executive Director, Christian Economic Coalition
    Dr. Calvin DeWitt, Director, Au Sable Institute
    Dr. James W. Didier, Judson College
    Dr. Dikenou Kwami Christophe, Univ. of Bénin, Lomé, Togo
    Dr. Russell H. Dilday, President, Southwestern Baptist Seminary
    Mr. Larry E. Dixon, President, MAP International
    Dr. G. Blair Dowden, President, Huntington College
    Dr. William A. Dyrness, Dean, Fuller Theological Seminary
    Dr. Job Ebenezer, Executive, Environmental Programs, ELCA
    Dr. J. Dean Ebner, Dean of Faculty, North Park College
    Mr. Rick Elias, Christian Music Artist
    Dr. David H. Engelhard, Gen. Sec., Christian Reformed Church in N. Am.
    Dr. Ted Engstrom, President Emeritus, World Vision
    Dr. David Ewing, Dept. of Environment, Habitat for Humanity
    Dr. Noel W. Falk, Dept. Natural Sciences. Messiah College
    Dr. Harry Fernhout, President, Institute for Christian Studies
    Dr. Thomas N. Finger, Professor, Eastern Mennonite Seminary
    Dr. David C. Fisher, Pastor, Colonial Church, Edina, Minn.
    Ms. Mary Fisher, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
    Mr. Paul Fleishman, National Network of Youth Ministry
    Rev. Donald G. Fredericks, Gen. Dir., UIM International
    Bishop William C. Frey, President, Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry
    Dr. Richard Foster, President, Renovare
    Dr. Arnold Fritz, Professor, Malone College
    Ms. Sharon Gallagher, Editor, RADIX
    Dr. Ray Gates, Professor of Biology, Cornerstone College
    Dr. Arthur Evans Gay, Jr., Missiologist
    Dr. Orin G. Gelderloos, Prof. of Env. Studies, Univ. of Michigan-Dearborn
    Dr. David W. Gill, Professor, North Park College
    Mr. Roy Goble, Chairman, Christian Environmental Association
    Dr. Albert M. Goff, Professor, Indiana Wesleyan University
    Dr. Paul Gorman, Ex Dir, National Religious Partnership on the Environ’t
    Rev. Wesley Granberg-Michaelson, Gen. Sec., Reformed Church in Am.
    Bishop C. Milton Grannum, New Covenant Church of Philadelphia
    Mr. John Green, Emmaus Ministries
    Mr. Michael Green, Professor, Author
    Dr. Roger Greenway, Professor, Calvin Seminary
    Mr. Fred Gregory, President, Esperanza
    Dr. Ray Grizzle, Prof. of Environmental Studies, Taylor University
    Mr. Marlin Groen, Chairman, Youth for Christ International
    Dr. Vernon Grounds, Denver Seminary
    Dr. David Gushee, Professor of Religion., Union University
    Dr. Carl H. Hamilton, Professor, Oral Roberts University
    Mr. Pete Hammond, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
    Mr. Peter Harris, Int’l Director, A Rocha Trust, Cambridge, England
    Rev. Dr. Dan Harrison, InterVarsity Missions and Dir. of Urbana Conf.
