June 8, 2007

NAACP Going Under, About Time! Nagin Wants William “Freezer Burn” Jefferson’s Seat. (Audio)

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Many of us shed no tear for the NAACP and it’s about time they closed up shop. Sure if they want to have efforts that are actually worthwhile in 2007, like mentoring and tutoring, fine, change the name and do it, but all the Civil Rights Industry posturing is old and tired. La Shawn Barber also says they need to shut the thing down. I had an opportunity to call into the BJ Ellis show yesterday, as BJ was giving his take on this.

You can get the broadcast schedule for his show here.

Check out the audio of my call to BJ using the audio link below. After my call, BJ gets into the matter of Ray Nagin, who has been sticking up for that nut William Jefferson and is considering a run for Jefferson’s congressional seat. Worth a listen.

We also talked a little about Gary Sheffield’s crying. Sheffield needs to play ball and keep his mouth shut, because he uses his arms and legs much better than his mouth. Here’s a funny pic from Sheffield’s past, a jerri curl, 😆 !

BJ Ellis on the NAACP and Ray Nagin – ASF Audio (Size: 1.18 MB)
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