March 20, 2007

Republican US Congressman Christopher Shays Bashing Christians for not Believing Global Warming’s High Priest Al Gore (Video)

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US Congressman Christopher Shays (Republican – Connecticut 4th District) says “Al Gore is right” about Global Warming being man made and that:

And I’m afraid frankly, there’s some on the religious Right. Whatever party, that have denied Global Warming and when it finally happens they’re going to say well this is the fulfillment of the Bible and the destruction of humanity.

(Watch it all, but he says it around the 2:26 mark of this video I YouTubed from yesterday’s Congressional hearing about climate change.)

He foolishly believes the words of Albert Gore Jr., while attempting to brand Christians with values as being ignorant. Wikipedia notes, that Shays is a member of the cult known as Christian Science.

Excuse real Christians for giving a listen to Dennis T. Avery, who has already proven that what is called “Global Warming” is a naturally occurring event every 1500 years.

Also excuse Christians for realizing that temperatures on other planets and even moons are increasing. Also see this blog, that has no religious angle.

So in light of THE FACTS, maybe it’s Congressman Shays who is the ignorant one. Especially since HE KNOWS that Al Gore is a hypocrite and even says that Gore and the Hollywood elite are not practicing what they preach.

Later in the video Darrell Issa (Republican – California 49th District) points out that the best solution to what people like Gore scream about is nuclear energy, but they never seem to want to endorse that. Although it’s the best way to go, even if you don’t consider the supposed Global Warming impact. It offers the most output for the lowest overall costs. Even the French know that.

update 3/21/2007 11:38AM:
Bryan over at Hot Air has found that NASA is now reporting a connection between the sun and earth climate change.

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