February 18, 2007

Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney Raising Funds for Campaign Debt, but an FEC Report Shows She Had a Surplus!

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She might be out of office, but something about her still does not add up.

McKinney Raising Money to Retire Debt

WASHINGTON (AP) — Former Georgia congresswoman Cynthia McKinney is asking for help in retiring nearly $60,000 in debt from her losing re-election campaign last year.

But her plea doesn’t square with the end-of-year finance report she submitted recently to the Federal Election Commission, which showed her campaign having almost $25,000 left over.

Campaign finance experts say it’s possible McKinney could have late-arriving bills that didn’t show up before the report was filed. But because McKinney lost in a primary runoff in August, that would be an unusually long lag.

Smells shady to me. During her losing campaign, McKinney’s campaign coffers were flush with money from California Liberals, Arabs and Islamists. I find it hard to believe that someone with her experience in campaigning is suddenly seeing some late bills, that were not in her final report to the Federal Election Commission. Hank Johnson finished off McKinney in early August of last year. It makes absolutely no sense that she would have new campaign bills coming in 5+ months later.

As McKinney would say herself. It’s time for the hard questions to be asked. What does she know about this discrepancy and when did she know it? Is she trying to run a scam? Is she trying to use and abuse her supporters? Is she betraying the trust of “the people”? These are all questions McKinney would be sure to ask if she still had her seat in Congress and a Conservative faced such an issue. She might even move to have Congressional hearings to investigate the matter.

Here’s the current message on McKinney’s campaign web site.

Cynthia has worked for our communities for years. She’s spoken out with courage, asked the difficult questions, raised the unpopular issues, challenged the criminal acts of the Bush administration and so much more. She served six terms in the Congress, survived reapportionments and came back from a defeat engineered with a malicious cross over vote in Georgia’s open primaries.

She now faces nearly $ 60,000 in campaign debt. If Cynthia is to continue to serve our nation and the people of Georgia, she now needs our help retiring this debt. Please give generously. Make a purchase at our new campaign store, use the links to the right to contribute now online. No contribution is too small. Within the bounds of Federal Campaign Finance law, no contribution is too large. Please give generously. Together we can help prepare our Congresswoman for her next step in service to our nation’s people.

So far she’s found enough nuts to give her just over $9,000 according to the site. If you would like to support a former congresswoman, who was adored by Jihadists and other enemies of America, she’s ready to take all that you will give.

3 Responses to “Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney Raising Funds for Campaign Debt, but an FEC Report Shows She Had a Surplus!”

  1. JMK Says:

    I think you’re being very kind here, more than one thing doesn’t add up about Cynthia McKinney.

    Great piece!

  2. art123 Says:

    It is possible that she knows something about the Bush administration that the American people don’t know.  I wouldn’t sleep on this country and nobody else should too.

  3. IndependentConservative Says:

    She knows how to make things up and enough voters in her district figured it out.  Which is why she’s no longer in Congress.

    Just because someone acts like they’ve got the goods on someone does not mean they actually have anything.   And I’ve got the PROOF.  Here are some posts that expose her for the FRAUD she is:

    2nd Nationally Broadcast Debate Between Hank Johnson and Cynthia McKinney. Is McKinney Trying to Spin Another 9/11 Conspiracy Theory?

    Moonbat McKinney proposes bill to preserve Tupac Shakur’s government records

    Lies about the New Orleans levee result in death threats!

    Many Katrina “racism” hearing witnesses are long time Leftist

    Arrest McKinney for negligent homicide too?!!

    On the Way Out, Members of Team McKinney Attack the Media, Literally! (*Updated*)

    I could go on and on.  I had the misfortune of once having her as a representative.  I erred and voted for her in times past and later regretted it.  I know of this woman because this woman used to once represent ME and she did a terrible job doing it.

    I’m not saying Bush is some saint, but Cynthia McKinney was and STILL is nothing but a race baiting, story concocting fraud and nobody does themselves good by playing into her games.  Trust one who used to do it and learned the hard way living with her as a representative.  I know people who still live in that area and could not be happier that she’s gone and know you can’t trust a word out of her mouth.

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