June 6, 2007

Mitt Romney Exposed and Duncan Hunter Lays the Smack Down! (Video)

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Mitt Romney was once again exposed for the flip flopping Liberal that he is, during the GOP debate on 6/5/2007. While Romney claimed he would approve of English being the official language of the USA, it was revealed that he panders to non-English speakers on his campaign web site by having a Spanish language version and runs campaign ads in Spanish. Here is what I found on Mitt’s site. That’s Mitt’s son Craig talking Spanish on a video where he tries to convince people it’s OK to consider a flip flopping cult member for President.

I captured a little video with some of my favorite parts of the debate. Check it out below.

Romney Caught Flip Floping on English. Hunter Smacks Down!

Did you notice when Mitt Romney was called out for flip flopping on the English language, that he made the excuse that he’s not anti-immigrant? As if wanting an immigrant to learn English is somehow anti-immigrant? Romney went on to talk about how he’ll pander to people who have not taken the time to learn English, that was just DISGUSTING!!!

Tom Tancredo (who I’ve deemed my 2nd favorite candidate) explained why having the USA as an English only nation would be best.

Duncan Hunter (my favorite) smacked down Romney, Giuliani and McCain. I was so glad that somebody finally said LOOK THIS IS WHY THEY ARE NO GOOD AND I AM BETTER. After watching the Democrats act like they were all old friends during their debate, to see a candidate actually seek to separate himself from the pack was refreshing. And the points Hunter raised were good ones. Of course everyone he called out tried to spin out of it, but Hunter was on point, they could not question Hunter’s credentials at all and that’s why he’s my personal pick.

So I finally saw a little something in a GOP debate that didn’t make we wish I had caught up on sleep instead of watching.

One Response to “Mitt Romney Exposed and Duncan Hunter Lays the Smack Down! (Video)”

  1. gottago Says:

    Romney’s a politican isn’t he? of course they’re gonna say one thing and do another. Duncan Hunter is ok, but it seems that all of them go off on some sort of tangent about how great they are and all the wonderful things they’ve done. I understand that’s part of it but it just comes off as canned delivery. Americans want a candidate that tells it like it is and not sugarcost everything they say by sounding like they’re giving out their resume everytime they are called on to speak or respond. Ron Paul never comes off like he’s trying to impress those around him. he simply deals with the issues & questions head-on. and, he’s the only one that ever mentions running the government according to the constitution. if it was, we’d be in alot less trouble than we are now. we need to get back to that. he’s right on when it comes to Bush’s foreign policy insistence of shoving down our way of life to the rest of the world. maybe, these people don’t want our way of life with all the crap that goes with our “FREEDOMS”. GOD gave us the freedom to choose but he never said whatever you choose to do is cool with him! His word explicitly declares there is a right way and a wrong way. America seems to think it can do whatever “feels good” and GOD’s ok with that. there are consequences good & bad to our choices we make.

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