March 23, 2007

Smacking Mormonism Down and a Challenge to Mitt Romney!

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Oh I don’t want to spoil this one with my own words. Just watch this guy do his thing and I’d love for Mitt Romney to accept his challenge.

The Mitt Romney Challenge to Debate The Truth

Tell Mitt we want him to step up to the plate and accept the debate!

One Response to “Smacking Mormonism Down and a Challenge to Mitt Romney!”

  1. Another Challenge To Mormons And Mitt Romney « Heal The Land With Spiritual Warfare Says:

    […] Posted by healtheland on March 24th, 2007 See link here. Oh yeah, and all of you folks who love your nation and Republican Party more than you love your God (Anne Coulter/Sean Hannity/Hugh Hewitt types), you too. All right Mormons and Romney fans, I have been dumping a lot of stuff on you and not responding to your replies due to time constraints. I concede that in doing so I have been treating you unfairly. I will TRY MY BEST to catch up with you fine people this weekend. And yes, I do mean it when I say “fine people.” I honestly must say that all of the Mormons that have crossed my path (with the exception of this one couple, but let us not consider them) have been extremely nice, charming, beautiful people. And you know what? That is actually what motivates me to keep going after Mormons the way I do. Their loving personalities and demeanors, their commitment to their religion and their families and communities, their wonderful institutions and acts of charity … why should all of that be in vain? I say the same thing about my Muslim friends with their incredible devotion and discipline, praying more times in a day than many Christians pray in a year. That’s right, I said it. I have even heard that Muslims actually are required by their religion to pray for Christians and Jews! But why should that be in vain? My Muslim and Mormon friends, despite your many great works and your love for your families and religion, that is not going to save you. Works cannot save you. Only God can save you. Only accepting the true God through the true gospel can save you, not works. Works cannot cover your sin. Only Blood can cover your sin, and only the Blood of one man, the Word of God who became flesh and was God on the earth and is now God in Heaven, the one who was raised from the dead as we will one day be (save those who will be bodily assumed) is an acceptable covering for only that man’s Blood was worthy for all other men’s blood was sinless except that man’s. […]

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