January 25, 2007

I’m Not Upset Wolf Blitzer Asked Dick Cheney a Personal Question. (Audio)

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So Republicans are pretty upset that Wolf Blitzer asked Vice President Dick Cheney about his lesbian daughter getting herself pregnant, to intentionally raise a child in a gay household. See the video of Blitzer asking the question over at Hot Air, where Republicans are having a tizzy.

Well I don’t have a problem with Wolf asking the question. I do feel Wolf should have left it alone after Dick Cheney said “no”, but it’s a more than reasonable question. Considering the Republican Party tries to claim to be a party of faith and values. They ensure that their campaigning targets Christians and our concerns. Not to mention they play up some issues to get our support. When such a group is courting Christians, while their own leaders are not reflecting our values in their own lives, that’s a question worthy of the media bringing up. Dick Cheney is a VERY high ranking member in the party, as US Vice President. His daughter who is doing this is a major campaigner for their party.

Also, when Liberals are asked personal questions by the media, the people upset now have nothing to say. I’ve mentioned how Barack Hussein Obama was basically asked if he was a hypocrite for sending his kids to private school, while being against school vouchers (school choice). I feel that question was perfectly reasonable, although it involved Obama’s own kids and when Liberals are hit with personal questions nobody outside of the Democratic party complains. Anyone can choose not to answer a question, however I don’t fault a member of the media for asking personal questions when they relate to politics and policy.

This is not the same as a member of the US Senate playing on someone’s personal life in an effort to humiliate them.

Conservatives and Republicans had no problem when former Vice President Dan Quayle lashed out at the TV Show Murphy Brown, for showing a woman intentionally taking action to raise a baby without a husband. When Republicans attack others for raising children out of wedlock all the Conservatives and Republicans are happy. But when a Republican is asked about their own family conflict in this area there is wailing from Republicans.

I feel this is yet another example of what separates Republicans from Independent Conservatives like myself. While we Independent Conservatives often find issues in common with Republicans, we ICs are not going to play double standards on issues like this.

So in my efforts to express my concerns about this double standard, I called the Kevin Miller morning show to explain my thoughts. I am glad I was given the opportunity to share my thoughts there. I recorded the call and you can check it out.

Hear it using the audio link below.
Me calling Kevin Miller about Wolf Blitzer and Dick Cheney – MP3 Audio (Size: 647 KB)
(If linking, please link to this post, not the media file. For the sake of bandwidth there will be no other formats made.)

update 1/25/2007 12:24PM:
Greg over at The Political Pit Bull agrees that the question its self was not out of line, although he understands why it might tick Dick off.

2 Responses to “I’m Not Upset Wolf Blitzer Asked Dick Cheney a Personal Question. (Audio)”

  1. Hot Air » Blog Archive » Video: Cheney gets testy with Blitzer over question about daughter’s pregnancy Says:

    […] Update (1/25): The Independent Conservative isn’t mad about the question, but that Wolf kept asking after Cheney said it was out of line. I do feel the question was out of line, however I think I was angered more when Wolf continued to press the Vice President, holder of the second highest office in the nation, about a subject he obviously was not going to entertain. […]

  2. Eric Says:

    Hey, you sound very good on the radio. Maybe you should have your own show. I know Kevin from WPTF in NC, he is a good guy. I think Wolf’s question was a fair question, and I like the way that Mr. Cheney handled it.

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