    Dr. Nathan Hatch, Dean, Graduate School, University of Notre Dame
    Dr. Stanley Hauerwas, Professor, Duke Divinity School
    Mr. Ian Hay, Director, SIM International
    Dr. Steve Hayner, President, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
    Dr. Eugene P. Heideman, Sec. Prog. Reformed Church in America
    Dr. David J. Hesselgrave, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
    Dr. Roberta Hestenes, Pastor, Solana Beach Presbyterian Church
    Dr. Marvin D. Hoff, President, Western Theological Seminary
    Dr. David G. Horner, President, North Park College
    Dr. Steven D. Hoogerwerf, Professor, Hope College
    Dr. Edward R. Huff, Professor of Engineering, University of Maine
    Dr. Gretchen G. Hull, Author
    Dr. John Hulst, President Emeritus, Dordt College
    Rev. Bud Ipema, President, MidAmerica Leadership Foundation
    Dr. G. Robert Jacks, Princeton Theological Seminary
    Mr. Harold Jantz, Editor, ChristianWeek
    Dr. Blake Janutolo, Professor, Anderson University
    Dr. Dwight Jessup, VP Academics, Taylor University
    Mr. B. Edgar Johnson, Past President, Nat=l Ass=n of Evangelicals
    Dr. Randal Johnson, Professor, Olivet Nazarene University
    Mr. Charles Kip Jordan, Publisher, Word Publishing
    Dr. Kenneth Kantzer, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
    Dr. Kirby Nelson Keller, President, Evangelical School of Theology
    Mr. David Kelley, Executive Director, Summit Adventure
    Dr. Jay Kesler, President, Taylor University
    Rev. Jerry R. Kirk, President, National Coalition Against Pornography
    Dr. Bob Kistler, Professor of Biology, Bethel College
    Mr. Harry J. Kits, Executive Director, Citizens for Public Justice
    Mr. Robert W. Kobielush, Ex. Dir., Christian Camping Int’l / USA
    Dr. Charles Kraft, Professor, Fuller Theological Seminary
    Dr. Richard Kriegbaum, President, Fresno Pacific College
    Dr. Catherine Kroeger, Founder, Christians for Biblical Equality
    Mr. Fred Krueger, Program Dir., Christian Society of the Green Cross
    Dr. Edmund G. Kuhlmann, Professor of Social Work, Eastern College
    Dr. John Kuhne, Director, Youth With A Mission Environment Program
    Rev. Paul Landrey, President, Latin American Mission
    Dr. Joseph L. Lapp, President, Eastern Mennonite College & Seminary
    Dr. Paul E. Larsen, President, The Evangelical Covenant Church
    Dr. Hershey Leaman, Mennonite Central Committee
    Mr. John R. Leax, Jr., Poet-in-Residence, Houghton College
    Dr. Kathryn Lee, Professor of Political Science, Eastern College
    Dr. Zondra Lindblade, Professor of Sociology, Wheaton College
    Dr. Richard L. Lindroth, Prof. of Entomology, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
    Dr. Mark Linville, Professor of Philosophy, Atlanta Christian College
    Dr. Duane Litfin, President, Wheaton College
    Dr. Karen Longman, Vice Pres., Coalition for Christian Colleges, Univ.
    Dr. Samuel Logan, President, Westminster Theological Seminary
    Dr. Richard Lovelace, Professor, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary
    Dr. Alvin Low, President, ACTS International Ministries
    Dr. Jo Anne Lyon, Author
    Dr. David Mahan, Au Sable Institute
    Rev. Dan=l Markham, Executive Director, Willapa Alliance
    Dr. Paul Marshall, Professor, Institute for Christian Studies
    Dr. Paul McCleary, President, Christian Children’s Fund
    Dr. Alister McGrath, Principal, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University, England
    Mr. Paul E. McKaughan, Exec. Dir., EFMA
    Dr. David L. McKenna, Past President, Asbury Theological Sem.
