June 19, 2007

Will the Civil Rights Industry Speak Against Illegal Immigration Now?

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Given a Black woman (Joycelyn Gardiner) has now been killed by a drunk illegal alien? Not the first and certainly won’t be the last to die at the hands of someone in our country illegally. If helping Blacks who are here following the law matters to the Civil Rights Industry, will they now speak up against illegal immigration? Don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

This case has been the talk all across the middle Tennessee region since it was announced. Those who have been against illegal immigration note every person killed around here by illegals regardless of race, the number is high and crosses all professions and backgrounds. It is often I turn on the radio hearing about such an occurrence and it has happened yet again.

It’s nice to know that some seem to care if I would die at the hands of an illegal alien, but it’s certainly not members of the Civil Rights Industry.

Here we have a Black woman college athlete, on her way to law school, who is now dead, but the Civil Rights Industry finds no profit in speaking on her behalf, because she died at the hands of an illegal. I hope Black people see where the true allegiance of the Civil Rights Industry lies!

2 Responses to “Will the Civil Rights Industry Speak Against Illegal Immigration Now?”

  1. art123 Says:

    It makes me wonder between the criminal activities and hiring of illegal immigrants, what is the government’s motive for allowing such things to go on. As far as the Civil Rights Industry, I don’t take them too seriously.

  2. Queen Ahuva Says:

    I find it amazing that the so-called civil rights leaders have been extreemly quiet when it comes to things like this. Sure they will contduct a witch hunt for Don Imus but when illegals are killing blacks, they say NOTHING. They have said nothing about those young black kids who were executed by an illegal alien and two other goons in New york. I live in California and I know of mexican gangs killing and threatening black residents in Los Angeles in order to force them to move out of their neghboorhoods. They shoot bullets into their homes, threaten their kids, and try to burn down their houses. Al Shrapton and Jesse Jackson say NOTHING about those issues. Reason being is because they are bought and sold.

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