April 12, 2007

Old White Guy Fired for Racist Joke, While Young Black Woman Walks for False Accusation. (Audio)

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Well this is really something. Imus has been fired by BOTH MSNBC and CBS. The Duke rape accuser Crystal Gail Mangum walks away with no charges. Although she kept up a lie and now the accused have had all charges against them dropped, after lots of money and calls for their heads. The lie tied up government resources, that could have been used to work on real crimes, but the false accuser walks. Rappers (and others in the music industry) can continue saying the word “ho” and worse. While no protests are launched against stations playing it or advertisers of those stations. Hypocrites like Al Sharpton and T.D. Jakes rule the day.

And do we even need to talk about how R. Kelly still gets airplay despite all his mess? Never mind some of his trash lyrics.

Well I think this is just nutty. But I’ve got something in response. My favorite gansta rap song. That’s right. I’ve got a favorite gansta rap song. I never told you about it, but my man Michael Savage wrote it as a sort of joke on a real gansta rap song that he heard. Savage did it on his show over 2 years ago. I’ve still got the audio. I even cut out just that part and play it to myself for laughs about how true garbage is allowed to flow over airwaves on a regular basis. Once you hear it, you’ll see what I mean.

So check out a Michael Savage classic from 3/16/2005. Where Michael Savage raps. And I enjoy laughing at every second of it, just like he did. The entire audience of Savage’s show, we all found it to be most entertaining, in a funny sort of way. Actually this rap from Savage originally aired before 3/16/2005, but I recorded it on 3/16/2005, because a caller requested that it be played again and I was able to capture the audio then.

So enjoy Michael Savage using the audio link below. Because trash rappers can make excuses about their use of the term and I’ve even heard Al Sharpton saying they are not comparable to Imus, but it’s all trash and the rapper trash gets a lot more rotation than Imus trash. So when will those who claim they care for women go after the real big trash producers? We know what the trash rappers really think about women. A true fighter against trash on the airwaves like C. Delores Tucker is dead and all we’ve got are a bunch of lame hypocrites left!

Michael Savage raps, recorded 3/16/2005 – WMA Audio (Size: 685 KB)
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4 Responses to “Old White Guy Fired for Racist Joke, While Young Black Woman Walks for False Accusation. (Audio)”

  1. The Sandbox Says:

    CBS Follows Suit, Fires Imus

    Here it is:CBS announced Thursday that it has fired Don Imus from his radio program, following a week of uproar over the radio host’s derogatory comments about the Rutgers women’s basketball team. There has been much discussion of the effect

  2. Ron_B Says:


    The big picture is the need for CONSISTENT STANDARDS.

    If Don Imus, having been evaluated by standards that were applied across the board – was deemed to be out of line and given the boot – I would be the first one applauding.

    As a person who for years has posted details about “Sambo Lyrics” delivered by people who seem to hate Black women and they go unchecked or ME be the recipient of an attack for highlighting the information – I find it a bit frustrating to see the same crowd who in response to these continued offense have offered to “reach out to the Hip Hop Artists” because they are important messengers – it is a but frustrating for me.

    The bottom line is that the BLACK COMMUNITY has allowed certain people to speak for us. There needs to be an alternate pace setter who can promote a different set of values that are enforced WITHIN.

  3. IndependentConservative Says:

    Well you know, a host of Black children imitate Imus 😀 and the fact Imus used the word “ho” resulted in those poor children now having a twisted view of women 😀 .

    Of course if you replace the word “Imus” with “rappers” and remove the smilies, it becomes a factual and very sad statement.

    But they run to remove Imus…

    We know Black people are the main inhibitors of their own success and even people who made the trash sometimes admit it played a role in messing them up.

  4. Eddie Long, Benny Hinn, Steve Munsey, TD Jakes, Al Sharpton: How Can They Walk Together Unless They Agree? « Heal The Land With Spiritual Warfare Says:

    […] Posted by healtheland on April 12th, 2007 TBN moneychanging take one. TBN moneychanging take two. TD Jakes marching to the beat of the Al Sharpton “Fire Don Imus Parade” take three. Now as to why I am criticizing Jakes for demanding Imus’ firing? 1) Because Jakes has taken a beating from the black community and black leaders (like Sharpton) for his closeness to George Bush and for his general conservatism, and this is his attempt to silence the critics and broaden his appeal among blacks and the left. (The Council On Foreign Relations, to whom Jakes has, er, ties, LOVES people with broad appeal like RICK WARREN, OPRAH WINFREY, and ANGELINA JOLIE.) Now, you’d THINK that black Christians would oppose Jakes over HIS OPPOSITION TO TRINITY, but let us just pray on that one, shall we? 2) Because Jakes HAS to be smart enough to know that the media’s going after Mel Gibson, Michael Richards, and Don Imus (three scalps in less than a year, when previously the “Jimmy The Greek” type of things only took place one in awhile) is just laying the groundwork for their being able to go after CHRISTIANS in a few years. Denounce homosexuality, abortion, or false religions? Not only will you get the Imus treatment, but if you do it in a public area and your accuser can claim to be “threatened” or “intimidated” by your words (or “demeanor”) THEY WILL HAUL YOU OFF TO JAIL! Canada and Great Britain have already fined and chased from the airwaves televangelists for “offending” homosexuals and Muslims. Jakes is contributing to what will lead to the same happening over here. And you know what? I bet Jakes knows it. Think that I am tilting at windmills? Think again: In 2004, Christians were arrested on “hate crimes charges” for trying to evangelize homosexuals in Philadelphia! Oh yes, and I do not want to hear from any of you people accusing me of defending Imus. Racism is a sin, and speaking as he does against people (including his blatant disrespect of Bill Clinton while in his presence in 1996) is a sin. We know how to deal with racists: with the gospel and the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Instead, this is all about spiritual warfare, folks: exposing people who are using the pulpit to seek money and power. That is how the TBN moneychanging (which Jakes does on a regular basis) correlates to Jakes’ joining the civil rights industry: it is all about the money and power! Just like they get on TBN and play on your emotions concerning your health and financial security, these folks are exploiting black people who have been hurt by racist words and actions. But do not be deceived: it isn’t about you and your needs, people. God (who exists in TRIUNE FORM, TD Jakes!) cares about that and is the only one who can comfort and deliver you concerning those things. But as for these “preachers”? Please dedicate your money, time, and allegiance elsewhere (as in to God alone). […]

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