    Dr. Lois McKinney, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
    Mrs. Kathy Tuan McLean, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
    Dr. A. Clair Mellinger, Professor, Eastern Mennonite College
    Ms. Jocele T. Meyer, Mennonite Environmental Task Force
    Dr. Marvin W. Meyer, Professor of Biology, Eastern College
    Ms. Alvera Mickelsen, Christians for Biblical Equality
    Mr. Ray Miller, Fellowship of Companies for Christ
    Dr. David Moberg, Prof of Soc. & Cultural Sci, Emeritus, Marquette Univ
    Ms. Kelly K. Monroe, Campus Ministries, Harvard University
    Dr. Craig Montgomery, Trinity Western University
    Dr. Daniel D. Mosher, Prof. of Biology, Mount Vernon Nazaren College
    Dr. Stephen Moshier, Prof. of Geology & Enviro. St., Wheaton College
    Dr. Stephen Mott, Prof., Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
    Dr. Richard Mouw, President, Fuller Theological Seminary
    Dr. Edwin Mulder, Reformed Church in America
    Dr. Donald Munro, Exec. Dir., American Scientific Affliliation
    Ms. Sylvia Nash, Exec. Dir., Christian Management Association
    Mr. Gary Nederveld, Dir., Christian Reformed World Relief Comm
    Mr. David Neff, Executive Editor, Christianity Today
    Rev. Arthur A.R. Nelson, Senior Pastor, LaSalle Street Church
    Rev. Ronald E. Nelson, Stewardship Ministry-Lutheran Church-Mo. Synod
    Dr. Mark Noll, Professor of History, Wheaton College
    Dr. Thomas Oden, Professor, Drew University
    Mr. Dean Ohlman, Editor, Cornerstone College, Radio Bible Class
    Mr. Joel Olson, Regional Director, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
    Dr. Mary Olson, Professor, United Theological Seminary
    Dr. Raymond C. Ortlund, President, Haven of Rest Radio
    Mr. Ragnar Overby, Eco-Matic Services
    Rev. John D. Paarlberg, Min. for Social Witness, Reformed Church Am.
    Dr. J. I. Packer, Professor, Regent College
    Dr. James N. Pankratz, President, Concord College
    Dr. William E. Pannell, Professor, Fuller Theological Seminary
    Dr. Virginia Patterson, Executive Director, Pioneer Clubs
    Dr. Keith Pavlischek, Director, Crossroads Prog. in Faith & Public Policy
    Dr. Kenneth Petersen, Prof. of Environmental Studies, Dordt College
    Dr. Eugene Peterson, Professor, Regent College
    Dr. Timothy Peterson, Prof of History and Social Sciences, Malone Coll
    Dr. Richard Pierard, Professor of History, Indiana State University
    Mr. Glen A. Pierce, Editor, Evangelical Visitor
    Dr. Cornelius Plantinga, Jr., Author, Dean of the Chapel, Calvin College
    Mr. Ralph Plumb, CEO, International Aid
    Dr. Christine D. Pohl, Professor, Asbury Theological Seminary
    Dr. John Polkinghorne, FRS, Cambridge University, England
    Sir Ghillean Prance, FRS, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London, England
    Dr. Martin L. Price, Executive Director, ECHO
    Comm. Paul A. Rader, Territorial Commander, The Salvation Army
    Dr. Max Reams, Prof. of Natural Science, Olivet Nazarene University
    Mr. Calvin Wall Redekop, Professor Emeritus, Conrad Grebel College
    Mr. Clarence Reimer, Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability
    Mr. Wayne Rice, Youth Specialties
    Dr. Edwin Robinson, Christian Action Com., Church of the Nazarene
    Mr. Kenneth D. Roe, Exec. Dir., International Christian Aid Canada
    Dr. Hugh Ross, President, Reasons to Believe
    Mr. Denny Rydberg, President, Young Life
    Mr. Bruce Ryskamp, President, Zondervan Publishing House
    Rev. John Samaan, President, Boston Rescue Mission
    Dr. D.W. Schindell, Dir of Publications, Regent College
    Dr. Jeff Schloss, Professor of Biology, Westmont College
    Dr. Edmund A. Schofield, Walden Forever Wild
    Mr. Jon-Mark Schoon, Prog. Coord., Geneva Camp & Conf. Center
    Dr. James B. Scott, International Bible Society
    Dr. Molly Davis Scott, Sr. Vice Pres., Word Publishing
    Dr. Robert Seiple, President, World Vision, Inc.
