July 18, 2007

Why Not Have a Clean Coal Car? Sounds Good to Me!

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Given all the issues with oil, including the fact Liberals make it very difficult to drill for any on US soil, there is a good alternative. Liquid coal, which burns cleaner than gasoline, can be produced in ways the eco-nuts can’t complain about and best of all the USA has plenty of coal.

The New Coal Car (emphasis added)

The technology dates to the 1920s, but today’s prices make liquid coal for cars a live option. The result is an investment boom.

Powering cars with coal might seem like a recipe for ecological disaster. But if fuel experts are right, a liquefied form of the notoriously dirty mineral will be providing much of the world with its transport fuel within the next two decades. The coal miner’s equivalent of turning straw into gold, liquid coal enables cars, trains and even jets designed to burn oil to run on coal instead. And, says its cheering squad, it does so in a way that’s green, economical and widely available.

In America, at least nine states are actively considering liquid-coal production. State senators in Illinois and Kentucky are considering a plan to offer loan guarantees and tax incentives for CTL plants. In October, Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer announced that the state would be building America’s first ecofriendly CTL plant for $1.3 billion. Enthuses Schweitzer’s adviser Eric Stern: “CTL could one day supply every drop of transportation fuel that America uses.”

South Africa is a living testament to the fact that liquid coal works. Thanks to anti-apartheid sanctions that limited its access to foreign oil, the country boasts a highly advanced CTL infrastructure. Sasol, which is partly state-run, provides 30 percent of South Africa’s total transport-energy needs. The fact that many of the world’s most energy-hungry countries are also the richest in coal makes South Africa a prime model. Says Sasol CEO Pat Davies, “Liquid coal is not going to replace crude oil, but it can make a huge difference to countries like China, India and the United States.”

With the world’s largest coal reserves, the United States has enough coal to power the country for another century at least. Russia, China and India follow close behind.

You won’t hear Al Gore talk about this alternative (given he’s selling a scam), but it’s one that would resolve our issues with buying oil from some of the same people who wish we were dead. America running of liquefied coal and ending deals with oil-rich enemies would do great things for our economy.

Look at Al Gore run from clean coal technology in the video below.

AL Gore – Coal to Liquid Technology
As usual, Al is against what would help America!

Interestingly enough, while Gore runs from the coal, ultra Liberal Barack Hussein Obama is all for it. (Just the same I’d never vote for him.) Some other Democrats like the idea of liquefied coal too. Some wish to make claims against clean coal, but their alternatives typically involve things that are impractical and/or much further from being a viable option. They want us to invest in their lame ideas while a good one stirs us in the face and they don’t want to work with it. Some also would rather just keep paying America’s enemies for fuel. It all depends on what best lines their pockets and campaign coffers, even for the politicians who endorse liquefied coal. But liquefied coal is to me a viable option, that would help America invest more heavily in America.

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