April 5, 2007

Mitt Romney’s Mormon Strategy. Plus His 2003 Support for Liberal Rocky Anderson.

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Well you know how it is… I found yet another piece of video that exposes Mitt and this one exposes how he’s leveraging the tax-exempt Mormon church and its powerful network to boost his campaign. Well he’s in the lead now as far as money and plenty came from Mormons. Let’s see how it happened. (Of course Romney and the Mormon leadership deny this.)

I’d suggest you turn your sound off while watching this video, the music is annoying.

The Mormon Cult Church Wants Him in the White House,
but They Don’t Want You to Know it!

Keep in mind, as the video mentions, Mitt Romney made a BLOOD OATH to the Mormon church. (Christians don’t take a blood oath, the blood of Jesus was enough!) And the accusations made in that video, about a secret effort by the Mormons to back Romney are well supported. You would do yourself a good favor if you read all 3 articles below in full.

Yes, the Mormons are in an all out effort to put a Mormon in the White House. Oh, but you can believe he won’t cater to them if you want. You can think people like Warren Jeffs will continue to be locked up by Federal Agents if you want. You can believe whatever you want, but I’m not falling for it.

Now lets move on to pure political matters. You know I’ve got to give something to the folks that claim we should talk about Romney the politician, as if he’s not a bound by blood oath cult member Mormon. And he’s one heck of a politician. He can flip and flop around on the issues and some people never notice.

Check out this campaign advertisement Mitt Romney did for Rocky Anderson’s re-election campaign as Salt Lake City, Utah’s mayor.

Mitt Romney endorses Rocky Anderson – 2003

So what kind of guy is Rocky Anderson? Well if you listen to Mitt, he’s the best thing since the invention of the microwave oven, but actually Rocky Anderson is a Liberal, just like Mitt Romney. The post on YouTube included a link to this article detailing the type of guy Rocky Anderson really is.

In Utah, an Opponent of the ?Culture of Obedience? (emphasis added)

SALT LAKE CITY ? Rocky Anderson may not be the most liberal mayor in America. But here in the most conservative state, he might as well be.

Just being himself is enough to galvanize, divide or enrage people who have followed his career as Salt Lake City?s mayor, and who are now watching him become, in the twilight of his final term, a national spokesman for the excoriation and impeachment of President Bush.

[?President Bush is a war criminal,? Mr. Anderson, a Democrat, said at a rally here on Monday marking the fourth anniversary of the war in Iraq. ?Let impeachment be the first step toward national reconciliation ? and toward penance for the outrages committed in our nation?s name.?]

Critics and supporters alike agree that Mr. Anderson ? whose given name is Ross but who is known by almost everyone here as Rocky, with no last name necessary ? is genuinely passionate and devoted to the causes he has brought to the mayor?s office, including global warming, genocide in Darfur, gay and lesbian rights and the war in Iraq.

In 2001, he alienated the Republican-controlled Legislature by joining with environmentalists and mass-transit advocates in a lawsuit to block a major north-south highway project that Mr. Anderson said would harm air quality and wetlands near the Great Salt Lake.

Mr. Anderson announced last July that he would not seek a third term, saying he wanted to devote the rest of his life to grass-roots organizing involving human rights and global warming.

As the saying borrowed from Euripides goes, “A man is known by the company he keeps”.

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