March 9, 2007

DC Gun Ban Ruled Unconstitutional and Liberal Hypocrisy is Exposed Again!

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The US Court of Appeals for DC has ruled. La Shawn Barber has details. What I find most interesting, is that those who wish to keep the gun ban claim that DC is not a state and therefore not subject to the US Constitution. They are correct.

However, these crying Liberals are the very same people who damned Robert Bork to hell, when he said the exact same thing! When Bork was trying to be a US Supreme Court justice, he was asked a rather crafty question, which he answered honestly. He was asked if the Brown vs Board of Education ruling, that outlaws school segregation applied to DC. He said “NO”, because DC is not a state. He was 100% correct and should have been confirmed a US Supreme Court justice. However, Liberals spun the answer and claimed “Bork is for segregation” and all Liberal hell poured onto the face of America. He was tarred a racist and feathered an evil Conservative. He ended up never being on the US Supreme Court and that matter played a major role in Liberal efforts to keep him off.

Now the Liberals suddenly wish to treat DC as something other than a state when it suits their political interests. I say to them, that they should have been consistent with the application of federal law in their regard all along, then somebody might care about their cries now.

No, DC is not a state. No, DC is not subject to the US Constitution. However, you can’t cherry-pick on what you feel applies to you in the US Constitution. Either you’re under it or you’re not. DC, actually you’re not, so you need to make your own slate of rules for everything AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE and then you can tax yourselves more to foot the bill and cry that you still have no Federal representation 😀 . The rest of the nation will get along fine without putting up the time and expense required to help manage your affairs.

Instead of DC Statehood, what if a movement started to boot DC from the Union 😀 ? Most of us are tired of the crap that flows from DC anyway.

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  1. Conservative Culture » DC Gun Ban Unconstitutional Says:

    […] This could easily upset the cart for the next election. Who will further the gun rights as defined by the Constitution. Malkin has this posted from Allah. …if the Supreme Court grants cert. If they don’t, it makes Rudy’s position even more important because other circuits are going to see gun-control challenges now that point to this decision. There’ll be probably be a split, but the split may not materialize until 2009. In which case it matters a whole lot what the next president thinks about the SA. You can see from the Judge selection is vitally important. If the next President is weak on the approach to selecting judges then it will only weaken what has been a cause gaining new found strength. Independent Conservative finds it most interesting that the dissenting liberal judge finds that the Constitution doesn’t apply to the American citizens in the DC area. Funny how terrorists can be granted rights that some are willing to deny our own citizens. Feedbacks on this entry via RSS 2.0 Please leave a Comment or discuss via Trackback! […]

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