January 3, 2007

The Source of Problems That Plague America Today.

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There is an issue that has caused problems across America and it continues to get worse. That problem is the continued lack of respect for the family unit. As in one man and one woman, who raise the babies they take part in bringing into this world. The way God instructed. The lack of respect is eroding to the point that someone can now disrespect the family unit and actually be a front runner for becoming the Chief Executive (President) of this nation.

Alan Keyes spoke about this in the closing of his first debate with the man now poised to be a front runner on the Democratic ticket for President in 2008 (and perhaps 2012), Barack Hussein Obama Jr.

Alan Keyes and Barack Obama debate, hosted by Illinois Radio Network, closing remarks by Alan Keyes – 10/12/2004

KEYES: Well, I think the most important reason is that we have to start looking at the root problems that are besetting our society.

And the root problem is clear: when you examine what contributes to the failures of our educational system, when you examine what is contributing to the rise in poverty, when you examine–as I was reading in a paper the other day that was given me by the Metropolitan Planning Council, they examined the affordable housing gap, and do you know what they found? They found that the change in family structure, the move to single-parent households, the decline of our family structure was the main contributing factor to the lack of affordable housing.

The problem here is not simply a problem you can throw money at. We have got to deal with the underlying fact that we have been destroying the moral culture of the family, hardening the heart of parents against their children with abortion, with the wholesale assault against the traditional family–traditional marriage that Barack Obama does not want to defend. He refuses to support the family marriage amendment, he refuses to support the Defense of Marriage Act.

But if we are not willing to restore our respect for the moral values that underlie our families, as the family fails, America will fail.

I think we need to get to that root problem and restructure our approach in all of these areas, in order to address the moral crisis of the country.

The lack of respect for the family unit as ordained by God stems from a simple disrespect of and lack of fear of God. Man now feels he can facilitate means for people to indulge in their sin and somehow develop a better societal product than the creator. Now this lack of respect is not just harbored by Obama, it is embraced by almost every leading potential Presidential candidate in both major political parties. Like with the issue of illegal immigration, it’s getting to the point with the issue of traditional marriage, that now neither party has a strong candidate that reflects the view of the American people. State after state has votes where the people vote against marriage outside of the one man one woman structure and also against catering to illegal aliens. But increasingly the parties put up candidates who back policies totally opposite to the views of the people. And it is the people that will have to stop them, but first the people need to realize that as Keyes mentioned the issue of marriage is critical. It’s not just something to think of as a side note.

Jesus was not blowing smoke when he said.

Mark 10:6-9 (New King James Version)

6) But from the beginning of the creation, God ?made them male and female.?

7) ?For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife,

8) and the two shall become one flesh?; so then they are no longer two, but one flesh.

9) Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.?

There are real consequences for not following through on divine instruction and Black communities with over 70% out of wedlock births are seeing it first hand. The rest of America is not far behind, as married couples have become the minority of households across the nation.

So let’s look at all the major Presidential front runners in the 2-ring circus, otherwise known as the 2 major political parties, Democrats and Republicans.

We’ve already covered Obama. So how about John (find Blacks for an announcement photo-op) Edwards? He offered this piece of double-speak back in 2004.

Bush Backs Amendment Barring Gay Marriage

“I oppose gay marriage. I also oppose President Bush’s attempt to amend the Constitution to ban gay marriage,” said Sen. John Edwards (search), D-N.C., Kerry’s chief rival in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

In other words, he does not wish to defend traditional marriage from social erosion, but hoped the “just blame Bush” tactic would carry him through. Like other Liberals, Edwards also fails to defend babies in the womb from murder via abortion. He only defends children outside of the womb when it profits his legal endeavors.

When it was time to put the votes on the table in 2004, Democrats John Edwards and Hillary Clinton sided against ensuring America would continue to defend marriage as it did against Mormons that endorsed polygamy. Utah had to give up the idea of institutions outside of one man and one woman in order to join the United States. At that time the Federal government recognized that marriage was a critical institution, that had to be preserved to the point of denying entry if it was not acknowledged appropriately.

Also Republican John McCain sided against protecting marriage as God intended back in 2004. Also Republican Rudolph W. Giuliani (aka Rudy) is known to be in the same camp as McCain.

Of the front runners from the 2 major political parties, this leaves only Republican Mitt Romney, who ironically is a Mormon. He has sided with traditional marriage, however he’s made some critical mistakes in his own state, that helped start this nightmare for our nation. An error so great, he probably should not be elected President.

Family group: Mitt Romney chose ‘gay’ marriage WorldNetDaily – 1/2/2007

A leader of the Parents’ Rights Coalition in Massachusetts says he believed all along that Gov. Mitt Romney chose to implement “gay” marriages in that state, and now a court has confirmed that it did not have the power to order that change.

That Supreme Judicial Court opinion noted that the vote is a constitutional requirement, even though the court held no power to force a vote.

However, when that same court three years ago ruled that “gay” marriages must be recognized by the state, the governor began implementing those rules changes, even though there was no such requirement, Haskins said.

“Since even the court admitted that the marriage statute excludes homosexual ‘marriages’ and the statute remains law, Mitt Romney did what he did on his own. Neither governors nor courts ? neither being law-makers ? have legal authority to convey to illegal homosexual marriages licenses,” he said.

(The article above is best read in full.)

Anyone making mistakes like that as governor of a state should not become head of our nation’s executive branch, where he’ll be dealing with an even more powerful judiciary.

Romney was told not to follow the court’s instructions in allowing gays to call themselves “married”, but he didn’t listen.

He said the early advice from conservative activists ? for Romney to just ignore the court’s conclusion ? was the right one.

Romney failed to stand his ground against a liberal court in his own state. I don’t see a man this weak doing better in DC.

So I’ve disqualified all front runners from both major parties. They all are too weak to handle the pro-gay lobby. President George W. Bush may have made his share of mistakes, but even he had the guts to stand up to them. That leadership helped states across the nation pass their own initiatives to defend traditional marriage. Even though he never succeeded on the federal level.

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