April 28, 2007

Benny Hinn Ministries Proves its About Money Instead of Spreading Benny’s Message. Claimed DMCA Violation on TBN YouTube Video.

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One thing I’ve noticed regarding some videos people have placed on YouTube to expose practitioners of the prosperity doctrine (aka Pulpit Money Pimps), is that some videos are removed. I really didn’t want to think that these supposed pastors who wish to see their ministry spread throughout all the world, would actually take issue with clips of their material being posted openly on the Internet. It does get their message out without any further expense to them. After all, that’s what they always claim they need money for, right? To cover all their expenses and fees involved in airing their ministry. Well I’ve been saying it’s all about the money for these pimps and I’ve got more proof. I now know why some videos of pimps are removed from YouTube. It’s not because YouTube initiated an effort to remove the video and it’s not because the person who uploaded the video felt a need to remove the video. It’s because some of these so-called ministries are forcing YouTube to pull video and claiming copyright infringement under the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). I would expect this kind of action from for profit media companies, that don’t understand how having their video on YouTube might actually help their ratings. But to see a so-called ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ, that collects money under a tax exempt status do it is most interesting and totally opposite how anyone trying to spread the message of Jesus should be acting.

You probably recall my post and related video of Benny Hinn pimping for TBN. Keep in mind Benny Hinn was requesting money on behalf of tax exempt TBN, so their efforts should not be considered action performed by a for-profit business, but actions by a tax exempt not for profit entity. Benny Hinn also operates under a tax exempt status himself. Well THE VIDEO IS GONE! That’s right, if you go to the page on YouTube you currently see this message.

This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Pastor Benny Hinn and the World Healing Church d/b/a Benny Hinn Ministries

And I received the following message from YouTube:

This is to notify you that we have removed or disabled access to the following material as a result of a third-party notification by Pastor Benny Hinn and the World Healing Church d/b/a Benny Hinn Ministries claiming that this material is infringing:

Benny Hinn Pimping for TBN:

Search YouTube for any of the videos tagged Benny Hinn and just about all of the ones that used to be there ARE GONE! Only one of them was from me, but all the others uploaded by other people are gone too. Obviously his ministry searched YouTube and had anything they could removed. This is a ministry that is asking people to setup a charitable annuity with them. Not acting like they are being charitable with the words of Benny Hinn though!

Well excuse me for thinking that fund raising for a supposed ministry was going to be treated like this. I posted the video for analysis, study, educational purposes and most of all to defend the faith, as in a real religious purpose. To expose a fraud, as we are called to do in Ephesians 5:11! To help those who wanted to learn about the tactics used by those who misrepresent the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Educational purposes fall under Fair Use and it was only about 10 minutes of video footage.

To me, these actions by Benny Hinn prove it’s all about money, money, money. He’s using the same tactics used by for-profit corporations, to prevent anything he does not want seen from being seen and openly scrutinized.

This means, instead of you having both the video and my analysis, you’ll just have my analysis which Benny Hinn can’t remove.

So Benny, you don’t want anyone posting video of you, that’s fine. I will not violate your copyright and will never post video of you again. I will continue to offer analysis and quotes from your pimping though and there won’t be any video for you to claim might show a different picture from what I say.

If you represent a media outlet, that desires to do a news report on this matter, I still have an copy of the video that was removed from YouTube, that can be furnished to you upon request. Given the nature of this, of course you’d have to be with an MSM outlet to get a copy, I don’t want anybody without a good legal department and proof they are with the media getting sued by Benny Hinn’s army of lawyers. I retain a personal copy of Benny Hinn’s video, which is allowed under Fair Use for Time Shifting purposes. If you represent an accredited school or university, you can also have a copy upon request.

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