June 29, 2007

Bogus Mormon Lost Book of Abraham Exposed

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The cult of Mormonism is again exposed. Many a Mormon lie is found in what they call “The Lost Book of Abraham”. One of the many bogus inventions by Joseph Smith Junior. The video below is about an hour long and totally blows away any thoughts that this lie from Smith has any truth.

The Lost Book of Abraham
Found to be Full of Lies!

Unlike Christianity, that is based on scripture that we know are accounts of the actual people who said the words and/or heard the words spoken. (With the exception of some OT texts, that were statements passed down for generations prior to being recorded, but are widely respected scripture inspired by God.) The Mormon so-called Lost Book of Abraham is not at all an account from the claimed author Abraham. It is not an account from anyone at all. It is a total fabrication from the twisted mind of Joseph Smith Junior.

Mormonism has no factual basis to stand on. They (the LDS organization) have only been able to retain members on raw emotion and blind allegiance, while all their unique claimed scripture is continually debunked.

Mormons should know, that learning this truth gives them the opportunity to know Jesus Christ in spirit and truth. Free from the fabrications and legalism invented by Joseph Smith. The Lord Jesus Christ warned that men like Smith would come.

Matthew 24:24 (New King James Version)

24) For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.

All who have learned the truth and considered themselves to be Mormons to this point, should renounce membership in the LDS organization, seek to learn about Jesus Christ of the Bible and then seek to have Him come into your heart and save your soul. It’s not by works, but ONLY by the shed blood of Jesus Christ and knowing Him in truth that anyone can be saved. By the Lord accepting you as one of His own and saving your soul from eternal damnation.

(As usual, those who desire to remain with the Mormon cult are not welcome to comment. You are not allowed to comment here and will have to be left to wallow in deception until Lord willing, you come to know the truth. We don’t have time for Mormon lies and propaganda here.)

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