March 6, 2007

Big Pimpin’ Coming to Your TV April 8-13, 2007. The TBN Revival Praise-a-Thon!

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One of the biggest fleece moves in the history of false gospel is going to take place about 1 month from now. It’s the annual TBN money raiser, the TBN Revival Praise-a-Thon. There will be a plethora of false gospel and claims that you’ll get a “blessing” if you give THEM your money. They won’t tell you to pick up your phone and make a donation to a Christian homeless shelter, oh no, they will tell you to send them the money and lie to you about how you will be richly rewarded for doing so. TBN has already sent out their announcement in the mail in preparation for this event. You can see a PDF copy of the flyer direct from the TBN web site by using this link. The layout in that PDF copy is not exactly how it unfolds in the mailing, but I’ll explain how it is actually folded in the mailing that is sent out. So you know how they lay out their game for their prey. (Not to be confused with “pray”, which you should do for anyone you know that sends these people money.) Although I’ve never given TBN a dime, I was able to get my hands on an actual mailing of the announcement.

The first page in the announcement flyer is the one on the far right of the top page in the PDF download. It is folded so that the first thing you see is the TBN logo along with the picture of Paul Crouch and the announcement of the event along with the “We Are God’s Temples!” statement. It’s true, we are the temple now that Jesus has paid the price for our sins, but what these guys are pushing is not good for your temple, because it’s false doctrine that plays on your wallet.

The 2nd page in the flyer is the on the far left of the 2nd page of the PDF document. Basically by this point you have to have the flyer fully unfolded to get to this page. And just after Paul’s message, where he tells you that you’ll help spread the false Gospel by sending him money, comes the big punches! In the middle of page 2 you see a picture of Super Pimp Benny Hinn. Beside Paul and with some other pimps all supposedly praying on air over your pledge cards and prayer slips for “YOUR miracle”. Unlike when people approached Jesus and the apostles with nothing and went away blessed, TBN is holding an event where they expect you to pay in exchange for a miracle. The lower box on page 2 mentions how God gave his Son, so you should give to TBN. What a sad move on their part, to associate their sinful money grubbing with the sacrifice of God for our sins. Then they mention:

If you have a need – GIVE GOD A SEED!

And that means GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY and they claim that “seed” will grow to fill that need. Paul Crouch claims he and his wife Jan will be rejoicing with you for your answer to that need. Actually I think they will be rolling in the barrels of cash, not thinking about you. The apostle Paul, who was far better a “Paul” than Mr. Crouch instructed Christians NOT TO GIVE OUT OF NESSESITY!!!

2 Corinthians 9:7 (New King James Version)

7) So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver.

Don’t sow into false gospel, which is terrible soil.

Remember, in Matthew 25:31-46, Jesus spoke of coming and asking how you gave to him when you saw the poor and needy, not how you helped a very corrupt network that claims his name. TBN is corrupt and even asking for money when the network is sitting on piles of cash. They are corrupt and if they are in debt than let them figure out how to handle it, while you give to those who really need it instead. I’m not against giving to the spread of ministry, but you’ve already seen how TBN is highly corrupt and so they should not get your money.

On what is page 4 of the flyer, but the lower far right page in the PDF document, is their offer to give you a “Promise Box” if you send $25 a month or $250 one time. The box is gold and in the shape of TBN headquarters. Just so you can always think of them and I’m sure they hope it inspires you to give them even MORE money.

I’ve found some interesting related YouTube videos that you’ll want to check out. The first is a 1993 Inside Edition expose of Benny Hinn, that includes Paul from TBN trying to defend him. The piece is anchored by Bill O’Reilly. It’s in two parts.

Notice where Benny’s people were putting many of those prayer requests!

Men like Benny, Paul Crouch and Jan of TBN “peddle” the word of God. Just as the apostle Paul said many do. Paul did not approach people offering them boxes and junk in exchange for money.

2 Corinthians 2:17 (New King James Version)

17) For we are not, as so many, peddling the word of God; but as of sincerity, but as from God, we speak in the sight of God in Christ.

Remember that the next time some pastor tells you to pay them money in order to see them preach!

Paul Crouch and Benny Hinn are very unhappy that they are being exposed for the heretical frauds that they are. In fact, they wish they could just kill people who criticize them. Hinn is trying to figure out how he could twist a scripture to do it and Crouch is just plain saying he might kill people himself if he can’t convince God to do it for him. That is not the love of the Lord working in them folks, but just another example that their so-called ministries operate totally in the flesh. Their desire to see their critics dead is not too far different from the Islamists, who wish death on the critics of Islam. The only difference is that Muslims have plenty of support for such deeds in their texts, while supposed Christians like Benny Hinn are still hoping to find justification for such actions.

As the saying goes, give to the needy, not the greedy. Give to the ministers of the Gospel who don’t twist the word of God in order to line their own pockets. Give to those who don’t lie to you about how giving to them will bring you such a special blessing. Give as the Lord leads you and continue to read his Word, to ensure you are hearing his voice.

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