April 30, 2007

Robert Tilton Has Also Made Copyright Claims Against YouTube Videos That Expose Him!

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I’ve found proof that Benny Hinn is not the only one pulling legal stunts to prevent video of false doctrine from being exposed to the world. Robert Tilton appears to have done this as well and I estimate it occurred about 3 weeks ago.

Notice this video formerly on YouTube titled Sage- Den of Thieves: url

It now has the message:

This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Reverend Robert Tilton

A YouTube search on his name shows that most videos related to him that are listed are only 3 weeks old or newer and none of the ones that were being used to expose him as a false teacher show up.

I my opinion, this is just more proof, that these false teachers are not hoping to have a message spread. Unless that message is that no one is allowed to show them in a critical light. I say all they want is your money and they’ll do all they can to suppress anyone that comes in the way of that.

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