February 12, 2007

The Pile of Mess Under the Feet of Earl Paulk Grows. Even His Granddaughter is an Accuser. And Clarence E. McClendon is Named in the Scandal.

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update: Someone had the video in this post pulled from YouTube for a Terms of Use violation. But you should be able to gather enough from the text still in this post. Rarely have I seen news reports removed from YouTube, but it looks like somebody didn’t like seeing this news being freely distributed.

And to think, these men hold the title of “Bishop”. Earl Paulk goes as far as to call himself an “Archbishop”. I’ve got to tell you, without Earl Paulk ever having been convicted of a single thing, I think the man is a disgrace to the faith. Just like with Michael Jackson, there has been no conviction, but you don’t get SO MANY people saying you did the same thing unless something happened! As Arnold Schwarzenegger said when his mess was starting to fester and he decided to admit it, “where there is smoke, there is fire”. Archbishop Earl Paulk (link best viewed using Internet Explorer) is in the middle of a civil court case involving alleged sexual indiscretion related to his abuse of his post. Now even his own granddaughter is saying that he abused her. That makes 5 accusers total. 2 say the abuse occurred when they were children. The person filing this latest lawsuit is named Mona Brewer. She says that Paulk told her they had a special “kingdom relationship”. What a crock! But it gets worse. She says that Paulk told her to have these relationships with other men, including Bishop Clarence E. McClendon.

To get up to speed on some of these scandals surrounding Earl Paulk, check out part 1 and part 2 of a 1993 scandal.


Earl Paulk 1993 scandal Part 1


Earl Paulk 1993 scandal Part 2

You can also see when CNN exposed him back in January 2006.


Earl Paulk exposed by CNN

CNN Transcript

Paulk was even being accused back in the 1960s. Then we get to the latest in Fox5 Atlanta’s part 1 and part 2 reports.I recall when I lived in Atlanta, going to Paulk’s church for concerts and to see Clarence E. McClendon when he visited there. Back when I was a little more seduced by the lies of the prosperity gospel. Back then I didn’t know about any of the scandals and that’s probably how Paulk keeps new people coming in. His membership has shrunk considerably, but it has shrunk in the past. I think new people move to Atlanta and simply are not aware of this man’s history. I recall one time Paulk was being exposed in the news, bishop Eddie Long spoke favorably of Paulk during one of his sermons. Pimps have to look out for each other you know. That was around the time I was deciding to leave Long’s church for good.

Now let me tell you a little bit more about Clarence E. McClendon. Of course these are things I did not know about back years ago. I will say I started being turned off by him after actually seeing him at Paulk’s church. Because McClendon was running a scam that he called the 50-50 partnership. You give him $50 (one time or on a regular basis) and you are supposed to receive blessings for your contribution. I could see straight through that mess. I figure that is something he picked up at Prosperity Gospel Pimp University. And I believe Mona Brewer when she says McClendon was involved in Paulk’s mess, because she says Paulk wanted to break McClendon from his wife and check this out:

Tammera McClendon Continues Her Ministry After Stressful Divorce

According to his ex-wife, McClendon, 35, had wanted out of the marriage for the last five years. “I didn’t want a divorce,” Tammera told Charisma. “When I finally said yes to Clarence, he asked me to file because it would look bad if he divorced me–which could hurt his ministry.”

Clarence McClendon told Charisma in August that he divorced Tammera because she wanted out of the marriage. He also denied allegations of infidelity and claimed that he left his denomination because he felt Foursquare officials practiced a form of racial segregation.

Tammera McClendon, however, denies that racism was a concern. “Clarence shared everything with me before we had marital problems, and he never once said that Foursquare… was racist toward him,” she said.

Tammera also claims that her ex-husband told her that God had shown him who he was supposed to marry. She said she then asked him: “How could God show you another woman when you already have a wife?”

In a statement to Charisma McClendon replied: “There were no other relationships.” He added that he was under the spiritual counsel of Paulk, Bishop Paul Morton, Mark Hanby, Darrell Hines and Bishop Dennis Leonard, who with the exception of Morton attended the wedding.

The woman mentioned in that article is not Mona Brewer, but another woman that he married named Priscilla Delgado. Remember a Bishop is supposed to be a man of ONE WIFE, who is not greedy for money. When Clarence E. McClendon left his first wife he claimed he felt he was supposed to remain single, but he quickly married another woman after leaving his first wife.

Jesus said:

Matthew 5:31-32 (New King James Version)

31) ?Furthermore it has been said, ?Whoever divorces his wife, let him give her a certificate of divorce.?

32) But I say to you that whoever divorces his wife for any reason except sexual immorality causes her to commit adultery; and whoever marries a woman who is divorced commits adultery.

The union is not to be broken, especially by someone calling themselves “bishop”. It is their spouses that had more right to leave than them. Mona Brewer’s husband had a right to leave since his wife was involved in this, but he has stuck by her and punched some Paulk’s in the face for what they did to his wife and for them trying to assault him.

This mess must be continually exposed, so that people are not fooled into following these pimping frauds that claim the Lord’s name!

Hat tip to Rev. DL Foster for some of links contained in this post.

9 Responses to “The Pile of Mess Under the Feet of Earl Paulk Grows. Even His Granddaughter is an Accuser. And Clarence E. McClendon is Named in the Scandal.”

