March 20, 2007

Mormonism, Raw and Uncut!

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Given it is already established via DNA and comparative analysis, that Mormonism is a misguided cult, based on the delusions of a young boy who carried it through his adult years. Now you can check out what pure Mormonism is really like. I’m not talking about the fluff that’s put on about the cult now, but what people like Mitt Romney were being taught when he was a child.

Oh, Mitt Romney is going to hate that you saw this one!

Given much of this does not fit today’s American culture and Mormons wish to fool you into thinking they are Christians, in public they’ve adjusted some of their views via supposedly new revelations from their prophets. These days (post 1978), they’ve adjusted Joseph Smith’s delusions, to claim that Blacks are lifted from the curse they once claimed was on us. See my coverage of that in the update in this prior post. They’ve also adjusted the view of THEIR god from being a polygamist, to being a monogamist with some holy mother spirit wife. (Their god is a sexual being who needs a female to create beings, Jesus and Satan included, who they claim are brothers. They don’t believe Jesus was around in “the beginning”, but just the first of their god’s spirit children.) While these are the new public front statements, many a Mormon still holds to the original delusions of Joseph Smith. And as has already been proven, even today’s version of the cult is not at all Christianity. Here’s another interesting short video to watch and see the updates in the comments there.

Now that we’ve covered this cult in some detail, can somebody please tell Ann Coulter and Jay Sekulow to either learn about this cult or stop covering the truth about it if they know this information.

Ann Coulter and Jay Sekulow sucking up to Mitt Romney at CPAC

Ann claims the Christian faith and Jay is a Jews for Jesus member, who of course founded the ACLJ. Now let’s just say Ann is ignorant, making claims like “We’re all Christians!”. Which it total bull, because Mormonism is not Christianity, but some folks want to try and make you love Romney because it’s good for their political party. Usually Ann is a person who shows that she does her homework, but she needs some help with this one. Or she’s playing a role for her party. You be the judge.

Jay Sekulow has almost no excuse. I’m sure he went to Hebrew school as a child and was taught the facts about Jewish migration, which he noticed actually are supported in the Bible. In his college years, he realized that Jesus really is Lord and the promised Messiah. Given Jay received a far more in-depth education about the Holy Lands than most Christians, he knows the crap in Mormonism is not true. I’d like to see him watch The Bible vs. The Book of Mormon and offer comment. Also I’d like him to check out the DNA analysis and the talk from Mormons that Jews migrated to the Americas way before somebody like Columbus knew about the place. It’s a total bastardization of Jewish history, to claim that a supposedly Jewish priest was established in the Americas who was not of the Levitical priesthood.

Folks, this is the real inconvenient truth and it’s sad to see who is falling for the lie.

2 Responses to “Mormonism, Raw and Uncut!”

  1. Jay Sekulow And Ann Coulter Embrace Mormon Mitt Romney And Blaspheme Christ! « Heal The Land With Spiritual Warfare Says:

    […] Posted by healtheland on March 21st, 2007 Another great link from Independent Conservative. I have spoken of how a caller to Jay Sekulow’s own show exposed the guy as a fraud on the abortion issue (when the caller became frustrated to the point of tears at Sekulow’s explaining why he and the rest of the “pro lifers” refused to do anything that would, you know, actually oppose abortion in favor of sham “issues” like the “partial birth abortion” bill that is ILLEGAL and WILL NOT PREVENT ANY ABORTIONS) and everything else. And I have not dealt with Ann Coulter on this weblog in the past because, hey even I have standards! But hey, this is yet another example of how the ”Christian” right is selling their soul in order to keep their hands on money and power. I predicted that this Romney campaign was going to separate the wheat from the tares on the religious right, and it is interesting that one of the people that BEFORE NOW I actually liked LEAST on the religious right, James Dobson, has stood strong against the religion that will fill you with demons and take you to an eternity in the lake of fire, while some of the people that I liked MOST on the religious right, Pat Robertson, have gone all wobbly. How many more “Christian right” figures have to sell out their religions over the pursuit of money and power will it take before true Christians stop following after them? […]

  2. LatterDays Says:

    I am really shocked by this. I had no real idea of what Mormans believed outside of maybe plural marriages. The whole time I watched this, I could only think, “You have GOT to be kidding!”

    I have to admit that I am confused too. If the darker skinned people are those who are cursed, then why would Jesus come and preach to the INdians? If Joseph Smith is a teller of tall tales (as they define him), then why is he to be believed?

    OK, I know that you cannot make sense out of that which is nonsensical, so I will stop trying.

    Thanks for sharing this info.

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