March 29, 2007

Climate Change Cultists Destroy Hope for 8 Needy Texas Towns.

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First, check out the report and analysis at Debbie Schlussel’s blog. This climate change cult is not funny any more! It’s literally shutting down opportunities for towns here in America and we also know the lie is hurting poor people in the 3rd world (dirt poor nations).

It is a lie that Al Gore said is a moral, ethical and spiritual issue. That makes it a cult by definition! On 3/21/2007, before a Senate committee, Gore was asked by Republican Senator James Inhofe if he felt the issue of global warming is a moral, ethical and spiritual issue and Gore responded “yes”. I watched that fool spin lies for hours, while Senator Inhofe offered the best analysis of Gore’s lies. Inhofe asked Gore if he would pledge to stop emitting more of these greenhouse gasses at his own homes than the average home owner. Gore did not formerly agree to that pledge and spun out of it, by claiming he lives a carbon neutral life. Gore spoke of how he purchases “green energy” for his home. He did not note, that he didn’t do that TILL CONSERVATIVES CALLED HIM A HYPOCRITE FOR NOT SIGNING UP FOR THE PROGRAM IN TN THAT WAS ALWAYS AVAILABLE. It’s a show piece front!

Senator Kit Bond called Gore on the carpet that day, because Gore’s proposed changes would adversely impact the poor the most. We see what the cult followers have done to 8 Texas towns and overseas.

Senator Johnny Isakson asked Gore if he felt nuclear energy might be a good option. Gore responded by saying that it would be a “small part” of the solution to his contrived lie. Remember this video, where it is noted that those who shun nuclear energy are total hypocrites? They play on fears of nuclear waste, when nuclear power is much cleaner and cheaper than all other options in terms of combined overall benefit. Because we are talking about clean cheap power for an entire nation. Nations like France already use mostly nuclear energy. Funny how Liberals don’t wish to be like the French on this one. Gore claimed he does not like nuclear power plants because they only come in “one size” that is “extra large”. Well this idiot Gore neglects that they can power a far greater area, with a smaller overall footprint than his proposals. And it’s the cheapest option. Hey, that’s why I own stock in a company involved in the nuclear industry!

Senator Larry Craig gave Gore several verbal kicks in the hind quarters, for rejecting nuclear energy and during his time as VP “killing” the nuclear industry. Gore claimed he did not know what Craig was talking about. This article notes Craig’s view of Gore.

Senator Lamar Alexander pointed out to Gore that nuclear energy is the cleaner and cheaper option, despite any nuclear waste issues. Gore could only respond that he’d like to see venture capital funding and new research provide a better solution. I thought it was Gore who said we just can’t wait to start making some changes 🙄 ?

Al Gore spins fear and admits it is a “spiritual” issue for him. While he refuses to accept the option that would best solve his own invented problem. Not to mention being able to power more homes for less, even if we don’t consider CO2 emissions.

In the mean time, the poor suffer.

But there is a bit of a silver lining to this whole mess. Because while the global warming cultists have ended plans for 8 coal plants, that increases the likelihood of more nuclear power plants.

2 Responses to “Climate Change Cultists Destroy Hope for 8 Needy Texas Towns.”

  1. brooklyn Says:

    Get ready for the longest run-on sentence…:)

    Leftists destroying towns is nothing new. If you really want to see what liberal policies and ideology can do just check out many of the major cities like San Francisco (over run with homeless who see the city as their personal toilet) or NYC which would be in the toilet if it weren’t for the fiscally conservative policies of Mayor Guliani or better yet just check out Detriot for a perfect illustration of what decades of liberal big city democratic rule can do.

    And let’s not even bring up New Orleans.


  2. Now Fox News Is On Board With The Global Warming Thing « Heal The Land With Spiritual Warfare Says:

    […] Posted by healtheland on March 30th, 2007 See link here. There is substance to this story, something about how our largest cities will be threatened by rising waters at some point or something. But that isn’t the real deal. The real deal is how Fox News up until now has always played the pro – big business “there is no global warming” angle, but all of a sudden shifts. My guess is that Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes got the memo from the Council on Foreign Relations types to fall in line behind the anti – Christ agenda or else. I guess that for a time it was their job to pretend to oppose this stuff in order to deceive the GOP types – especially the religious right and the libertarians – by distracting from thinking that “you know, maybe all these folks are in bed together.” But now that the evangelicals – led by Council on Foreign Relations member Rick Warren, and oh yes Ted Haggard – are on board, I guess it is time for the pro – business types to fall in line too. I suppose that some of you might remember that Enron was a BIG SUPPORTER of the “fight global warming” folks. Enron CLAIMED that their angle was selling energy and pollution futures and shares. You know, Enron actually USED to be a legitimate company with oil pipelines and equipment and such, but they got out of it to become an “energy broker” and the whole thing collapsed. Well, now it appears that Al Gore and plenty more influential people and corporations are doing exactly what Enron envisioned in an economy that used the threat of global warming as an excuse to globalize. So why DID Enron abandon their very profitable “brick and mortar” business (which would have kept them profitable forever) to get into “energy trading” only to collapse? Hmmm …. maybe they knew that ten years from now global economic regulations would make their oil pipeline and equipment supply business unviable? And how do you suppose they knew that? A better question: who did Lay, Skilling, and the other Enron leaders infuriate to the point where governments (federal AND state), the major banks (domestic AND international), and Wall Street made sure that they went broke with the executives winding up either dead or in jail? You know folks, good thing that this stuff is real life, because there’s NO WAY that I’d be able to make it up! […]

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