January 9, 2007

Details of the One Who Cannot Return to Afghanistan.

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As promised, here are the details regarding the the person I mentioned in this previous post, who is unable to return to Afghanistan since converting to Christianity. Since the person has to remain anonymous, I’ll just call them P_C in this post, for Persecuted Christian. And I’ll reveal P_C is a man, since some of the details will make that obvious to anyone aware of Muslim culture. This person’s story is a mind blower.

P_C was born in Afghanistan in 1972. At age 6 or 7 his village was was attacked by Russia and his family killed. P_C escaped to Pakistan and some adults took him to a refugee camp there. While there, the Mujahideen took P_C and other children from that camp to a separate camp, where they were trained to fight against Russia. Of course when grown men take children to thrust them into a war, the treatment is nothing nice. During and even after their training they were beaten, raped and mentally abused.

By age 8 or 9 P_C was taken into Afghanistan, to assist the Mujahideen in war or assist injured Mujahideen fighters. Basically he was placed in a cycle of shifts, where he’d spend a few months involved in the battles in Afghanistan. If doing nothing more than helping the injured and then return to Pakistan for a few months. He and other children were part of forces led by Prime Minister Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, who headed Hazbi-Islami-Afghanistan, which is now deemed a terrorist organization because Hekmatyar has teamed with Osama bin Laden.

While in Pakistan, P_C would spend time helping a family there with their daily home maintenance duties. This family wanted to help P_C out of his forced warrior role. P_C had become tired of being forced into war. So they helped sneak him into the United States at about age 15 or 16. He didn’t enter simply because he wanted a pay raise, he entered illegally because he was a trying to escape literal slavery as a fighter for the Mujahideen and took the only opportunity available.

Coming to the USA as a youth who did not know English obviously worked to his disadvantage. He had no clue how asylum laws worked and was basically taken advantage of and robbed by people who claimed they would help him. So he went beyond the mandatory one year period available to apply for asylum. Despite this he learned English, worked with charities, became a licensed automobile inspector and even became an (EMT) Emergency Medical Technician after training at a well known university. During that time he learned the truth about Jesus and converted to Christianity. Since he failed to apply for asylum within his first year in the USA he was deemed illegal. He went to immigration court with some pretty awful representation and was ordered to be deported back to Afghanistan. The judge thought the new Afghan government was all the wonderful things we hear about in the news and thought they would welcome P_C back with open arms. They refused to even accept P_C back because he had left Islam and accepted the Christian faith. No other nation in that area would accept him because he was not their citizen. So he was stuck in line in America waiting for the day some deal would be arranged for him to be deported to Afghanistan.

P_C decided to go back to Afghanistan on his own in 2005. He felt things would be better than when the Taliban ruled the nation. Of course he learned otherwise. Having left Islam, he was harassed and the police refused to protect him because he was not a Muslim. He was discovered to be a convert because he was in a Muslim society refusing to do things that Muslims do, like their prayer rituals. At first everyone thought he was joking about converting to Christianity, but when they knew he was serious and refused to return to being a Muslim, that’s when things got messy. After some abuse, when he tried to get police protection they turned him into his local police since he made the request to police in another area. The religious and political leaders heard about him and all wanted to make some points for themselves by seeing him killed. One night police and some “other men” came to his house, beat and tortured him in efforts to make him renounce the Christian faith. This is where he lost 2 fingers, when the torturer smashed them with a hammer. After that torture they told him he had until morning to consider turning back to Islam or face more torture and the possibility of being sold to Taliban leader Mullah Dadullah. The torturer was instructed to hang him upside down until morning, to see if he’d forget about the whole “Christian thing”.

That night, some of his friends bribed men assigned to ensure he would not escape, by giving them all of P_C’s money, his gold chain and watch. He fled back to Pakistan. A Mullah from Afghanistan ordered him killed and while there an attack almost killed him. So he found the family that smuggled him into the USA before, in order to do it again. Once back in the USA he again was facing deportation to Afghanistan, which was not an option he wanted to try again. So he fled to Canada and is trying to avoid death. To be deported might very well be a death sentence for him.

P_C says:

I just want to say that I am not a criminal nor am I a bad person. I am good person who is need of place where I can live with freedom and respect, which I can call home and be proud of it. Where people would not try to kill me and torture me because of my religion.

I hope you join me in praying for P_C.

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  1. Fire and Hammer Says:

    Interesting Reading January 10, 2007

    Independent Conservative gives us “Details of the One Who Cannot Return to Afghanistan.” This situation is one to pray about and to consider when we think about our Ally.

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