March 13, 2007

Some People Will Support Almost Anything in a Republican Suit!

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I must say, given Hugh Hewitt has given this blog some attention in the past, it pains me to write this post. But I can’t allow favors to prohibit me from telling the truth. The bottom line is this, Hugh Hewitt and some other Republicans are selling Conservatives a bill of goods in the name of their party, not the advancement of issues Conservatives, especially Christians are concerned about.

I have warned you about Mitt Romney over and over again. I have also warned you about Rudolph W. Giuliani over and over and over again. But we see Republican talkers continually tossing out these two names. Of men no Conservative should give a 2nd look to considering. One decides his position based on the office he’s running for and the other could run as a Democrat and nobody would know the difference.

Many a Republican lauded the faith of George W. Bush in our faces for 2 straight election cycles. Karl Rove worked rural mostly Christian towns like his political life depended on it and it did. We were all made aware of Bush having turned to Christ and being a Christian who believes on the basic tenants all Christians agree on. But now with Mitt Romney, efforts are made to discourage talk about him being a Mormon. And he does not see things anywhere near the way we do, because Mormonism is not Christianity. This is not like “JFK”, not even close. Here’s what Romney believes about Jesus, that he won’t tell you when he claims the name of the Lord.

The Mormon Doctrine of Jesus

The New Testament teaches that Jesus, God the Son, is eternal and has no beginning. However, Mormonism teaches that Jesus is a procreated being, the literal offspring of God the Father and one of His heavenly wives. According to Mormon theology, God the Father, Elohim, dwells on a planet with His many spirit wives producing numerous spirit children who await to inhabit physical bodies so that they too may one day ascend to godhood as their parents did. Jesus is believed to be the firstborn spirit child of Elohim.

What from hell is that? No wonder that cult’s founder taught that a man could get further in Heaven by marrying more than one woman. They’ve painted God the Father as a polygamist!

With Rudy, effort is made to avoid talking about his inability to even maintain his own household. While the Republicans once would laud a candidate’s adherence to Christian teaching, we are suddenly being told that faith really does not matter, lets stick to the issues. Well they played it up with Bush because they know FAITH IS AN ISSUE and that is why they attempt to downplay it with Romney and avoid the mess in the lives of people like Giuliani and Newt Gingrich. They tell me that I’m voting for a politician and not a spiritual leader, which is certainly correct. However, it is my choice and so I have to consider what I feel will most please God. I have to consider, that if I have the choice and I appoint someone that carries absolutely no favor with God, that I could be stabbing myself in the back.

Let’s keep in mind, that the head of the Executive Branch has sway over the direction of law enforcement. While Romney says he’s against gays calling themselves “married” or whatever other name they attempt to use, an issue he has not been very steady on, would he really work to uphold one man one woman? Are we really to believe that arresting Warren Jeffs would have been high on his priority list? They can spin it however they wish, but FAITH DOES MATTER.

Check out this video over at Hot Air, where Sean Hannity and Hugh Hewitt have the following exchange.

Hannity: So you comfortably support Rudy if…I know…obviously you wrote a book on Romney, so I assume you’re probably supporting Romney.

Right now, if I had to vote today I’d vote for Romney. But Rudy would be a great nominee too. I’m not a McCain guy. You know great American, lousy Senator, terrible Republican, but one of these two guys, great.

Hugh has a chip on his shoulder about McCain’s “gang of 14” stunt, something I didn’t like either, but notice he’s OK with both Romney and Giuliani. Hugh is anti-McCain because he feels McCain betrayed his party. I’m anti-McCain because the values of McCain are not my values. But you see, so long as you are loyal to the party, Hugh will support you no matter if you are actually on the political Left or Right. He claims he buys Rudy’s promise to appoint strict constructionist judges. This is about as valid a promise as Republican claims to defend the southern border.

Now you’ve got to ask yourself, should you really trust a bunch that will do anything for party? I for one will not stand idle while efforts are made to dupe you into endorsing candidates that fail a Conservative smell test. Neither Romney or Giuliani have been true to Conservative values, on top of issues of faith and family.

3 Responses to “Some People Will Support Almost Anything in a Republican Suit!”

  1. healtheland Says:

    Uh oh, you have done it now. I get a whole bunch of responses from Mormons whenever I wade into the Romney thicket, so be ready!

  2. IndependentConservative Says:

    If they wish to discuss the delusions of a 14 year old boy that’s fine with me 😀 .

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