January 30, 2007

Barack Hussein Obama, Claims Christianity, but Prefers a Secular Political Party.

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There is a good article at often Liberal leaning about Barack Hussein Obama, titled “Can a past of Islam change the path to president for Obama?“.

It details how Obama’s mostly Muslim school in Indonesia did teach him about Islam. And remember one school in Indonesia has him documented as a Muslim.

The article also notes something odd about a man who claims the Christian faith. He claims a party that he knows has a strong base of sinners, who fear possibly having some of their sinful activity inhibited.

(From the article)

As for the Democratic Party, Obama observed that ?a core segment of our constituency remains stubbornly secular in orientation, and fears ? rightly, no doubt ? that the agenda of an assertively Christian nation may not make room for them or their life choices.?

Although the overwhelming majority of Americans describe themselves as Christians, Obama does not believe that any one religion should define the United States.

?We are no longer just a Christian nation,? he argues in ?Audacity,? which was published last year. ?We are also a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, a Buddhist nation, a Hindu nation, and a nation of nonbelievers.?

I find it interesting that Obama says America is “no longer” a Christian nation. This means he feels America once was a Christian nation. America has always had people of other faiths living here, although most Americans have always been Christian. So if Obama feels America was once a Christian nation, by his own definition, I have to wonder when does he think America stopped being a Christian nation? Did it stop being a Christian nation for him once he felt he could get more campaign funds from his deviant-Liberal base by downplaying America’s Christian majority? At America’s founding, just after his election as the first US President, George Washington gave a speech on religious freedom at a Jewish Synagogue and the founders specifically made efforts to ensure Muslims (then called Mohammedans or Mahometans) living in America at that time were allowed to practice their cult faith. So for Obama to act as if non-Christians just showed up is a bit bogus. The bottom line is that people of various faiths and cults have always called America their home, but the Christian faith has always held dominance.

Obama just enjoys taking slaps at devout Christians, while he claims the faith himself. Because he hopes playing both sides wins him votes. The article notes how Obama shows disdain for devout Christians, who don’t check their Christianity when they walk out the church doors, but carry it into the voting booth. But at the same time, the article details how Obama shows the greatest of respect for devout Muslims in his own family and how he vows to stand with Muslims if “the political winds shift in an ugly direction”. It shows a dichotomy between disrespect for Christians while lauding Muslims. Oh, but he says he’s a Christian.

Will this milk toast Christian attain the highest office of the Executive branch of this mostly Christian nation? The polls say he’s got a shot. But he won’t get it with my vote!

(Hat tip to Michael Savage for the article.)

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