March 17, 2007

More Proof Bad Parents Are the Problem With American Education (Video)

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On March 1, 2007, Philadelphia public school teacher Joseph Smith was assaulted by a student. This is not unusual. According to Bill O’Reilly, a recent survey showed that 56% of Philadelphia school teachers don’t feel safe at school and 42% of TEACHERS were victims of crime on school grounds.

I’ve Youtubed the interview between Smith and O’Reilly.

Bad Parents Are The Problem!

O’Reilly asked Smith if the school system was out of control. Smith said it is not out of control, as in the school administration is not out of control, but he said there are bad parents making the job terribly hard for teachers. Remember this, when you see people crying about the quality of education in inner city schools. Usually, they don’t tell you about all the mess a teacher there has to deal with. There are always claims that they need “better” teachers. What teacher in their right mind with enough leverage to work elsewhere would willingly work under such conditions? Most of you reading this would not work in an environment where most of your co-workers and maybe you yourself did not feel safe. I’ve pointed out before how teachers with the most experience and opportunities to leave such conditions RUN and I don’t blame a single one that leaves.

Smith was assaulted by an 8th grade student and the student only received a 10 day suspension. He was hit with a telephone across his head by a female student, that left his eye swollen shut! They should have tossed her out of school. She’s forfeited her access to a publicly funded education. Her parents should have to pay, out of their own pockets for her to be educated at a night school.

The rules in Philadelphia mandate that all kids, even special needs remain in “general population” and never be separated from other kids. So the kid that assaulted him was able to go back to regular classes.

There have been almost 500 teacher assaults in Philadelphia this year alone, SO FAR!!!

Folks, some children are going to have to be left behind. Kids beating up teachers should not be put back in the regular classroom setting and should be separated, as an example for others. Their parents should have to fund their education from that point forward.

2 Responses to “More Proof Bad Parents Are the Problem With American Education (Video)”

  1. Julie Says:

    I wanted to comment on one thing said by Joseph Smith regarding segregating students. He said that the way the law is written the school cannot separate a student into a segregated classroom.

    The law is written that the student should be placed in “the least restrictive environment.” This is interpreted by the school district as a regular education classroom. The least restrictive environment that meets the needs of a student may not be a regular classroom.

    I am a mother by the miracle of adoption. I have a teenage daughter who was prenatally exposed to meth and alcohol. Even though her IQ is low-normal, she cannot function in a regular classroom. She was raging at school constantly. I have been to court with her as other parents filed restraining orders in order to keep her away from their children. I begged the school to move her into a smaller classroom with less stimulation. I pleaded that they allow my daughter to be in the hallways either a few minutes earlier or later than the rest of the kids.

    I really tried to work within the public school setting, but I found it impossible. My daughter was on so many meds trying to control her behavior that she was almost a zombie.

    We are homeschooling now. My daughter’s medications have been decreased twice. She has not had one rage. In fact, I have been told that she is poised, a beautiful young lady inside and out!”

    I do not disagree that parents should do a better job of discipling their children ~ I have just found that controlling my child’s behavior is much harder than I thought it would be. I was a way better parent before God granted me the privilege of children.

  2. IndependentConservative Says:

    Julie, we all were better parents before we had children :D . And adoption is a beautiful thing.

    You tried to work with the school system and probably because of how some lawyer told them to run things, they implement the rules poorly.

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