April 3, 2007

What You Need to Know About Mitt Romney

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First of all, you need to know Romney is doing everything he can to make you believe that he’s a Christian. INCLUDING LYING ABOUT MORMONISM! George Stephanopoulos exposed Romney once again. I usually don’t like Mr. Stephanopoulos, but if he wants to expose Romney for the fraud that he is, I’ve got no problem sharing it with the world.

Check out the video below.

Romney won’t tell you the truth about Mormonism!

Romney claims that Mormons and Christians see the return of Jesus coming in the same way. Of course George exposed him, but for any that think Mr. Stephanopoulos is a liar. Let’s see what the Mormons themselves say on their official web site. You’re gonna flip out when you read this one!

From the Mormon site – Independence: Living in Zion – By Shanna Butler – Church Magazines – May 2005, page 29

Missouri has been and will be the site of many key events in Church history. It was the location of the Garden of Eden and Adam-ondi-Ahman, where Adam gathered his posterity for a final blessing (see D&C 107:53?57). It was the place the Saints in Joseph Smith?s day started to build Zion but were violently driven out before their dreams could be realized. It is the place where the Lord Jesus Christ will return again to a New Jerusalem (see D&C 57:2?3; A of F 1:10).

That’s right, not only do Mormons think Jesus is making a special trip to Independence, Missouri as some sort of “New Jerusalem”, they even think the Garden of Eden was there, among other things they’ve come up with. Maybe George should have asked him where the Garden of Eden was located? I’ve heard a lot of theories on its possible location, but Missouri 🙄 ?…

Oh, but I know, the Romney nuts and Mormons will claim I’m not talking about what Romney would stand for if he became President. Well if you don’t think that Mormon would not divert special perks to Independence, Missouri and other places Mormons hold dear, you’re out of your mind!

But for this post, I’ve got more political related material. Because while Romney plays Conservative now. Let’s see what Romney is really about. Let’s see him having a who’s the real Liberal contest with a King of Liberalism, Ted (I lost her in the lake) Kennedy.

Drunk Liberal versus Sober Cult Following Liberal

I’m glad my soul does not have to suffer living in Massachusetts. And that new bum they put in office is terrible too! (Proving no matter your race, you have the right to be a nut case and other nuts will support you.)

Here are the points to remember from that 1994 debate Romney had with Kennedy.

Mitt Romney:

Like I told you many times before, Romney is a Liberal.

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