February 16, 2007

Sharia Law Still Alive in Ontario, Canada.

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An effort to put an end to the use of Sharia law in Ontario has remained stalled!

Sharia law still not dead – Toronto Sun – 2/16/2007 – by Christina Blizzard

A curious delay in proclaiming into law changes aimed at shutting down the use of sharia law in this province is cause for alarm for one Muslim spokesperson and an MPP demanding to know why the government is dragging its feet.

Amid a furor over a proposal to allow sharia law to settle civil disputes, more than a year ago Attorney General Michael Bryant issued a press release saying proposed amendments to the Abitration Act would mean there would be “one law for all Ontarians.”

Oddly, although the changes were passed Feb. 14, 2006 and given royal assent shortly thereafter, they have not formally been proclaimed into law.

Bill 27 said, among other things, that third party arbitrators could only serve as advisers in civil cases. Some parts of the bill have been made law, but the key provision outlawing religious arbitration have not. In 2005, pressure was building to allow sharia law, a 1,400-year-old set of Islamic laws covering legal and family issues, be used to settle civil disputes — including family law settlements — in this province.

Interestingly enough, this is another instance where the usually Liberally viewed women’s groups are the ones taking the strongest stand against the efforts of Islamists. It is good that groups normally viewed as Liberal agree with us Conservatives regarding this threat.

Women’s groups protested that sharia law is often oppressive towards women and they worried in the power imbalance that often occurs when religion is allowed to dictate law, the rights of women and children would be trampled. And moderate Muslims feared the power of the imams they had come to Canada to avoid would follow them even in this country.

Now if moderate Muslims are the overwhelming majority as some would lead us to believe, why is it taking so long to do away with Sharia law in Ontario? And why here in America was a Muslim who spoke out against terrorism kicked out of his mosque? Also studies have found that 80% of mosques here in the USA receive money from Saudi Arabia, that teaches radical Islam. The fact is that the cult of Islam has a radical core and those who claim the radical side have far more proof in a chronological following of the Koran and life of Muhammad.

Robert Spencer has more coverage of Muslim Jamal Miftah being kicked out of his mosque for denouncing terrorists. The mosque will take him back if he apologizes for his article where he stood against terrorists.

In Ontario, it seems Sharia law is not the only thing the proposed changes would end.

Other religions already have in place their own faith tribunals, and those, too, would be shut down by the changes.

Obviously the other religious groups were not causing any problems, but it’s best that they be done away with also. If people wish to handle their disputes outside of the governing court system, that is something they need to do informally on their own accord. As far as the government is concerned, everybody should be held to the same standards under the same code of laws.

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