April 1, 2007

Oh, Oh… Pastor Donnie is Jimmy Swaggart’s Son!!! He Call Out Others, While His Daddy is a Pimp.

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I pray you had a blessed Palm Sunday service today at your place of worship. Last year I wrote a Palm Sunday post that you can check out if you wish to read something related to Palm Sunday. I’ve got other matters I must address tonight.

Everybody has been asking, who is pastor Donnie? I was wondering myself and also wondering why it seemed this pastor’s last name was never mentioned in YouTube postings. Someone over at Pulpit Pimps noted that he is Donnie Swaggart, son of repeatedly disgraced Jimmy Swaggart. (See he uses his daddy’s web site.)

Now there is no doubt that Donnie’s words were on point, but now the crying makes sense. It’s the same game his father plays.

Basically, while Donnie is playing the role of Pimp-Buster, he’s drawing people to the ministry of himself and his pimp father.

Somebody has written Jimmy and Donnie and pointed out how they are actually in need of improvement themselves. But if you didn’t already figure out that Jimmy is no good, you never will. I won’t even waste time dredging up all his mess, that’s just a waste of my time. If you didn’t already figure it out, you won’t. Given Donnie is attaching his ministry to his father’s…let’s just say YOU WON’T BE SEEING ANYMORE OF HIS VIDEOS AROUND HERE. I’m not going to highlight that twisted bunch (not any more) in an effort to call out pimps.

Of course the Swaggart’s would like for you to pay them tithes. Which is a total twist of scripture.

From page 16 and 17 of the June 2006 issue of “The Evangelist”. (A Swaggart publication that has Donnie’s picture right there at the top of the front page.) This was written by Donnie himself.

In this article I want to show you that the Revelation of God to us is a progressive Revelation, and as well, I want to deal with the subject of tithing.

It is through tithes and offerings that the Lord has chosen to further His Work, and to also bless His children. Every Christian should be a giver of tithe and offering. If you do not pay tithes, you are hurting yourself and your family. There is a Blessing awaiting those who are faithful to the Lord?s Work in regards to giving, and any Christian who withholds tithes and offerings from the Lord is, in effect, saying that they have no desire to support the Work of God, and have no trust in the Lord that He will bless them for their faithfulness.

Please note, I have a Six CD Sermon Series on Abraham that you may enjoy. The price is just $50 ($60 Canada), and the product offer number is 98-026. Please see page 35 for details.

Donnie says to pray about who to pay it to. But we know that’s a humble pie statement, to avoid how obvious the game would look if he said to pay it to him and his daddy. And in other publications they ask for it. See page 26 in that link and notice they ask you to buy a Bible with Jimmy’s name on it on page one of that issue. Please DON’T YOU EVER buy a Bible with somebody’s name on it. Unless it’s your name and you’re putting it there to identify that it’s your Bible. It’s the word of God, no man’s name deserves to be on the cover, except God himself.

Donnie tries to justify tithing today by asserting that it was done even before the tithe to Melchizedek. By claiming that the offering Abel gave to God is believed to have been 10% of his flock. No proof or evidence that this is true. Also, given we know the truth about tithing, we know Donnie is totally bastardizing its previous (old covenant) use, to ensure he and his daddy get somebody’s money. He plays on Abel in an effort to silence those who know tithing is not instructed under the new covenant. And as a friend told me, given Paul was meeting Gentiles who knew nothing of Jewish customs, if tithing was for the new covenant, he certainly would have mentioned it, but no record of Paul’s writings shows that he ever did.

Donnie’s whole “proof” about tithing is rooted in Old Testament scripture. He has absolutely nothing that can honestly support his view from the New Testament, because followers of Jesus Christ were never instructed to tithe, period! And given the Jewish followers knew how tithing really was done, they would NEVER have fallen for claims to tithe in money.

Also Donnie is peddling the word of God via his own goods that he hocks.

Notice Donnie says you’ll be blessed if you pay the tithe and basically cursed if you do not. He’s playing a form of the same game he claims to speak against!

2 Responses to “Oh, Oh… Pastor Donnie is Jimmy Swaggart’s Son!!! He Call Out Others, While His Daddy is a Pimp.”

  1. Praiser4Life Says:

    Another example of the pot calling the kettle black.

  2. Pulpit Pimps » Blog Archive » No Competition Allowed! Says:

    […] It’s interesting that in our recent discussions here we have found 2 pimp-busters who are themselves in the pimping business. (Donnie Swaggart and Manning.) […]

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