June 4, 2007

YouTube User Ephesians511’s account was suspended!

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If you’ve seen any of the videos on YouTube exposing the The 2 Most Disgusting and Lust Filled People in the False Gospel Prosperity Movement, so-called prophetess Juanita Bynum and so-called bishop Thomas Weeks. You probably saw a video that former YouTube user Ephesians511 uploaded. Well Ephesians511’s account and with that all those videos they uploaded are gone.

Ephesians511 was exposing the messy, mess those two were in. Really more in the descriptions of videos than even the video’s themselves.

Another person who was exposing pimps via YouTube has had their account suspended.

5 Responses to “YouTube User Ephesians511’s account was suspended!”

  1. X-TITHER Says:

    I am shocked that the pimps can get away with removing material that THEY made public. If any other non-profit organization was stealing from people like this, they would be shut down and destroyed. It is a terrible shame.

    (Question for anyone: how do you make a tape for .23 cents and sell it for $6.00 and call it non-profit?) These prosperity pimps are no better than snake oil salesmen. They have made millions and millions of dollars on the backs of the poor. They actually STUDY towns and locations in the city before they build churches because they want to be sure they can get to the most vulnerable people who will believe their lies, twisted scripture, and give them more money.

    Can you say Paula White??? John Hagee? Juanita Bynum? Creflo Dollar? Benny Hinn? and the worst thief TBN??

    It is good to give to the poor, why do you have to do it through a church? When the churches in America make some where in the neighborhood of 87 Billion dollars and only give TWO PERCENT to the missionaries THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG!! It is the missionaries who make the real sacrifices, sometimes living like paupers and not even having a car. They spread the Gospel anywhere in the world and are often killed for it and endanger their families.

    HOW CAN A SO-CALLED PROSPERITY PREACHER face his missionaries? What does he/she say to them? The pimps live like movie stars with mansions, ranches, $3million apartments in the Trump Towers, Bentleys, Rolls Royces, $25,000 watches, seaside mansions, yachts, multiple vacation homes, private jets, designer “pimp” clothes. I leave you with this….if the prosperity gospel is true, where are YOUR mansions, jets, yachts,etc.

    The worst of it is that these preachers are teaching a FALSE Jesus, a Santa Claus Jesus, and people are believing they are saved and they are not……souls are being lost BECAUSE OF THE WORSHIP OF MONEY!!

    I was a tither until I was on my knees a few months ago begging God to forgive me for not tithing. He led me to truth scriptures and showed me that it is NOT Biblical to tithe 10%….God wants your heart and he wants your 100%…your all!! Jesus NEVER said to give Him a tithe, He said to give to the poor. Jesus gave to the poor….He never made a poor person rich in money, just in spirit!! Follow what Jesus did and quit listening to these pimps…they talk out of both sides of their mouths. One side says, “it is the law to tithe” and the other side says, “I hate legalism.” We are not under the law….Jesus is alive and did away with the law!!

  2. IndependentConservative Says:

    Well said!

  3. russkellyphd Says:

    I, like Paul, choose not to be paid when I preach or sing gospel. I give away many of my books and tapes and absorb the costs. Yet I am blessed adn content in God;’s love even though it is from a small mobile home. I would not trade places with any of those “gospel” pimps either. God bless you.

  4. stan Says:

    God bless “Ephesians511,” for he suffered persecution for defending the faith. He has laid up treasure in heaven for that!!

    I hope he reads this. Is there any way to reach him by email?

  5. ephesians511 Says:

    I’m back online and you can reach me at [email protected]

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