    Dr. Larry Seward, Professor of Biology, John Brown University
    Dr. James H. Shaw, Professor Emeritus, Harvard University
    Mrs. Vera C. Shaw, Author
    Dr. Joseph Sheldon, Professor of Natural Science, Messiah College
    Mr. Marshall Shelley, Editor, Leadership
    Dr. Ronald Sider, President, Evangelicals for Social Action
    Rev. Arthur Simon, Christian Children’s Fund
    Dr. Tom Sine, Author, Futurist
    Mr. James W.Sire, Author
    Dr. James Skillen, Center for Public Justice
    Dr. Michael B. Slaughter, Pastor, United Methodist Church
    Dr. Lewis B. Smedes, Professor, Fuller Theological Seminary
    Dr. Howard A. Snyder, Professor, Asbury Seminary
    Dr. Lee F. Snyder, Eastern Mennonite College & Seminary
    Dr. Wesley K. Stafford, Compassion International
    Mr. Barry St. Clair, Director, Reach Out Ministries
    Dr. Robert E. Stickney, Wheaton College
    Dr. John R. W. Stott, Rector Emeritus, All Souls Church, London, England
    Ms. Marilyn M. Stranske, Christians Supporting Community Organizing
    Rev. John Suk, Editor, The Banner
    Dr. Leonard I. Sweet, Chancellor, United Theological Seminary
    Dr. Lou Sytsma, Trinity Christian College
    Hon. Clyde D. Taylor, U. S. Ambassador, Retired
    Dr. Mark D. Taylor, President, Tyndale House Publishers
    Ms. Mary Thompson, Director, Nurse’s Christian Fellowship
    Mr. Paul B. Thompson, President & CEO,MAP International
    Rev. Donald Troost, Synod of Albany
    Dr. Harold Dean Trulear, Professor, New York Theological Seminary
    Dr. David Unander, Professor of Biology, Eastern College
    Dr. Walter Unger, President, Columbia Bible College
    Dr. Henk Van Andel, President, The King’s University College
    Dr. John C. Vander Stelt, Dordt College
    Dr. Delmar Vander Zee, Professor of Biology, Dordt College
    Mr. Gerald Vandezande, Citizens for Public Justice
    Mr. Elbert van Donkersgoed, Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario
    Dr. Fred Van Dyke, Professor of Biology, Northwestern College
    Dr. Jack Van Dyke, Trinity Western University
    Rev. Arie G. Van Eek, Ex. Sec., Council Chr. Ref. Churches in Canada
    Dr. Richard Van Houten, Gen. Sec., Reformed Ecumenical Council
    Dr. Harold Van Kley, Professor of Chemistry, Trinity Christian College
    Dr. Eldin Villafañe, Professor, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
    Dr. Ronald Vos, Professor of Agriculture, Dordt College
    Mr. A. James Wagner, National Weather Service
    Rev. Jim Wallis, Editor, Sojourners
    Dr. Brian Walsh, Professor, Institute for Christian Studies
    Rev. Raleigh B. Washington, Promise Keepers
    Dr. Donald Weaver, President, International School of Theology
    Dr. Harm A. Weber, President, Judson College
    Rev. Melvin E. West, United Methodist Rural Fellowship
    Ms. Georgalyn Wilkinson, Gospel Literature International
    Dr. Loren Wilkinson, Professor, Regent College
    Rev. Roger Lloyd Williams, Board of Media Ministries, Brethren in Christ
    Mr. David Willis, Sierra Treks
    Dr. Paul Willis, Professor, Westmont College
    Dr. David Winter, President, Westmont College
    Dr. Ralph Winter, President, Center for World Mission
    Dr. Nicholas Wolterstorff, Professor, Yale University Divinity School
    Dr. John R. Wood, Professor of Biology, The King’s University College
    Dr. Christopher Wright, All Nations Christian College, London, England
    Very Rev. N. T. Wright, Author, Dean of Lichfield, England
    Dr. Richard Wright, Professor of Environmental Science, Gordon College
    Mr. Mike Yaconelli, Senior Editor, The Door Magazine
    Ms. Madonna Yates, Medical Group Missions International
    Ms. Jeanette S.G. Yep, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
    Dr. Carl E. Zylstra, President, Dordt College

    Good ole’ Christian Dominionism for ya’.

  4. IndependentConservative Says:

    The environmental play has been one of many games used to distract from the spread of the Gospel.

    Jesus did not send disciples to minister to trees and fish.

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