January 8, 2007

What Will We Get for Illegals Overrunning America? Pesos. I Mean Literally, Pesos!

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Because some businesses are already getting ready to start accepting them.

Dallas-based food chain to accept Mexican pesos

Starting Monday, patrons of the Dallas-based Pizza Patr?n chain, which caters heavily to Latinos, will be able to purchase American pizzas with Mexican pesos.

Restaurant experts and economists said they knew of no other food chain with locations so far from the Mexican border offering such a service.

Under the program ? which is set to end in late February but may be extended ? the chain’s 59 stores will take peso bills only, not coins.

Using cards listing the conversion calculations, cashiers will enter the figure in U.S. dollars into the cash register and give the change in U.S. currency.

Mr. Swad said some franchisees have made arrangements with their banks to handle the currency.

All other franchisees can send the pesos to the corporate headquarters, which will go to a third party to handle the conversion.

Mr. Gamm said the company set its exchange rate at 12 pesos per dollar for the duration of the program. As of Friday’s trading, 10.94 pesos were worth $1, according to Bloomberg News.

Mr. Gamm said the difference would cover the cost of getting the pesos converted to dollars.

The Pizza Patr?n web site mentions.

Serving Hispanic communities the highest quality pizza at the lowest possible price since 1986.

Where are the members of the Civil Rights Industry to cry discrimination, since Black communities are excluded? Are Hispanics the only people entitled to the highest quality pizza? Of course if any pizza shop claimed to serve “White communities” with the highest quality pizza as their slogan, that would create some controversy.

Now just who would have a hard time converting their money as they cross the US border? Certainly not those who cross legally, given they could walk into any financial establishment already setup on the border to convert currency. The same way Americans do when they legally enter another country outside of the USA. Oh, but there are some people who don’t see many establishments of any kind as they enter the USA, illegal immigrants. Illegals enter the country through the desert or bodies of water and there’s no place to convert currency. So they have lots of wet pesos to spend. (Wet from perspiration or wading a river.) I see Pizza Patr?n as the enabler of not just more convenient illegal immigration, but also enabling Mexicans who refuse to assimilate into American society. At this rate, they won’t even need to consider using American dollars.

Hat tip to the Drudge Report for that news article.

In other news, has found one Georgia county (Cherokee County) that considered getting tough on illegals, but has backed down at the threat of a lawsuit by the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF).

Cherokee County, Georgia was planning to ban landlords from renting to illegal aliens. Some claim it’s not a county government’s place to establish such restrictions. I say to those people, you’re wrong. Town officials had to watch our Federal government fail in defending our borders, while they take in an ever increasing amount of illegals and the associated costs, that the Federal government (your federal tax dollars) won’t reimburse. Even when these towns report illegals to the Feds the illegals are hardly ever picked up. has another post that details the futile efforts of Roswell, Georgia in that regard. These towns are being overrun with illegals and not getting the help they need to deal with the problem. So it’s up to the towns to develop means to address the issue. This is why they must fine landlords and do whatever else they can, in order to discourage illegals from moving to their town. They have to remove any benefits they can, that might draw an illegal alien to their area. Groups like MALDEF are working to keep American towns from working in the best interests of their LEGAL residents, in my opinion.

Then the last, but not least story related to illegal immigration is of course the latest reported military style incursion from Mexico into the USA. This time our National Guard was forced to retreat. But I’ve already told you, The US Border Patrol and Border Police are Out Gunned, Out Manned and Facing an Enemy with Technological Superiority Over Them! The same goes for our national guard, that has orders not to aggressively engage people running across our border with arms. Because they are just in place to support the border patrol, not militarize the border. Given how weak our border security is and all I’ve learned, I’m honestly not shocked or surprised by this latest event. Until the people make the issue of illegal immigration paramount above other issues they continue to re-elect do nothing politicians for, we will never see a do-something politician take office and do what needs to be done. Fully militarize our southern border. Politicians only do what they feel keeps them in office and the people have not yet made them feel like ignoring the border will jeopardize their jobs.

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