February 28, 2007

Growing in the Lord Does Not Mean Growing in Your Wallet

by @ 1:07 pm. Filed under The Truth Shall Set you Free!

I heard a great lesson today from Chip Ingram. You can hear the lesson by using this link. (Lesson titled: Why a Change in Scenery Rarely Improves the View, part 2)

If you want to hear a lesson of truth, that is honest about the life of Christians check it out. The Prosperity Doctrine can only wither and die when this light of truth is shined on it. You can’t have a resurrected Messiah who gave his own life for sin, 11 apostles who were martyred and one tossed on an island, then tell people Christianity is about earthly prosperity. The greatest figures of the faith have seen much the opposite while here on earth. So go hear the truth.

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