June 11, 2007

False Teachers use Hypnosis via Music Against Christians. The Signs and Wonders Movement Exposed! (Video)

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Below is a “Fair Use” sized clip from a great DVD set called “The Signs and Wonders Movement Exposed”. I have posted the clip for educational purposes. The clip is just a short portion of a section about how false teachers use a form of mass hypnosis to keep followers in a “suggestible” state. The chanting, music, raising and lowering of hands are all part of techniques used by stage hypnotists.

So people come up saying “I’m Healed” when they actually are not. They just feel good for the moment.

False Teachers use Hypnosis via Music Against Christians

I’m not one who is really into telling you about Christian materials that have a price tag on the front, but I do highly recommend this set of DVDs. It is nearly 4 hours of material on the 2 DVD set. It exposes so much that I’ve been telling you about here. Many of the pieces of video that false teachers have been trying to hide came directly from this set of DVDs. If you live in the USA you can get it here and if you are in or closer to the UK you’d probably want to get it here.

Christians should keep 2 Thessalonians 2:9 in mind. What will you do when one comes who actually does show you various signs? Let their doctrine versus a proper read of scripture be your guide. Like those of Berea mentioned in Acts 17. Not emotion. Even if the “healing” really is confirmed to have occurred by later analysis, if their doctrine is off, RUN!

Jesus and the apostles never needed a “praise team” to get everyone wired up before they would minister.

5 Responses to “False Teachers use Hypnosis via Music Against Christians. The Signs and Wonders Movement Exposed! (Video)”

  1. aservant Says:

    While I agree that there are false prophets, I do not believe there is something wrong with having a praise team. At this point, I think you are getting into semantics.
    A praise team is simply a team of individuals who lead the congregation in praise and worship. I have been a member of praise teams and we were never instructed by the pastor to lead the people in hypnosis or anything else. Just pray, praise, and sing unto God for His glory.

  2. IndependentConservative Says:

    Aservant, they don’t have to tell you anything other than what you said they told you. They know you’ll fulfill the desired goal of getting people mentally worked up for their show. You’re the underling, you’re not supposed to be told the whole setup.

    I’m not saying a “praise team” is bad, but you can’t claim Jesus or the Apostles made them an office of the church either.

    I’m saying how they are utilized by false teachers is bad.

  3. IndependentConservative Says:

    Given you seem to be trying to rapid fire comments in various posts, I’m forcing all your future comments into moderation. And will manage them as I deem fitting.

    You’re full of a lot of bad teaching (especially given statements you’ve just made in other posts minutes ago) and I see no need to let you distribute it unabated.

  4. aservant Says:

    Independent Conservative,

    I thought this was a forum where Christians could express their understanding of scripture and learn from reading other people’s understanding. It appears unless everyone has your interpretation, their voices must be silenced. Be careful not to become like the people whose ministries you “hate.”
    I never said a praise team was an official office…just a body of believers who are leading the people into worship for God’s glory, not man’s.
    Be Blessed

  5. IndependentConservative Says:

    What you thought and what this is are 2 different things. This is my blog where I offer thoughts on matters as the Lord leads.

    Your ability to speak is a privilege granted and removed at my personal discretion.

    This is not about hate, but sharing truth you’ve been missing.

    If you don’t like it, the Lord’s will be done.

    We’ve heard your side of this from the false teachers for a long time. False doctrine is not allowed rule here. So no, you’re not allowed free reign. Never is a proponent of false doctrines allowed free reign here. Usually your time is limited depending on your ability to come to the truth now, or perhaps later as the Lord leads.

    What you want is an open forum. But if I really wanted silence your view I would never allow you a single comment.

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