April 3, 2007

Muslims Just Coming to America for Work, or to Demand Dhimmitude?

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Robert Spencer uses a little story, to explain how trying to fold Islam into America’s melting pot is not working.

Below are related stories to reference:

One day I’m probably going to tell you about some of the issues I have with how the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was constructed regarding religion. You know how it works now, a Christian family is not even allowed to run a newspaper ad in some newspapers specifically requesting a Christian nanny to help with raising their own children. Many newspapers fear it would violate that act and as it is currently constructed, it would. And as it is currently constructed, the pains in the butt mentioned above can’t be fired.

(OK, so I told you some of my issues with it, but one day I’ll probably tell you more. In fact, given the issues above I’ll probably have new issues with it soon enough.)

But let Christians working in the medical profession try and avoid killing babies and special state laws are required to protect them. Which in that case didn’t pass.

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  1. Right Truth Says:

    Target plays dirty with non-Muslim employees

    It’s not just the Somali Muslim taxi drivers who are refusing to do their jobs, claiming religious reasons. Last week we heard about the Somali Target employees who were refusing to handle pork products. Now Target Corp. is reassigning its

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