  1. "Dear DJ" Says:

    As a former member of Clarence McClendon’s Church of the Harvest under the Four Square Deonomination, it is sad to continue hearing of and reading such negative (but true) comments about him; and so…many other leaders in Christian Ministry. I have had my own direct wounds inflicted by Clarence McClendon (shocked while being called a bi… as I stood in the choir stand, and his back was to the congregation). I definitely acknowledge that we truly are in the last days, and the very signs and wonders prophesied by Daniel, the Prophet; and by Jesus are staring us all straight in the eyes yet so many Christians are still walking blindly allowing themselves to continue to be led by lost and fallen leaders of crippled ministries. God’s people perish for lack of knowledge (we will not read the gospel for ourselves). If we are reading the truth, we will begin praying the word of truth upon the nastiness that has been tainting the church for so… long. While I pity and pray for Clarence McClendon and his ex-wife, Tammera; they are both aware of what they did against the congregation-but more sadly is to see that while, we the congregation, were being deceived by Clarence-Tammera had to face the fact that she also was “sleeping with the enemy”. I have sat in church (under Clarence and Tammera)suspecting that she too was behind his drive to forcing young, beautiful women from the church during that time; then, my suspicions were confirmed when my turn came next. Yes, Tammera also inflicted deceptive, unwarranted wounds against me that sent me into total and complete confusion. I, at the time, could not understand why Tammera was not ministering to us, the women of the church-who were hungering and thirsting after spiritual growth and strength, and who needed our Pastors’ support-as we struggled with our weaknesses. After leaving, and growing, I realized that my Pastors still had some spiritual growing to do as did the congregation. They were too busy flowing in the flesh to provide us with what they (as our Pastors) should have been providing: proper spiritual and Godly leadership, guidance, and instruction. Many people left that church confused and wounded. But, to now learn of what was happening behind their scenes. “For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap”. Tammera drove women from the church. She, too, has been driven out-but with an open door for her to now (in her own more mature state) properly minister to women (which is what she should have been doing back then). I am happy for her ministry, and hope that she can understand that nothing happens without God’s knowledge, and that God has purpose in all that He allows. Her parting from Clarence McClendon was not in vain but (certainly, and partly) so that she could be appropriately used of God. Sometimes, whatever may be blinding us from properly flowing for God, must be removed;because God will be second to none. My prayer is that despite the horrid experiences, we all have learned lessons from our affiliations with each other that has caused growth in each of our lives. I certainly have grown, spiritually and emotionally from all that I experienced at Church of the Harvest, and other churches where more wounds were even inflicted; yet, I am so… glad to have gotten out of all of those places when I did. I am now living in Christ, and not through the Pastors, churches, and others around me. My walk is to please my God-by doing His work here on this filthy earth, so that when it is all said and done I can hear Him say to me: “My good and faithful servant, job well done”.

  2. IndependentConservative Says:

    I am now living in Christ, and not through the Pastors, churches, and others around me.

    Bless the Lord! Through it all you now have found the greater truth and no longer put your faith in men.

    Men will fail, but the Lord never does. Like you I’ve seen pimps abuse my own mind and even that of loved ones. I forgive them for what they did to me, but I won’t watch them continue to abuse others and keep my mouth shut.

    Back when I thought TBN was doing the Lord’s work, I used to watch McClendon. I thought he was showing me things not in the scriptures because he was “anointed”, but then I saw him speak in person in Atlanta. And he started waxing on about that “50/50 partnership”. At that point I got a little skeptical of him and later learned the truth. And I learned the deal about people who make up stuff that is not in scripture.

    It was a long road getting here, but I’m better for it.

  3. art123 Says:

    Personally, I don’t believe that “Gawd” showed this man that he was supposed to leave his first marriage to marry another. You’ve got to consider what was said by Ms Brewer. Paulk did not want them together, so from the looks of things if McClendon wanted to advance in ‘ministry’, he would have to sell out. God foreseen McClendon’s ‘falling away’ or shall we say apostasy so He allowed strong delusions to come his way. As you can see that since his divorce, he sinks deeper and deeper into a hole. I don’t know Tamerra’s standing with the Lord right now, but if she is in God’s favor, then He did her a favor.

  4. art123 Says:

    To add, and I don’t mean to go there. The person involved in this adulturous marriage, I wonder if a feeling of insecurity clings to her. What if those delusions creep up again. I hear and read that these ministers, especially big time ones go through wives like Hollywood stars. McClendon is a handsome man and there is never a shortage of pew huzzies. Anyway, God knows best.

  5. art123 Says:

    Finally, to support what I’m saying, read 2 Timothy 3:1-7

  6. djenk23 Says:

    pew huzzies?……lol….you are straight old

  7. IndependentConservative Says:

    Yea I was over here laughing at that one too. It’s a well fitting name for some. And art123 knows I won’t censor that term 😉 .

  8. art123 Says:

    I used to hear the older folks use that word huzzie, plus it was used growing up and you can still hear it on television too.

  9. art123 Says:

    IC, I remembered reading a certain scripture in the bible and I believe it’s Isaiah when the prophet spoke of the Messiah’s coming and said that his looks are not to be desired. I believe and it’s just me talking, but He could have came even more desirable and handsome than Solomon and He could have came any other way as an angel but he came as human flesh, but as God, like the new testament said. I believe that possibly it would have caused a distraction, especially with women and they would have been more focused on his looks than their salvation. You see it down here happening with false prophets like Rev Ike, McClendon and should I say Ole Anthony. However, only God knows. The movie “The Last Temptation of Christ”, if his temptation was to sleep with Mary Magdelene, the bible would have said so. They took those scriptures and twisted around and blasphemed His name. Even Clarence McClendon’s own first wife became unsecure and distracted to the point that she forgot her own salvation keeping tabs on him. Again, this may have been for the good.

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