April 6, 2007

Will Don Imus Get Treated like Dave Lenihan By the NAACP? Don’t Count on it! Imus Pulls for Democrats, Just Like the NAACP Does.

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See what Imus said here. Now keep in mind that Imus said his statement intentionally and didn’t apologize until called on the carpet about it.

Contrast this with when Dave Lenihan had a slip, that he immediately corrected and apologized for literally the second the offensive term mistakenly came from his mouth.

The difference here is that Lenihan had a slip, Imus did not. Imus said his intentionally and reveled in it afterwards and one of his workers took it even further. Chuckles all around.

Will the NAACP demand that Imus be fired? Will members of the NAACP be disassociated if they every spend time with Imus? Let’s just see how true to their game that member of the Civil Rights Industry really is.

The National Association of Black Journalists is “appalled”. Of course if it was said on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, they’d probably not have any comment and be laughing right along! And if folks on the TJMS said something similar regarding White people, they’d laugh even harder.

I’m not saying what Imus said was a good thing. I’ve always felt the man is an idiot. But responses to things like this and who responds is always interesting. Plenty of people agreed when it was Michael Richards, but plenty were silent when it was Michael Irvin.

update 4/9/2007 3:40PM:
In the usual display of feigned remorse, Imus went on race pimp Al Sharpton’s radio show. At least Sharpton is being consistent and saying he wants Imus to be fired. Interestingly enough, Al claims to be a reverend, but asked Imus why he should be forgiven after his image defending apology.

Can’t say I’m feeling that Imus should be fired. Maybe a week’s suspension would be appropriate.

And let me say, in earthly human terms, that forgiveness does not always mean granting someone all the rights and privileges they previously had. Take convicted child molesters for example…

update 4/10/2007 1:48PM:
It looks as if the NAACP has joined the “fire Imus” bandwagon. Even scripture twister T.D. Jakes has joined in.

The suspension is not enough, however, according to several African American leaders, including Bishop T.D. Jakes, senior pastor and founder of Dallas megachurch The Potter’s House. They are calling for the employer, NBC, to fire the host for overly racist remarks.

?The fact remains that Imus’ unprovoked racial slurs ? which sadly appear to be part of a personal pattern over the years ? clearly reveal a deeper malignancy of the heart,? explained Jakes in a statement Monday. ?But it is the lack of immediate and meaningful response by his employer that reveals a deeper cancer in America.

Jakes claims Imus should be fired, while Jakes should be removed from the pulpit for far worse and I MEAN FAR WORSE offenses! Of course Sharpton with his loan pimping, coke tape, Tawana Brawley mess, Freddie’s Fashion Mart mess and promotion of the pro-homosexual agenda is not the makings of a preacher either.

I thought Imus being a Democrat, would be let off easy by the typical race baiting criers. They let folks like US Senator Robert Byrd get away with so much! It seems they are actually being consistent in their lame cries to fire someone this time around. But as I said, they still remain silent while Black comedians, talkers and so on trash White people on a regular and continual basis.

CBS radio and MSNBC are putting Imus on a 2 week suspension. I think that is more than enough, given I felt 1 week would be appropriate. And as I’ve said before, I never liked him and still don’t. But look at the cadre of bumbling hypocrites pointing fingers!

update 4/10/2007 2:31PM:
Imus calls out Sharpton for not keeping his word and calls out others that use derogatory language towards Black women. Oh well, the Black hypocrites wanted to keep this going, Imus might as well fire back. They might ensure that during Imus’ 2 weeks off, he gets plenty of publicity off this.

update 4/10/2007 4:48PM:
The WSJ is reporting (subscription required), that some of the Imus show’s advertisers are bailing. Bigelow Tea and Staples have made it known that they are 2 companies that have pulled out. Other unnamed advertisers have asked to have their ads swapped to another time slot away from Imus’ show.

What I find interesting is this:

In a harshly worded statement announcing the suspension, NBC called Mr. Imus’s comments “racist” and “abhorrent.” CBS subsequently released a brief statement saying it also would suspend Mr. Imus’s show. A CBS spokesman said the company hasn’t yet decided whether Mr. Imus’s suspension will be with or without pay.

If he gets the time off WITH PAY it’s like a form of vacation for him. If they are going to suspend him and the show, they should do it without pay.

And why everybody is talking about Imus, it seems not nearly as much is being said about the comment from Bernard McGuirk (the show’s producer) just after Imus’ comments.

2 Responses to “Will Don Imus Get Treated like Dave Lenihan By the NAACP? Don’t Count on it! Imus Pulls for Democrats, Just Like the NAACP Does.”

  1. brooklyn Says:

    Does anyone remember the roasting Dr. Bill Bennett got for making a comment about abortion and the crime rate that was purposely taken out of context?

    They tried to crucify him and he obviously and in the same breath clearly stated that he thought such a correlation (between abortion rate and crime) was wrong.

    Of course Imus will get a pass for his comment…I think the double standards for conservatives vs. liberal whites is obvious for all to see long before this incident.

  2. IndependentConservative Says:

    Well said!

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