February 9, 2007

Michael Reagan Allows Debbie Schlussel to Report Her Findings About Imam Husham Al-Husainy (Audio)

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Although some people won’t allow her to expose Imam Husham Al-Husainy for the enemy of America that he really is, Michael Reagan allowed Debbie Schlussel to do so on his show last night. Today Sean Hannity had the Imam on his radio show. OK I said I would not listen, but I saw he would have the Imam on and I had to check if he would finally be true to his word and allow Ms. Schlussel on. He did not. Again it was a one on one. Hannity failed to ask the probing questions that Schlussel wants to ask Imam Husham Al-Husainy. And a thank you to Ms. Schlussel for enjoying this blog and mentioning my previous post.

Of course if Hannity had used her questions he’d be compelled to give her credit. So since his interview was really nothing new, there is no need to post any of his audio here. Hannity did say to the Imam “you support Hezbollah”, how does Hannity know that? And he asked the Imam what he thinks about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, what spurred him to ask that? I think the information he obtained from Debbie Schlussel is the answer to both those questions. She mentioned those things and more in her writing, based on her own personal research and mentioned those things last night on Michael Reagan’s show. Schlussel thinks the Imam is an agent for Iran.

Michael Reagan asked Schlussel why President Bush and the Democrats have associated themselves with this shady Imam. She said that Bush was just pulling for any Muslim that would support the effort in Iraq and that was before the Imam made many of the Islamists statements he’s made more recently. Still she does not feel this is any excuse and that Bush should have NEVER associated himself with Al-Husainy. She feels the Democrats have pulled him in because they also wish to appear favorable to Muslims.

During the show Schlussel did not pull any punches and said most Muslim clerics in America are not moderate. Regardless of whether they are Shia or Sunni. Maybe some people are surprised to hear that, but I’m not. I’m not surprised at all by who the Imam is or what he did. That’s why I never posted about it before. I was asked about it and said I was not surprised. What did everyone expect? For the man to say he loves Israel right where it is, that Abraham was a Jew, that Jesus came to earth in flesh as a Jew that is the righteous Son of God and that Muhammad was a false prophet? If that’s what everyone expected from the man behind the mic they should have called me and I would have told those Democrats that plus a few other things. Because somebody needs to pray regarding the slaughter in the womb their endorsement of abortion has caused.

Hear some clips of Michael Reagan and Debbie Schlussel using the audio link below.
Michael Reagan and Debbie Schlussel discuss Muslim Imam Husham Al-Husainy – MP3 Audio (Size: 2.57 MB)
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2 Responses to “Michael Reagan Allows Debbie Schlussel to Report Her Findings About Imam Husham Al-Husainy (Audio)”

  1. Debbie Schlussel Says:

    Audio of My Thursday Reagan Show Appearance

    By Debbie Schlussel Independent Conservative has audio of my Thursday evening appearance on “The Michael Reagan Show,” discussing Imam Husham Al-Husainy. Hear what Sean Vanity didn’t rip-off and doesn’t know. Thanks to Independent Conservative for …

  2. Terrence Says:

    Bummer on Hannity. I’ve met him twice here in San Diego when he was on various book tours and thought he was great…but such is life.

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