March 18, 2007

DNA Versus The Book of Mormon. A Must See Video!

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You absolutely owe it to yourself to spend about 49 minutes watching this video.

DNA vs. The Book of Mormon

It offers rock solid, indisputable, undeniable, 100% factual evidence, that the book of Mormon is a lie invented by Mormonism founder and false prophet Joseph Smith.

See and hear current and former Mormon scientists affirm, that the material in the book of Mormon is no longer supported by factual evidence. Watch a so-called modern day Mormon prophet do the old spin, lie and deny routine when questioned about the evidence. The bottom line is that Mormonism is a cult and a lie. Used by men like Joseph Smith to justify his own personal fleshly desires. And even today the current leaders continue the lies, to maintain their own status and stature with those who believe their words.

The video offers the facts and cross analysis. Including some lame spin by apologists, that really looks silly in light of the proof. The video ends with a recommended best option for anyone seeking the truth.

Also, the video blows away claims by Afrocentrists, that claim Africans “came before Columbus”. (Afrocentrists really believe the garbage lies in this book.) Although those Afrocentrists’ claims are not directly addressed, the facts blow their claims out of the water right along with Mormonism.

It’s worth your time to learn the material presented in this video.

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  1. Independent Conservative Says:

    The Bible Versus The Book of Mormon, No Contest!

    Yet another great video. A little over an hour long and if someone does not believe the truth regarding DNA and Mormonism, here’s more factual evidence that Joseph Smith told a terrible lie. One that has led countless people into heresy for ov…

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