January 13, 2007

Is US Senator Barbara Boxer a Racist? (Audio)

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So US Senator Barbara Boxer has once again saved her most heated attack for Condoleezza Rice. This time attacking Condi for not having any kids to send to Iraq. As if not having a child to send to Iraq excludes someone from being able to make war related decisions. If that were the case Boxer’s beloved Bill Clinton would have never been permitted to be Commander-in-Chief, since his female child never entered the military.

It seems Boxer is always going after Condi. Either Boxer hates Condi just because she’s Condi or because Boxer hates seeing a Black woman with power opposing her. Michael Savage feels Boxer is a racist. I mean a total racist in the true definition of the term.

He is right in saying this is not the first time Boxer has attacked Condi. She did it in 2005 and 2003. Boxer does not attack the White males she speaks to the way she treats Condi. So perhaps Savage is right. I do believe Boxer’s anger towards Condi does involve Boxer feeling that she can speak lower to a woman she dislikes than a man. Race might also play a role in that for Boxer. We never see her attacking a White woman like she does Condi.

Just the same, Boxer’s actions towards Condoleezza Rice are not what one would expect from a US Senator. Boxer has gone beyond the issues with Condi, to making it a personal moment for cheap shots.

Hear Michael Savage’s take using the link below.
Michael Savage says Barbara Boxer is a racist – ASF Audio (Size: 809 KB)
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update 1/14/2007 11:29AM:
Hot Air has video of the exchange.

2 Responses to “Is US Senator Barbara Boxer a Racist? (Audio)”

  1. JMK Says:

    Barbara Boxer is a real sh*tbird.

    There’s certainly an antipathy for Rice on her part that very well could be “racially motivated.”

    All the taboos on racial sensitivity are removed when it comes to black conservatives (“de facto whiteness” again) and you can see that many white Liberals gorge themselves on the most vile of ethnocentric cheap-shots (Ted Rall’s racist cartoons, the vile cartoons against Mike Steele, etc) when it comes to black conservatives.

    Some have said, black and female conservatives are considered “traitors” to the cause of Liberalism that they supposedly owe so much, but another possible explanation is that perhaps they’ve found a convenient outlet for their bigotry.

  2. IndependentConservative Says:

    …perhaps they’ve found a convenient outlet for their bigotry.

    You can say that again!

    The Michael Steele Black-face caricature was actually done by a Black man who runs a far Left blog. He’s one who feels “Black” equates to a certain political view. I’ve spared with him on occasion, but you know how it is presenting facts to Liberals. They never get it.

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