January 16, 2007

More Proof That Terrorists Should Not be Tried in US Courts. Millennium Bomber Gets a Break From 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

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Once again the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals stabs America in the back. While some praised the court for their decision regarding the Mt. Soledad Cross, I knew they’d let America down again and it only took them a day. They’ve overturned one of the convictions against the millennium bomber, who was caught before he killed who knows how many people at LAX.

One of nine ‘Millennium plot’ convictions overturned

— A federal appeals court overturned one of the nine criminal convictions today of an Algerian who tried to smuggle explosives from Canada into the United States and admitted plotting with al Qaeda to bomb Los Angeles International Airport during the New Year’s celebration in 1999.

The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco also set aside Ahmed Ressam’s 22-year prison sentence and ordered a federal judge to reconsider it. Although the sentence included a mandatory 10-year term for carrying explosives while lying to customs officials — the conviction the court overturned — the ruling does not require the judge to reduce Ressam’s sentence.

Ressam, now 39, was arrested Dec. 14, 1999, after U.S. Customs inspectors at a ferry terminal in Port Angeles, Wash., searched his rental car and found powerful explosives and timing devices. He was convicted in April 2001 of international terrorism and other charges in Los Angeles, where the case was transferred because of publicity in the Seattle area.

In a 2-1 ruling, the appeals court said the jury had not been asked to decide a key element of the crime — whether carrying explosives aided Ressam in lying to the customs agents. “There is no evidence that the explosives emboldened Ressam to lie or that he used them to protect himself or intimidate others,” Judge Pamela Rymer said in the majority opinion.

The court told Coughenour to reconsider the sentence in light of the overturned conviction and recent rulings that have given federal judges more leeway in sentencing.

Those nuts are debating if a terrorist was emboldened to lie because he had explosives. Isn’t it just insane that they would even entertain such a matter? This is why terrorists and their allies cannot be tried in US courts. Our judiciary is just so messed up, that terrorists and their allies can shop for judges until they get a sentence reduced to nothing. On top of the fact they are very unlikely to be sentenced to death, which is what they deserve.

Regardless of the information obtained from that terrorist, he should have been swinging by the neck way before Saddam and his buddies got it! Instead he finds weasel lawyers, to help him possibly walk out of prison one day. He was a trained al Qaeda terrorists for crying out loud!

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