March 20, 2007

Gay Lobby in the UK Rushing GAY EDUCATION into Public Schools!

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Pray that the moral community of the UK is able to stop this madness and help them stop it if you can!

They will try it in the USA next!

Hat tip Alliance Alert.

And for you here in the USA, remember that Ultra Liberal US Presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama favors starting sex education in kindergarten.

One Response to “Gay Lobby in the UK Rushing GAY EDUCATION into Public Schools!”

  1. Bloggerheads Says:

    The CCTV and that ‘teaching kids to be gay’ video: an archive for the ages

    On March 18 2007, an organisation known as The Christian Congress for Traditional Values (aka ‘The CCTV’) launched their own YouTube channel. On March 19 2007, they uploaded two videos of media coverage relating to their concerns over Sexual Orientat…

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